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Dolphin Browser Mini officially launches in Market

Just a few weeks separated from its beta launch in the Android Market, the new Dolphin Mini browser has grown out of beta status and officially entered the Android Market, V1.0. Along with the release comes several new features and bug fixes, including a new data backup and restore feature.

New Features

  • New backup and restore feature
  • Refined UI and toolbox design
  • New bookmarks label
  • New flash plugin and updated flash settings
  • New address bar "quick options" by long pressing address bar

Dolphin Browser mini has quickly become one of our favorite browsers of choice, so be sure to check out this official release in the Market and let us know what you think in the comments section. [via Dolphin Browser Blog]

  • Wow this is a very smooth browser
  • if this is the mobile version of google chrome, is it syncable with the bookmarks on the computer? (via gmail account etc)
  • It's not the mobile version of Google Chrome.
  • It has integrated google bookmarks sync.
  • unfortunately.... I must say... this is a nice browser, BUT not as fast or smooth as stock browser on my HINC.... I DO LIKE THE CACHE TO SD OPTION THOUGH :)
  • I don't get it, if I have the big boy version (Dolphin HD) what do I need the MINI version for?
  • i was wondering the same thing...
  • I think this is a light weight version of HD. That was my main complaint about Dolphin HD, it was too bloated. Just downloaded this and its freakin fast.
  • I'm confused as well. I use dolphin hd right now.
  • Is the Mini built on a newer platform? I thought the HD version was built on 2.0.
  • Although the interface is faster on this browser (the menus, address bar, etc), the webpages load quicker on the HD version.
  • Clear your cache and try again. Page load time is very tricky to measure. Most of the time you are measuring net speeds. Open simple pages like or and I doubt you will think that HD loads any faster.
  • pretty enjoyable just not as fast as Stock browser on DINC but i'll be using this from now on i love google chrome and now i love this
  • Uses about half the memory of HD (But again, since this is nothing but a wrapper around the stock browser that does not mean much). Seems a tad faster than HD, very hard to tell the difference between it and Stock, which says its written very efficiently. This can never be as fast as stock, because it uses the stock engine. The best you can hope for is that it stays out of the way of the browser engine, and provides a better interface (which is strictly a matter of preference).
  • So if I was going to download either HD or mini (only one), which would you recommend?? Does anybody know the pros and cons of both browsers? A good blog post should be created on the subject, comparing the 2.