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Best answer: Currently unknown, but highly likely. While Sony has to confirm yet whether or not the PlayStation 5 will support HDR, it would be very surprising if it didn't. The PlayStation 4 already supports HDR10; there's no reason the PlayStation 5 should not. If anything, the PS5 might end up supporting a more advanced version of HDR, such as HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.

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What is HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is often used to describe something that can process a wider range of input or output than a standard device.

When it comes to displays on devices like a television, HDR delivers a better contrast ratio that allows screens to produce better color in a variety of fields, including brighter whites and darker blacks. This results in a sharper, more defined image on your screen that, when combined with a more accurate color palette, essentially makes things much better.

Are there different types of HDR?

You've likely heard of HDR or Dolby Vision, but there are some other types of HDR that are out now, and a bit more advanced. One of the most recent advancements, HDR10+, is an improvement upon HDR10, which is the minimum specification for current HDR-capable devices.

To put it simply, HDR10+ takes everything about HDR10 and bumps it up a bit. Increased brightness and contrast provide better images, but the biggest difference in HDR10+ is how it handles metadata. Instead of static metadata in HDR10, HDR10+ features dynamic metadata, allowing whatever HDR10+-capable device you own to tweak its display so that you consistently see the best colors possible.

What does this mean for PlayStation 5?

The PlayStation 5 is already confirmed to support 4K (and even 8K) resolutions, meaning that if you own a 4K-capable television, you're in for some excellent looking games. While they have yet to comment on any HDR compatibility, it would seem extremely likely that you'll also see an advanced version of that supported as well.

When it comes to games, playing with HDR or 4K enabled will give you the most detailed look at a game that's possible. Whether it be a ton of environmental shots or characters popping up on the screen, you'll be able to tell a very noticeable difference compared to a non-HDR enabled device.

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