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Best answer: Yes, a Samsung S Pen is included with the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, just as it is with its full-featured sibling, the Galaxy Tab S6.

What can the S Pen do with the Tab S6 Lite?

You can use the Samsung S Pen with the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite tablet to do things like create and edit work and navigate through files on the device's 10.4-inch display. It offers a natural grip that feels like a standard ink pen with low latency and pressure sensitivity for doing things like editing text-based documents and drawing freehand images.

Samsung S-PenSource: Samsung

Use the S Pen, which is perfectly matched to Galaxy tablets, to jot down notes, write directly on PDFs, highlight text, search tags, and more (this will depend on the type of document and PDF.) You can change the color of notes after and easily sort through menus using searchable tags.

Use Samsung Notes to overlay a virtual notepad with a video lecture so you can follow along with the lesson or meeting while digitally jotting down notes, all on the same screen. The PENUP app, meanwhile, also works seamlessly with the S Pen so you can sketch, color, share drawings, and get inspiration from other app users.

When you aren't using the S Pen, it clips in place magnetically to the tablet, or you can store it in an optional Book Cover.

A worthy downgrade to save a few bucks

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is essentially a pared down version of the Galaxy Tab S6 with a number of concessions made - you'll be missing certain features and others won't be as premium, but it will help shave some money off the bottom line price. If you're just looking for a workhorse device to help you jot down notes in meetings or lectures, you might not care and can live without the upgrades.

For instance, the Tab S6 Lite has a lower-resolution TFT screen versus Super AMOLED like the Tab S6, less RAM, lower-resolution camera, slightly smaller screen, no fingerprint sensor, no Type-C USB, no Quick Charge capabilities, and a Samsung Exynos 9 octa processor versus Snapdragon.

However, it has the same 7,040mAh battery as the S6 and comes loaded with Android version 10 (the S6 comes loaded with 9.0 "Pie"). It has a slightly thinner (but also a bit heavier) design, 3.5mm jack, and 4GB RAM (versus 6GB with the S6). For some, this might be all you need. Plus, it can help you stay on budget.

Our pick

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Your workhorse companion

Get all the essentials in the Lite version of the popular Galaxy S6 tablet that doesn't have all of the same premium features, but for the cost-savings and depending on how you want to use it, it might not matter. And for note-taking, editing, and more, the S Pen is included with this one, too.

Grab this too

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Book Cover

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Book Cover

Complete the set-up

This Book Cover comes in handy for protecting the screen of the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and providing angled viewing; plus it has a handy compartment to store the S Pen.

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