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Do you prefer wired or wireless charging?

Galaxy Note 9 on a wireless charger
Galaxy Note 9 on a wireless charger (Image credit: Android Central)

Charging your phone is something that everyone does. No matter how large of a battery your personal device is equipped with, there comes a point during the day when you inevitably have to refuel.

However, the way you go about doing that may differ from person to person. Wired charging is the oldest method. Whether your phone has a Micro-USB or USB-C port, you plug in a cable and power starts flowing through your phone. Alternatively, if your device supports wireless charging, you can place it on a wireless charging pad or stand, and just like that, it charges up.

Is either one of these better than the other? Here's what some of our AC forum members have to say.

I prefer wireless charging , less wear and tear on the usb port


I have no problems with wireless charging, even using plain wireless charging stands that I've had for a while (Pleson, Choetech, etc). Not fast but acceptable. My Pixel stand in my office is very fast and works great. But - wired is fastest if you are using the OEM charger or a charger with power delivery. I'm not concerned about wear and tear on the port. I could be wrong but it seems...


In my opinion, wireless charging is convenient and better.


Wireless charging is meant to be a convenience as in you have chargers around, lay them on it whenever, and get what you get. If you truly need power in a pinch the best bet is always to plug in.


What about you? Do you prefer wired or wireless charging?

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  • I use both depending on the situation but usually, I prefer wireless simply because of the convenience.
  • The majority of my phone charging is wireless. I charge my phone wirelessly as I sleep, or if I'm sitting at my desk at home or at work. In the car, or if I'm actually in a hurry, only then do I go wired.
  • Wired. It charges faster and somewhat cooler, for my phone. For others, I have no idea how they perform. My Note 9 is running (and charging) like a thoroughbred.
  • Wired. My phones are mostly wired only.
  • TLDR: Wireless for convenience, wired for faster charging I've used QI since the days of my Nexus 4, then the 5, then the 6. I hated that Google removed it on the 6p, and after a few phones without it, I bought the S9+ and was so happy to get it back. For my day to day use, wireless is better. I can keep my phone topped of at my desk at work using my stand, and at night it's far more convenient than having to reach for a cable. I don't care how long it takes to charge, as long as when I wake up it's at 100% (which typically only takes an hour at the most). If I need a faster charge, I will grab the fast wired charger to give a boost, but the convenience of not having to deal with the cable makes wireless the better option. I really hope OnePlus finally puts in wireless in the 8. The warp charge is awesome, but most of the time I don't need that much of a boost. I'm itching to get rid of my S9+, but then I have a lot of wireless paperweights
  • Normally wired for me but I have dabbled in wireless charging from time to time.
  • Wireless. I keep a charger next to my bed and one on my desk at work. Never have to plug the phone in or even think about the battery.
  • I use a OnePlus phone with no wireless charging. Not needed as a quick 30 minute charge gives a day's power. Simple
  • Most of the time I don't need my phone charged quickly, so wireless charging is more convenient. Only time I plug in anymore is in my car or if I need a fast top off.
  • Wireless most of the time, I have a wireless charger at work and home and in the car. If phone needs a quick boost I'll use a cable with fast charging
  • Wireless since the Palm Pre. I went out of my way to get wireless charging backs for my Galaxy S4 and LG G4.
  • Wired through the day or if in a hurry. Wireless on the bedside nightstand overnight
  • It would be a deal breaker if the phone did not have wireless charging. I have been using one for over four years. Before wireless, I was always laying my phone down and forgetting to plug it in. Too many times when I needed the phone, it was dead. Finally purchased a wireless charger, placed it where I was always laying the phone and not a dead phone at home since.