Do you wish companies would stop re-designing their phones every year?

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 3a
Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 3a (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

The Android smartphone market is one that can be difficult to keep up with. Year after year, companies push out new handsets with subtle or major tweaks compared to its predecessor. Whether it be slimmer bezels, a slightly thinner body, or a new style for a camera bump, many of these changes are often in the design department.

A new design is one of those things we've come to expect for every new phone release, but is it something we actually want or need? YouTuber Juan Bagnell recently posted a video talking about this very topic, arguing that there's something to be said for Apple's decision to keep reusing and recycling the same design for years at a time.

As you might expect, this is something that got a lot of our AC forum members talking. Here's what some of them had to say in response to the video:

If people would stop buying new devices for a 10 millisecond improvement, they'll make less models, less phones, and some will go out of business. Sent from my 2 year old S8 Active


I hate to say it, but perhaps one of the silver linings of this terrible pandemic is that people will finally stop and ask themselves if they really need that shiny new $1200 phone that is about 5% improved over their current phone. As phone shipments go down, that will really force manufacturers to rethink their strategy. We're already seeing them focusing a little more on midrange phones.

B. Diddy

I'd love to see a new Moto X with either the first gen or third gen (Pure Edition) body. (It would need a fingerprint scanner in-display or in the power button though)


I remember a few years ago several phone makers decided to cut back on the number of models they made because the market was satuated with them. They did for a while but now it is back to the satuated point again. IMO, android is running into the same problem as microsoft. you have all kinds of various model with thousands of different hardware and software combination that the os must work...

me just saying

Now, we want to hear from you — Do you wish companies would stop re-designing their phones every year?

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