Do you use skins on your phone?

Galaxy S10+ with a dbrand skin
Galaxy S10+ with a dbrand skin

There are a lot of accessories you can get for your phone, but depending on who you ask, one of the best is device skins.

Skins don't offer a lot when it comes to protecting your phone in the event of a fall, but they do allow you to quickly change up its look and offer some safety against minor scratches/dings.

Some of our AC forum members recently got to talking about their preference on skins, and this is what they had to say.

Gotta love dbrand.


I can't stand the precision cut. Never use them. As a matter of fact, if you are in the US and you want it, pay for 1st class mail (I think close to $4) and it's yours :)


Looks great but at this point, I'm so terrible at putting skins on, I might as well just send the money to Dbrand and have them not bother shipping anything. I always mess them up lol.


The precision cut Dbrand skin is very Painstakingly annoying. My father installed mine, because he has much steadier hands and he's got more patience. The regular back skin piece is much easier unless frustrating to install. However it doesn't cover the entire size of the phone send my opinion, I love the precision cut.


What about you? Do you use skins on your phone?

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  • Helllzzzz no! Not ruining my phone by sticking anything on it! For me it's a case and screen protector right out of the box!
  • So you stick things on it.... 🙄
  • No... you put on a don't stick it...since a case unlike a skin has no adhesive on it... I think you should stop sniffing glue's not doing you any favours...😕
  • And your screen protector? Does that just hover in front of the screen?
  • No. I fart and then it miraculously attaches itself to the screen. Plus, the discussion was about skins versus cases...🧐
  • Some advice for you to ignore. When you're in a hole, stop digging.
  • Are you talking about yourself? Here is some advice for also ignore...the sniffing glue one from above...
  • Skins don't leave any residue behind, dingus... you're the one in the hole here... but by all means, keep digging... it's fun to watch you sink...
  • I said I don't like them and the idea of sticking anything on the back of my phone. Residue leftovers didn't necessarily come to mind... But sure thing Meg. Keep talking about holes...which is rather weird... but whatever floats your boat sparky...
  • You mentioned "not ruining my phone by sticking anything on it" and then mention adhesive... Are you dumb? Am I about to argue with a special needs kid? If so, my sincere apologies, carry on...
  • Sure thing Stewie... don't forget the helmet at home before hoping on the shortbus...
  • I hate bulky cases. I have been using dbrand skins for years, and they serve their purpose very well. Installation requires steady hands and patience, but it's worth the time and effort.
  • No, they aren't really my thing. It's kind of like wallpapering your home. Some people like it and some don't. I run naked front and back.
  • ... Does that cause trouble when grocery shopping?
  • ha ha ha
  • Yep I've got a dbrand skin on, precision fit. Had to take my time but went on perfectly. Looks nice and I can still put a clear case on when I feel like I should have more protection.
  • Nope. No matter how well you apply them they're still not perfect and they just look and feel cheap up close
  • I considered getting the bulletproof banana one and a regular S10 instead of my yellow S10e, but i have enough trouble fitting screen protectors lol. And the S10e has other things that I consider advantages anyway.
  • Thin case for me.
  • To protect my 1,000 dollar glass sandwiche I use wallet cases for maximum protection. For myself there worth there weight in gold. I have been using them for the last 5yrs, never a problem!
  • Nope, paid too much to cover it up with a skin. Clear otterbox case and factory screen protector.
  • Super fan!
    Cases are bulky, although they DEFINITELY offer more drop protection. I'm not a dropper, so it's alright (so far...).
    A skin gives me that peace of mind that the back won't get any scratches when put on harder surfaces or when my phone is resting inside my cheap plastic-y car phone support.
  • I use a skin and a thin case. The skin will protect the back glass from scratches and provide a layer of shock absorbtion when used with a case. I've been using sopiguard skins lately. Seems on par with Dbrand quality at a lower cost.
  • Wearing 2 condoms doesn't mean twice the protection
  • The skin doesn't provide any shock absorption whatsoever... with or without a case... that's just downright silly...
  • I have the S10+ in prism white. For some plain looking and slick phones, I can see the desire of a skin, but with a beautiful design like this (or the texture of the white pixel 3), nothing could pass how gorgeous it is, my phone gets lots of compliments.
  • Part of why a buy a certain phone is look and feel. No skins, cases or screen protectors for me.