Does Genshin Impact support voice chat?

Genshin Impact 2 9 Sayu
Genshin Impact 2 9 Sayu (Image credit: miHoYo)

Best answer: Genshin Impact does not have built-in voice chat on any platform. While there is a text chat option, those wishing to play across systems and use voice chat will need to use third-party software like Discord.

Why doesn't Genshin Impact have voice chat?

Developer miHoYo hasn't come out and stated one way or another why Genshin Impact doesn't have built-in voice chat; we just know that it doesn't. What it does have is a text chat system so that you can send text messages to other players online and you can also set up private text chats with friends.

What can I use to voice chat in Genshin Impact?

Unless you're using the PS4 or PS5's party system to chat with your friends, your best bet is to use a service like Discord. You can chat across mobile and PC through its app or browser, and it's a free download. There are always other options out there like Google Meet and Zoom, but Discord is by far the king here when it comes to gaming.

Does Genshin Impact support cross-play?

Genshin Impact supports cross-play between PlayStation, PC, and mobile. Anyone wishing to take advantage will need to reach Adventure Rank 16 in order to unlock co-op/multiplayer. You will not be able to play with other people until you hit this milestone. By following the game's story quests and completing objectives throughout the world, it shouldn't take too long to hit Adventure Rank 16.

Does Genshin Impact support cross-save?

When it was initially released, Genshin Impact only supported cross-save between PC and mobile. With Update 2.0, it now supports cross-save across all platforms, including PlayStation. You'll have to link your PSN and miHoYo accounts to enable cross-save in Genshin Impact.

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