Droid X now getting Froyo by 'early September' [#Froyogeddon]

When enough people complain about a valid issue plaguing many user's Motorola Droid Xs, Motorola should respond, right? Well, they've done just that. Those who have been using Exchange 2003 email on their X's have been experiencing a few unwanted problems. 

While answering these issues on the support forums (opens in new tab), Motorola has nonchalantly given us an update as to when we can expect Froyo on the Droid X. "A fix for this will be included in the upgrade to Android 2.2 scheduled for deployment by early September," said Matt, a Motorola employee on the forums. Of course, that doesn't really progress us much from the previous time frame of "later this summer," does it? [Motorola (opens in new tab) via Engadget]

Andrew Melnizek
  • Nice to hear.
  • SOB! Where is Froyo for my MT3GS?
  • Turns out that rep I spoke to was right :( http://forum.androidcentral.com/motorola-droid-x/24283-asked-rep-about-f... What a shame... At least we have an idea when to expect it now, instead of just being disappointed day in and day out.
  • TYPACAL. they said august
  • Did Motorola ever say August? I've always heard late summer. The first day of fall is not until September 23, so there's about five weeks left to hit the mark. I can patiently wait for the update. I'm having plenty of fun with my X running 2.1.
  • Ggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaasaaayyyyyyyy should of got the evo :(
  • What happened to all the high end phones getting Froyo at the same time?
  • You have to give Matt credit for being directly engaged with customers in the Motorola Users Forum. He's taking the kind of punishment that may drive him away from direct interaction, which would not be a good thing, IMHO. I know he's taken at least a couple of issues to Motorola engineers for resolution, and perhaps they're allowing for resolution of the problems with, or before the Froyo release. Personally, I'd rather have a short delay, and let them do it right. I'm still having way too much fun with the DX to worry about when I get Froyo, but that's just me.
  • Excelent!!
  • so you cant root the dx whats the point in having one. the evo was rooted before it even came out.Motorola went and locked it down not cool.
  • the droid x is already rooted where u been in a cave? its just the boot loader that has to get cracked and thats going to take a while.
  • Honestly...I'm disappointed (what, I want me some Froyo!) but I'd also rather it was done right. There are still some significant bugs coming to light and I'd prefer for those to be fixed rather than say not have Pandora work. The Droid X is freaking awesome as is...as long as the battery bugs don't kill you. Much better that they worry about fixing those and selling 3 million of these devices then just rush out a half-baked Froyo next week.
  • @ottscay couldn't have said it better. It sucks that we won't have 2.2 til early september, but id rather wait a month while they perfect the software before giving it to us over having half-baked software put on my phone that isn't quite ready to go that will make stuff work improperly. The DX is an amazing phone as is, i have no problems minus the battery bugs that can be fixed with task manager (killing FB after using it, for ex.) and I'm perfectly happy with it until theyre ready to give the 2.2 Anywhoo, who else absolutely canttt wait for flash player??!