Why you shouldn't delete the Google Voice app just yet

If you want to use your Google Voice number for every call, keep the app installed for now

The times, they are a-changin'. Google Voice is slowly but surely being absorbed into Hangouts, and you can do basically everything you used to do in the Google Voice app inside Hangouts now instead. I say "basically" because there's one important function the Google Voice app still offers that Hangouts doesn't — the ability to make calls from your Google Voice number in the native phone dialer.

One of the best features of the Google Voice app today is that it lets you make calls through your phone's dialer, so that every time you make a call it will use the Google Voice number, not the number associated with your carrier. And with the way things work right now in the new Hangouts app, you lose this functionality completely if you uninstall the Google Voice app.

You see, the new Hangouts app (with the help of the additional Hangouts Dialer app) can make free VOIP calls via your Google Voice number. Just open up Hangouts, swipe over and start calling. But the problem is that the hangouts app doesn't identify itself to the system as a "dialer" app (opens in new tab) to work for every call that you make on your phone.

It's messy to keep another app installed, but Google hasn't fixed this problem yet.

That may not sound that important if you just plan on going into the Hangouts app to make calls, but remember that not every call is initiated from the Hangouts app. If you're in another app — like reading an email or on a restaurant webpage — and tap a phone number to make a phone call, the phone will still try to place that call through the standard dialer app, and that phone call will go out through your carrier number (and use your potentially limited minutes) whether you want it to or not.

In order to make sure that every call you make comes from your Google Voice number, and that you can call via Google Voice in situations without a good data connection, you'll want to keep that Google Voice app around.

Messaging apps

So here's my recommendation — leave the Google Voice app installed. Once you've integrated Google Voice with Hangouts the app will no longer sync your messages or voicemails, so there's no need to worry about duplicate notifications. You don't even have to open the Google Voice app or put it on your home screen, just make sure it's set up to take every outgoing call you make from the phone's dialer and route it via your Google Voice number.

This is something Google should be dealing with better, and is something that's pretty easily solved by letting Hangouts declare itself as a "dialer" app for when you go to initiate any phone call, but right now it's our only chance to keep things working the way we knew before.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • First. I've got to understand g voice. Thanks for this Posted via Android Central App
  • WTF is Google Voice? Posted via Android Central App- Via HTC One
  • It's a service for making calls using VOIP, a bit like Skype but you get an actual phone number. If you're not American though, it doesn't matter to you. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm American. I'm Canadian.
  • You're North American...now go grab a Molson's, throw some cheese curd and gravy on your french fries and go watch football on a 110yd field....you know what i'm talking a boot?
  • Not enough hockey or maple syrup in that comment. Eh?
  • ا Posted via Android Central App
  • Any word, or does anyone know whether there is a plan to send and receive mms? I know that I can send mms, and it sends a link to the other user. Anyone think that direct MMS support might be coming?
  • You can receive MMS to your GV number from T-mobile and Sprint users in Hangouts. That's the extent of the "support" right now. No word on more support.
  • When you receive from sprint or tmobile, does it receive a link? Or is it the actual picture?
  • If you receive a picture, it shows the actual picture.
    If you send a picture, the recipient gets a link.
  • They're just sending a link, but it's a link that the Hangouts app properly parses to just show the picture in-line. If you choose to receive GV messages in the GV app, you'll just get the link.
  • I'm on at&t and can send and receive mms through the hangouts app to other people using my google voice numbers (it now even lets you use multiple if they are attached to different accounts within the hangouts app). I have done this various times... so it must work even if it isn't official. This is useful for when I sell things on craigslist and want to send the buyer a pic.
  • Thanks metacuate, I've tried to receive from a Verizon number, and an AT&T but the mms seems to be lost to cyberspace.
  • I think it works from AT&T numbers too!
    I'm currently using Net10. It's a prepaid carrier which uses AT&T's and T-Mobile's networks. You choose which network you want based on the SIM card. I'm using Net10 on AT&T. I sent my Google Voice number an MMS and it worked!
  • I've seen people reporting this for the past year or so. Yet on any of the AT&T lines I've had I can't get it to work.
  • I'm on AT&T and Google Voice SMS, MMS, and VOIP seem to be working just fine for me. Maybe it's your phone? Posted via Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
  • Straight Talk AT&T...I received an MMS to my GV number from a Sprint iPhone not using GV...
  • It's working to/from Verizon users in 2016. Yay Google Voingouts!
  • Not sure if you're aware, but recently they've changed it so that now it sends a direct MMS instead of a link.
  • I hope they make it a dialer soon. Not for this exact reason, but because my car won't take GV calls through the hands-free system when using GV through hangouts.
  • +1 I have the same issue Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • Yeah, if I make or receive a call while connected to bluetooth, I have to do everything on-screen, and then once the call is connected I can redirect it to bluetooth instead of the phone earpiece speaker.
  • Andrew, in my opinion I think an additional major missing feature is the ability to use search for your text messages.
  • YES. I have no idea how Hangouts, a flagship GOOGLE product, has no search feature. Posted from my Nexus 5, behind seven proxies
  • Technically you can, you just have to search from gmail on a desktop. Doesn't work for SMS, though
  • Yeah, but that's a very poor workaround. Posted from my Nexus 5, behind seven proxies
  • I think I'll continue to search seated and using one thumb......too lazy to get up and grab the laptop.
  • You can set up Google Voice to forward all SMS to email. Then you can search within gmail.
  • See I do not see it as a flagship product. At best it is third, maybe as low a 7th Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • I think it is definitely a flagship as it is the default messenger app from Google on it's phones for IM and SMS. Posted via Android Central App
  • The Hangouts dialer also doesn't work with my in car Bluetooth so I have to use Google Voice / dialer app in those situations. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yup, part of the same problem. Unless Google updates Hangouts to be a "dialer" app, nothing that calls on Android's features that use a dialer can use Hangouts.
  • Works great for me in my 2014 but not in my 2007. So newer car BT devices pick it up fine
  • And if you use Sprint integration don't make any changes, Sprint and Google's systems have been needed up for the past week. https://productforums.google.com/forum/m/#!categories/voice/sprint--goog...
  • I'm not very impressed with the Hangouts dialer. It doesn't recognize favorites in my Google profile (so speed dial doesn't exist) and incoming calls cause Hangouts to ring, then the phone's dialer and when I answer the latter, Hangouts throws a missed call notification. I'm using Straight Talk (AT&T) and never got the integration pop-up box. Posted via sheer force of will from my OnePlus One!
  • If you haven't gotten the integration pop-up box, you will eventually.
    I'm also on Straight Talk (AT&T) and I just got it yesterday. I don't think it has to do with your carrier, just where along the integration backend work you happen to be. As for the duplicate ringing, you can either turn off forwarding to your cell in Google Voice, or you can turn off the ringing in the Hangouts app. Since I have unlimited minutes, and "unlimited" data (after 2gb ST starts throttling) I want to use my minutes so I turned off the ringer in Hangouts.
  • I already have ringing turned off in Google Hangouts. If I don't tell Google Voice what my Straight Talk # is, how will I get any calls at all? For some odd reason when I go into the OPO's system info it shows my GV # as my phone's # instead of the ST # like my Nexus phones did. Posted via sheer force of will from my OnePlus One!
  • Straight Talk gives 3GB of data. Posted via sheer force of will from my OnePlus One!
  • +1 to this same thing on my Verizon GS3
  • You can either disable the option to receive Google Voice calls through the hangouts app or you can go to Google Voice on a PC and turn of forwarding to your cell number. Then it will only ring one or the other, depending on which setting you choose.
  • you can fix the double ring issue by telling gvoice not to ring your phone in the google voice app. Just set it to never ring on weekdays and never ring on weekends. It doesn't solve the speed dial or the lack of ability to select a ringtone, but its makes the redundant notifications better.
  • Or I could just dump Hangouts and not sacrifice all my customization because they can't make a proper app. Posted via sheer force of will from my OnePlus One!
  • You might be able to force it to integrate through Gmail, that's what I did. If you go to Gmail on a computer, look in the Hangouts box on the lower left side, and click the drop-down arrow next to your name, see if there's a section in the options called "Google Voice" and a checkbox that says "Receive SMS and Voicemail in Hangouts." Checking this box should force an integration whether you've gotten the blue prompt or not.
  • Don't have this option. Posted via sheer force of will from my OnePlus One!
  • So this means since I have a Google Voice number I can call and text over wifi using Hangouts now?? So I don't need to get a T-Mobile branded phone so I can have wifi calling?!? Glorious Day!! "Pure Edition" Moto X here I come!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Nowadays you can get contact free, cheap unlimited plans anyway.
  • Yes but if you're on T-Mobile, some buildings with Wi-Fi have no T-Mobile service. Wifi calling through T-Mobile would have been great but can't get that on a nexus. So solves a problem Posted via Android Central App
  • Yes but...that makes sense.
  • I would add that while making a call on wifi or mobile data is fine, there is the issue of transition of your call. If you call and use the GV app with the Dialer, you are actually using your voice plan and I imagine your call would be more stable and transferable. transferable meaning you can walk out of your house without dropping the call. Additionally, you know sometimes 4g isn't everywhere, or mobile data for that matter.
  • When the new Hangouts update + Dialer app came out, I went "all in" and deleted the old Google Voice app from my phone. I started using the Hangouts dialer to make calls with my GV number, and using the native dialer to make calls from my carrier number (which I still do occasionally for certain contacts).
    But as soon as I did this, I noticed that Hangouts was dropping my calls a lot. I noticed that it was happening whenever I was in a call when my phone switched between using WiFi and Mobile Data. If I started a call while using Wifi, but then moved out of WiFi signal, the phone would switch over to Data, and the change in connection forced Hangouts to drop the call. It then occurred to me that Hangouts ONLY uses either WiFi or Mobile Data to make calls. It does not use the carrier signal that the native phone uses. This is the biggest difference with the Hangouts Dialer and the old Google Voice app. The GV app still used the carrier signal to make calls. So when I deleted the GV app from my phone, this ability went away. I could either use the native dialer/number OR the GV number via the Hangouts dialer over the data connection. But without a data connection, Hangouts will not - and can not - place a call. So, I re-installed the old GV app, and changed its settings to ask me for each call made with the native dialer whether I want to use the native number or the GV number. If I really want to, I can still use Hangouts to make calls, as long as I have a data connection, but I probably won't bother doing that most of the time.
    Then, in the Hangouts settings, I selected NOT to receive incoming GV calls in the Hangouts app.
    Then, in the settings on the Google Voice web page, I re-checked the box next to my phone so that my GV would be forwarded to that phone. (I had previously un-checked this box so that I would only get call notifications once with the Hangouts app, and not also with the phone itself. Since I am no longer receiving calls in the Hangouts app, I DO want the calls to be forwarded to the phone again.) Now, when I make a call with my native phone dialer, it asks me which number I want to use, and I can choose either the native number or the GV, and it makes the call over the carrier signal, and not over the data connection. Now the call will not be dropped when the connection changes. It will still drop if I lose carrier coverage, of course.
    When I receive a call to either number, it only rings once - in the native phone app - and not additionally in Hangouts.
  • I had to disable hangouts due to voice not getting messages. Messages coming in sometimes six hours late or not at all; google has screwed this up! Posted via the Android Central App
  • So now when someone calls my GVoice number, I first get a call from within Hangouts, then a moment later, it comes through in the normal dialer. This doesn't seem right. I'm also not crazy about the fact that if I were to answer the call before it comes in over my normal phone line, I'd be making a VoIP call, regardless of the type of data connection I'm on (I don't want to needlessly hit my datacap with VoIP calls when TMo gives me unlimited minutes). Final gripe: If I decided to just use hangouts, I lose the awesome KitKat dialer for searching/calling local businesses. I've been really surprised how useful this is, and I don't see why Hangouts shouldn't have the same functionality.
  • Turn off calls to hangouts in the settings.
  • I should! I guess I wish that the app was either smart enough to seamlessly switch between the two or it gave me some sort of toggle (for both placing and receiving calls on either cell or VoIP).
  • I agree with the kitkat dialer comment. I love that I can just type a business name and the number shows up. I have my phone set to receive calls to Hangouts, but when I dial out I still use the kitkat dialer.
  • I'm having the same double ringing issue. See my post above yours. Posted via sheer force of will from my OnePlus One!
  • Does nobody else use the 'Voicemail Display' feature in Google Voice? You know, the feature that lets you view your voicemails in your native dialer's call log? I love that.
  • The best. I hate listening to voice mails so I forward all my unanswered calls to Google voice. The transcript can be fun to read too Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm pretty sure we're not talking about the same feature. I was referring to this: http://googlevoiceblog.blogspot.com/2012/03/google-voice-for-android-now...
  • I always found it to be unreliable. Half the time it wouldn't download messages and I would have to go into the app anyway so I just disabled it. And this is on a GPe device even.
  • I owe you a big thanks! I've been searching around for days to try and figure out why my GV Voicemails were showing up in the native call log. I keep getting random notifications for voicemails from years ago. On top of that when I deleted a couple old messages from the call log they totally disappeared from Google Voice, not in the trash, just gone. I hate it! Like the post below says it's very unreliable and is totally screwing things up for me! I was simply looking for a way to turn it off and kept looking in the native dialer settings. Duh.. I never thought to look in the Google Voice settings and this seemed to turn itself on when I tried opting into the new hangouts and then opted out for now until they work out the bugs. Thanks again!!!
  • I do! That is all I use google voice for actually. Not sure why no one mentions it in the reviews or more people here don't use it?!
  • I really hope future versions of Hangouts carry this feature forward. Also, it saddens me deeply that no other developers use this API.
  • I just disabled all the notifications in the GV app and removed it from my dock, since it is only there to give me the prompt I'm the native dialer now. The one thing that needs to happen ASAP is the ability to toggle PER MESSAGE which number is used. Smart reply is a good idea, but sometimes I want to use a different number and having to go into the settings menu and change the default number and then remember to change it back is ridiculous. The little SMS/MMS logo to the left of compose needs to be a toggle allowing you to choose which number to send from, just like it lets you choose between SMS and Hangouts (in threads where the contact has both SMS and Hangouts).
  • I second this.
  • Go to the send feedback option in Hangouts and tell Google about it. Maybe if enough of us complain about it, they will make what should have been a toggle into an actual toggle.
  • Has everyone already received the Voice integration notification in Hangouts? One of my Nexus 4s is integrated but the other is not receiving the integration message at all. Two different GV accounts BTW. Another big problem, they left the Nexus 7 2012 out in the cold. The new Hangouts update says incompatible with this device, and I've seen many others with this issue. Hope this gets worked out! Posted via mostly ghost taps on OG N7, in the Android Central App, therefore posts may not be my own.
  • Did the play services update on the 2012? Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • I believe so. It shows 5.0.89 as the installed PS version, which I think is the latest. On Google's support pages, several are mentioning their N7 2012 showing incompatible with the 2.3 Hangouts update. So far no word from Google whether this is an error or if the N7 is being left out, like screen casting! Posted via mostly ghost taps on OG N7, in the Android Central App, therefore posts may not be my own.
  • Hangouts doesn't let you choose which number to use for texting. That's a problem.
  • It does, but not per message. I have been complaining about this since the integration. It is beyond ridiculous having to go into the apps settings and change the global option and then remember to change it back if you want to use a different number than smart reply picks for you. Go to the send feedback option in the app and tell Google about this. Maybe if they get enough complaints the will turn the SMS/MMS icon on the left into a toggle for which number to send from like they do for Hangouts/SMS.
  • It sort of does. I think one of the default settings is sending through Google voice except for numbers you previously text through your mobile carrier. When set up correctly, you should have SMS and your Google voice account as two different tabs when you touch on the menu icon top left. So you select the one you want then choose the contact. The issue I'm having is sending SMS to multiple people using google voice number. Posted via Android Central App
  • They haven't added the feature yet.
  • I played around with the settings for it to show up. It's there but a shame they make you search for it. Posted via Android Central App
  • No one wants to change settings to send a text. They need to add the option to choose what number to use.
  • Menu>Settings>SMS>Account to show SMS in>SMS only account. You only need to do it once. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm talking about choosing in the app per message.
  • Yes, I'm saying the same. If I want to send SMS with mobile number, I click on menu in hangouts (top left) and select SMS. if I want to use my Google voice number instead, I click on menu and select my Gmail account. Posted via Android Central App
  • Wow I see what you're saying. You have to choose "sms only" in settings. Now I can see sms or Google voice account in menu. Thank you! That's a bit unclear. I'm sure they'll make that right. Thanks again.
  • You're welcome. I was upset initially cos I like to keep the numbers separate but then found the setting and changed it. It's ridiculous they have that as default. Now I need to find out how to send one SMS to multiple people using my Google voice number. Posted via Android Central App
  • Thanks. I hadn't guessed that separating SMS to its own view would make my Gmail send GV messages. It is better than nothing, but still not an ideal solution. That damn SMS/MMS icon still needs to be a toggle. Edit: Ugh... I switched it back already. I like my voicemails in the same thread as the SMS. Luckily I don't send tons of Google Voice messages so I will just have to deal with it until they add the toggle.
  • You'd think the toggle is on it's way.
  • I understand it's not yet possible.
  • I am having the same issue. Very annoying.
  • Can I port a phone number to GV? I believe I can. What I really want to know is can I subsequently port my GV number, for example to a MVNO or a carrier? I have a phone number for many years I wish to never lose.
  • I believe that you can port your number from GV, but why? Just make your old number ring your new MVNO number. This is what I do, and it gives me the freedom to switch carriers as often as I want without the hassle of porting my number.
  • Mom will still call you, don't worry. Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • Ass wipe!
    My Mother died 13 years ago.
  • Yes you can port in and out of Google Voice.
  • Thank you for the answer, Andrew.
  • I don't like the fact that you can't choose which number to text from on the fly. You have to pick GV or carrier number from settings. It does have Smart Reply but nothing if you initiate the text. Posted via my awesome OnePlus
  • Yes big void.
  • I still haven't gotten the request from the server side switch yet!
  • It's not as simple as the Hangouts app just declaring itself as a dialer. It needs to reproduce the interception function inherent in the Google Voice app. Google Voice calling is NOT a VOIP call. It's a carrier-based call routed through Google's calling system. The Hangouts app's VOIP calls are pure data. A Google Voice call starts out as a cellular call and ends up as a landline call. The Google Voice app actually calls an access number and that access number then routes your call to the recipient. All this happens in the background (you don't hear it when you make a call using your normal dialer). If Google is going to do this correctly, they need to make the Hangouts app do the same redirect/interception within the stock dialer app that the current Google Voice app performs. They also need to fix these existing bugs in the Hangouts app: 1. Delays/shudders when first entering the app or switching views. When first opening the app or returning to it after a while... screen taps, slide actions, etc. don't register for two or three full seconds. Then all of a sudden they finally kick in when the app catches up. If you're not cognizant of the issue, you can easily end up tapping several things on the next screen when the app finally catches up. (And this is on a Nexus with a speedy Snapdragon 800 processor. I can't imagine how awful it would be on a slower device.) 2. Broken emoticon history (when going to select an emoticon to use). The emoticon history disappears, sometimes within the same conversation, but always between conversations. Or doesn't save at all. 3. Occasionally, both the stock dialer and the Hangouts VOIP dialer will ring on an incoming call (even when you set the Hangouts dialer to not answer incoming calls). Toggling the option on and off again seems to fix it... until the next time it happens. 4. No tablet optimization. App should have a conversation list and reading pane on tablets. 5. Though not specifically a Hangouts issue, Google Now doesn't recognize Google Voice calling (or texting) and insists on using the phone's carrier number to make calls, regardless of any settings in the Hangouts app or Google Voice app. "Okay Google... Call John Smith" won't use your Google Voice number. Google Now needs to be made Google Voice aware. 6. Again, not specific to the Hangouts app, but Hangouts on the desktop doesn't properly handle Google Voice voicemails or transcripts. The playback button and transcript are missing in both the Gmail Hangouts and the Hangouts extension in Chrome when you tap on a voicemail conversation in the conversation list. (Although I personally haven't seen it, some people have complained that this bug also appears in the Hangouts app on the phone.) So, yes, there is a lot of work yet to be done. The parts that work, work great, but Google needs to clean it up.
  • Delays/Shudders: Thanks for posting this. I thought it was the fault of my phone (S3/Sprint). The phone is also slow to respond when answering a call through Hangouts. Even worse, after answering a call, it takes several seconds to hear the caller's voice, and it seems in that interim the caller thinks you didn't answer. Voicemail: Using the Hangouts app on the desktop, I can't figure out how to listen to voicemails. Caller ID: I too have the problem of the native dialer using the carrier number, not the GV number. The transition to GV/Hangouts is starting to feel like last year's transition to the new Google Maps, where some key functionality was dropped and didn't return until many months later.
  • Amazingly, even after all this time (early 2014 my butt), it feels like maybe Google rushed this update out. I wonder if the timing is a coincidence, considering the new iPhone and iOS 8 (along with the promise of handoff phone calls and SMS between iPhones and Macs) are out next week. Now, I appreciate that we have this integration - I've wanted it ever since rumors of 'Babble' first surfaced. But it does seem like work needs to be done to address issues like the desktop voicemail situation and the lack of dialer intents. Another thing that I find very annoying - if you have phone calls coming in to the Hangouts app, there is no Android Wear notification whatsoever. Android Wear came out almost two months ago. What gives?
  • Hopefully they'll add the ability to use Hangouts for calls only when connected to wifi. I'd rather not have hangouts racking up a lot of data usage while I'm out and about.
  • I only use Google voice for voicemail because Nexus phones don't come with a voicemail app. Can it be used for only voicemail and nothing else in the hangouts app?
  • Same here
  • Too late. I recently aquired a google voice number. A few days later, I got a prompt (dialogue box appeared) asking me if I want to merge google voice with hangouts. I happily answered yes. Since then, GV hijacked all of my SMS messaging through hangouts and the message app. There was no way to send messages through my carrier #!! (tried all the settings changes) Even though hangouts said that the sms was being sent from my carrier #, it was certainly not. I consulted with the hangouts community through google plus and found that there were others who were having the same issues. So I had to get rid of GV and now everything is back to normal. Google needs to give you the option of sending out messages from your carrier # or GV with a toggle button. Instead they chose to hijack your messaging completely. FAIL!!
  • The option is under you phone setting. You can choose between hangout or default messenger app. At least I have it. Posted via the Android Central App from my LG G3, the "Gold Standard" of Android. Nothing else matter, period.
  • thanks for the help, but that is not the problem in my situation.
  • You can go to call settings, and set up VoIP as your default setting. You don't need google voice Posted via the Android Central App
  • Now that am using hangouts for some reason I keep sending the wrong texts to the wrong people , you have no idea what in what kind of trouble
    it has gotten me into.
    Is this happening to any of you ? Posted via the Android Central App
  • NM
  • I don't understand. I don't have GV, but I can make calls from Hangouts. What's the difference? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Assuming you make Hangouts calls to actual phone numbers:
    1. Your caller ID will show as an unknown number on the recipients' end. And consequently...
    2. Since you don't have a GV number, no one can actually call you back. If you're only making Hangouts to Hangouts calls, obviously none of that applies.
  • Here's another gotcha: If I initiate a NEW text message in Hangouts it uses my phone's native number and not my GV number. If I respond to a message sent to my GV number from within Hangouts it works as expected and uses my GV number. Very strange. Until Google fixes this I must initiate all new text messages in the GV app.
  • I have the exact opposite problem. When i start a new message it uses my GV and not my carrier number. I want mine to work as yours is and you want it to work like mine. Strange.
  • That's a setting in the Hangouts app. Go to Settings>SMS>Send SMS from. Then choose which option you want. If you always want your carrier number to be used, then choose that. If you only want your Google Voice number to be used, then choose that. The Smart Reply option is good for automatically replying using the number that you were addressed at, but doesn't really help if you want to initiate a new SMS with a number other than what you use as a default. (For example, i use my Google Voice number for all my calls. So Hangouts always initiates new SMS conversations with my GV number.) If someone sends a text to my carrier number, then I can reply with my carrier number (Hangouts automatically chooses it because of my Smart Reply setting). In my use case, no one knows my carrier number (I don't use it), so it's not a problem for me; but I can appreciate that if someone uses both numbers, it can be a problem not being able to choose when you start a new SMS conversation.
  • Ideally I want to use the SmartReply option, but new messages default to my GV. The only way I can get it to use my carrier number is not use SmartReply. Not ideal.
  • new comment headers - nice
  • The only other thing I am not sure that was brought up was that if you want Google Voice to take care of both your carrier's and Google Voice's voicemails, you need to still have it installed. And even then, you have to reconfigure it again. And when someone calls your carrier number, it will ring your phone and then it will ring the Google Voice (Hangouts) app in order to reach the voicemail. Google really needs to fix this, but its only a small annoying part of this integration.
  • For those who still use Gvoice callback or a derivative thereof. The Google voice app is truly not needed for calls over cellular using the GV numer. It still work by intercepting calls and rerouting them as inbound from gv number. That leaves the VoIP calls to be initiated via hangouts or hangouts dialer. Just a data point for those on the fence about dropping gv app and using a callback dialer. Does still as mentioed in the article require an initial data connection however to initiate the cellular callback. Another note that I haven't seen the answer to is the similar feature available in the tablet UI allowing you to initiate and select which destination you wanted an inbound call directed to. Has that feature been abandoned? No one every reviewing the integration ever touches on that feature. in the tabletui the calll button brought up a dialog to choose which number the call should go to.
  • It'd be great if there was some kind of "Smart Calls" feature where it'll use VoIP to handle your GV calls while you're on WiFi but if you're not on WiFi (or "trusted WiFi") it'll route through your carrier. I don't want all calls to go through data while I'm out but if I'm at home or work and I'm on WiFi, why not? I had to disable Hangouts from handling incoming calls on my phone because both Hangouts and my native dialer would ring together. So only Hangouts on my tablet will ring for incoming calls.
  • having used the new hangouts dialer for a few days I have decided it should not exist. instead of integration they have created more separation/duplication that is less functional than it should be. they should have just "modified" the standard dialer, like the GV app did when installed--just with 3 main options now instead of 2: call via native voice service, call via native voice service using GV number, and call via Hangouts voip service with GV number. the dial should also have settings for: receive calls via carrier voice service (if available) or via voip. also, NONE of these merge actions should have happened until they were ready to pull the plug on GV (app and google.com/voice site) completely, meaning ALL settings should be accessible via Hangouts (app and website). txting/vm history archives should have been MOVED over to Hangouts so I can search them along with current/new Hangouts.
  • There are more reasons to hang onto it. Some of us are having problems playing voicemails in Hangouts. GV has a setting that lets you show and play your voicemails in the phone dialer log. Lose GV, you lose that setting, and you have no remaining good way to see and play voicemails (other than dialing in to your carrier's voice mail service).
  • Another reason to keep GV installed is if you use it as your voicemail service instead of your carriers. If you uninstall GV, the option to use it in your phone dialer's settings disappears. Hopefully, this will be resolved in a future hangouts update.
  • I always have my GV set to only direct international calls via GV. Will this still function if I uninstall the GV app? Or will I have to manually use the Hangouts app every time I want to make an international call?
  • I use Google Voice "LITE" for my Voicemails. i tried the Hangouts/GV merger and didn't like it for Voicemails. the Hangouts App was laggy and not intuitive for me. Same goes for the Hangouts Chrome Extension. the Hangouts Chrome Extension is really bad vs. the GV Chrome Extension. too much drilling down and unintuitive controls. Just trying to delete a Voicemail is confusing and irritatingly difficult. The GV App and Chrome Extension is simple and straightforward. Hangouts tries to do too much at once - Chat/Texts/Voicemails and it becomes a confusing mishmash IMO.
  • Thanks Andrew. This was well needed. I have one question though. Do I need to leave background data enabled in the Voice app? Posted via the Android Central App
  • So, can calls be made with the Hangout dialer even if you don't have a Google Voice number? If so, do you get reduce rates or do you get charged the carrier rate? Posted via Android Central App
  • no it uses your GV number.
  • Thank you. I tried getting a Google Voice number, but I wasn't able to do so. I am in the Virgin Islands and we are US territory, but I guess it is only for states. Posted via Android Central App
  • I think google also needs to allow the hangouts dialer to work like gv does today and place and receive calls with your regular cell plan. I use gv for the gv features, and everyone has my gv number but not my cell number. I also have unlimited cell minutes but not unlimited data. There are also times where I do not have data coverage, but regular cell calls still work.
  • There are other reasons to keep the GV app as well. The other thing I noticed after I switched GV to Hangouts is (and this may be specific to the way I use GV) the automatic reply, where it chooses to text from your GV or SIM # based on what was last used with that contact. So if someone texts my GV #, and I respond via hangouts, it sends via my GV#. Perfect. Same for those who text my SIM # and get a reply, it shows as coming from my SIM #. However, I use GV as my Voicemail for both my SIM and GV number. So if someone calls my SIM # and leaves a Voicemail (which now shows up in line with texts in Hangouts), if I try to text that person back, the only option is to text them via my GV # (unless I go to settings and switch back to my SIM # manually, ever time). For that reason, I disabled integration and basically nothing has changed for me. Still using the GV app separately from Hangouts for texts and VM.
  • Has anyone been able to see voice mails in hangouts on chrome since this update. Every time it just pops up as a blank text message box.
  • Will Google Voice ever be available for every country?
  • I use Google Voice for visual voice mail. Am I missing the new way to do that in Hangouts? Because I can't seem to find it. -Shawn
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  • Almost every app I've disabled on my Nexus 5 is a Google app. They're junk. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well, when you purchase a nexus 5 the understanding is that it will come with google apps....
  • When you use Google voice with stock dialer I think it will use carrier minutes and not voip. Can anyone confirm? Posted via the Android Central App
  • That is true.
  • I primarily use GV to handle voicemail for my carrier phone number. The recent Hangouts integration is a step back for voicemail. My two biggest beefs of Voicemail in Hangouts: 1) No Voicemail 'folder' I can't pull up a list of voicemails, they're scattered in my list of text messages.
    2) No search in Hangouts. This also is a major PITA for texts. If I'm looking for an older text or voicemail, or from a particular caller, the lack of search in Hangouts is just a head-scratcher. I opted back out of voicemail in Hangouts for those reasons. Happy to return if they ever polish the rough edges.
  • I still have not been migrated over. I am still looking for the blue popup window that asks if I want to migrate. Is there a way o trigger this? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I Migrated, my $0.02 is I unfortunately have not been able to receive an mms successfully. the mms i send appear as google links to the recipient. calls made via the hangouts dialer DROP the moment you loose wifi. dont get me started about the contacts. i dont know WHO these people are in my contacts, i guess its everyone that ever added me to their circles or followed me on google buzz LOL
  • So, what I don't see yet is the ability to easily switch between sending SMS from my carrier number and my GV number. Anyone know of an easy method of doing so yet?
  • If you accept the migration from Google Voice to Google Hangouts on an Android phone, but you also use that Google account in Hangouts on an iPhone, your iOS Hangouts app does not earn the ability to send SMS messages like on Android. You can receive them and reply to them (which creates a "hangout") but originating SMS is not available. So you have to decline the migration in iOS to re-enable SMS through (the updated) Google Voice. And by the way, the Google Voice app has finally been updated for iOS 7!
  • I use the Voice Plus app and have it set to make calls via Google Voice by default. That send to work without having the Google Voice app installed. Anyone else know if that works for them?
  • I use Google Voice number for work and when asked give clients my Google Voice number. There is easy way to switch sending texts from carrier number or Google Voice number. This can only be controlled through the settings menu. Small but very important update needed by Google. Posted via Android Central App
  • Good article, thanks. I've got a different perspective on this evolution of Google Voice since I currently use Voice all the time. It's my overseas dialer, and it's my answering machine for ALL calls. Excellent notification options and saves everything. (I can read the messages, or listen to them, or both!)
    The price is excellent too! On the other hand, I don't use Hangouts, just don't need it. So for me Voice is working perfectly. My current setup is quite functional and convenient. I only hope Google does not break the current G Voice functionality and the current API options for Voice by making this integration push,
  • Good article, thanks. I've got a different perspective on this evolution of Google Voice since I currently use Voice all the time. It's my overseas dialer, and it's my answering machine for ALL calls. Excellent notification options and saves everything. (I can read the messages, or listen to them, or both!)
    The price is excellent too! On the other hand, I don't use Hangouts, just don't need it. So for me Voice is working perfectly. My current setup is quite functional and convenient. I only hope Google does not break the current G Voice functionality and the current API options for Voice by making this integration push,
  • who remembers the days, when you wanted to make data calls so you did not use up you min. Now we have data limits and unlimited voice calls.
  • If you just install Google Hangouts and Google Hangouts Dialer: You can choose VOIP to VOIP by going to the little triangle left of the SMS text box and choosing Hangouts messaging instead of your cellular SMS. The options at the top will then change to include video calls and Voip to Voip. Otherwise your calls on the hangouts dialer are either Voip to number, or cell to number. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What is going to happen to the app for those of us that strictly use it for voicemail purposes? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I just got an update notification for hangouts 2.375589790. It doesn't list anything different on the "what's new" section. Anyone know what's new?
  • I think of GV as a way to make Wifi calls in places where I lacked cellular coverage, like my house and my office 8^/ Then again, I just changed carriers, so this might not be as relevant.
  • Andrew, registering the hangouts dialer as a dialer does not solve this problem. Google needs to offer some sort of setting that allows for google-voice calls through the original dialer. For those of use who use Google Voice as their exclusive number, it's absolutely crucial that we will retain the ability to make Google Voice calls the old way, that is, routed through voice rather than data.
  • Really not excited about these changes. I use google voice for sms and voicemail and don't want it mixed up in hangouts and all the potential data leakage that app is likely to cause. My smsing is around work and don't want it to suddenly update coworkers machines with my personal avatar or other things that it might pick up from Google plus. Hangouts is a bit of a mess in how it mixes everything together.
  • Dialing out with the Google Voice app is not the same as dialing out with Hangouts. Dialing with the Google Voice app uses an access number to connect. You will still be
    making a call with your cell carrier. Dialing out with the Hangouts Dialer is a VOIP call, it does not make a call with your
    cell carrier. There's a big difference. The VOIP call works on a wi-fi only connection, but the other
    way of using Google Voice does not!!!
  • Oh God what a horrible inconvenience. Jesus Christ.....
  • If anyone is still looking at this, here is my solution/workaround... Issue: if using GV on Android some apps e.g. phone and others, except GV app (and possibly except hangouts works, but I dont like it), will send SMS with your carrier caller # and not your GV #, because GV cannot be set to the default sms app. the way to fix this is... NOTE: the following assumes you never want your carrier # to show for sms and that you only want your GV # to show 1) delete any sms aps: settings -> apps ->(pick the app)-> uninstall
    2) disable hangouts: settings -> apps ->Hangouts-> disable
    3) make an sms from contacts or 3rd party dialer etc (I use exDialer)
    4) you get a choice to send sms via GV and possibly other choices such as Skype. Select GV, and select always
    Note: if you have any other SMS apps e.g. messenger, messaging, etc THESE MUST BE UNINSTALLED, otherwise after 1st use, sms will revert back to these.
    5) from now on, sms will be sent via GV # (because there are no other installed options to override GV for SMS). (again is there are other options, Android will revert to those soon)
    Note: I find the native Phone app, thinks there is no sms available so no option to send sms from phone app. As stated above I use exDialer for many reasons and that gives option for sms or call. If done as stated above sms will be via gv#, not carrier #. (Side Note: the main reason I use exdialer is to be able to search like on iOS, meaning a few letters of 1st or last name, then a few of the other and/or few letters of any note/address or other criteria. This is in contrast to most Android phone/contact searches, which are far less flexible. that is an aside from the topic at hand, but others may want to know) The result of the above is to maintain all sms via GV # and stay out of hangouts.
  • They are getting closer to getting it right. I am glad they didn't abandon it like they do so many other things though. The chrome extension STILL needs to show the types of phones (cell, work, home, etc.) I still have to have that little bubble icon on my chrome browser because it needs to state which phone so that I am not texting someone's work or home phone and it being ignored. Rather than using a letter like in the google voice extension for chrome they should use little icons (as well as on the android phone app). They did finally update the android phone app though showing which type of phone it was.
  • For travelers it is a headache and burden on a pocket to call internationally. But to it is quite necessary to stay connected with your family and friends whenever you want without any worry about the call rates. VoIP is one of the best options to call internationally at very nominal rates having various features. The post is informative indeed. The information you have mentioned are useful for every person going to travel abroad.
  • How do i STOP this thing from messing with my browser? I just want to be able to tap a number online and call it, WITHOUT the "hangouts" thing. I've signed out of and disabled the app, but still this stupid phone keeps opening some "hangout" website instead of letting me just phone the number with my real phone.
  • I presume you're saying that the Hangouts "app" in Chrome/Gmail is starting to make the call for you. Go into Gmail and down in the lower right, click your avatar and Click "Revert to old Chat." This is presuming that you mean you're trying to make phone calls from a laptop using Chrome.