Ever since 2016, Google's Pixel phones have stood out for a couple of big reasons — industry-leading cameras and super clean software. Those two things are great and why we keep coming back to the Pixel line year after year, but not everything is perfect.

Specifically, Google's lackluster hardware has proven to be the biggest letdown with Pixel phones. From uninspired designs to so-so battery capacities, these things can prove to be quite disappointing for an otherwise solid phone.

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With that being the case, it has some people wondering if the upcoming Pixel 4 will live up to the hype that's building around it.

Taking a look at the AC forums, here's what some of our members have to say.

I Can Be Your Hero

https://www.androidcentral.com/editors-desk-googles-looming-pixel-4-disappointment I agree with a whole lot of that article. Alex seems to be right in the money. Sub-par hardware just isn't good enough. And it seems like the Pixel 4 will be following its predecessors footsteps.


Regardless I'm jumping ship on the pixel 4 xl. I've been using a Google phone since the nexus 6p and I like what the pixel has become. Although I wish they were on par with competition I'm still a fan.

Mike Dee

The closer I get to the next launch of anything, the more hesitant I become to make a move. I say this because of I'm sitting with a 3XL and an S10+ combined with Moment Tele, Wide and an Anamorphic lens and the best of audio listening gear. The only thing I'm missing is an S pen but it's not something I need. I've got every angle covered and I didn't even mention the work iPhone....oops!! now I...


What do you think? Will the Pixel 4 be a disappointment?

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