Dolphin, a popular third-party browser for Android, updated today with new sharing options, including built-in Evernote clipping so you can reference pages later on through the cloud service, posting to Twitter and Facebook, and best of all, shunting web pages to other devices on your local Wi-Fi network. This includes mobile devices that also have Dolphin Connect-enabled apps installed, as well as desktop browsers that have the right plug-in. That plug-in also enables bookmark syncing, which is always handy. 

As always, Dolphin's biggest differentiator is its plug-in ecosystem and gesture commands for navigating and jumping right to specific pages. You can also execute voice commands, and jump right to your favorite websites with a customized home screen, which are both browser staples at this point. 

Evernote VP of Platform Strategy Seth Hitchings said of the partnership "Web clipping is one of the most popular uses of Evernote on desktop computers and Dolphin has done a fantastic job of bringing that functionality to iPhone, iPad and Andriod." It's a pretty sweet update, especially if you're in the market for something a little different from Chrome. Any takers, or is the built-in Android browser good enough for you?