Although not quite as serious as the Pixel 2 XL's potential screen burn-in, it's recently been discovered that the smaller Pixel 2 is exhibiting clicking and hissing sounds for a number of users.

Although the hissing is still something of a mystery, the clicking/ticking appears to be somehow related to the Pixel 2's NFC chip.

One Google representative has said that a fix for the clicking will be released within the "upcoming week", and while we wait to see whether or not this actually happens, we wanted to check in with our forum users to see if they've experienced this problem on their units.

Here's what you had to say.


*Mods please delete if there's already a thread for this that I didn't find* So there appears to be an issue with the Pixel 2 (not the XL) wherein if NFC is on, you can hear a faint ticking sound. It sounds like a watch ticking, but not quite on time, most audible near the top speaker. Turn off NFC and it goes away. Google recommends contacting them for an RMA if your phone is doing this....


I have the same issue. Man, there are so many little issues with this phone (Pixel 2 non-XL) that when combined will probably prevent me from keeping it.


yeah I don't usually use NFC but I turned it on to check and you can hear a soft ticking sound if you put it up to your ear. turned NFC off and it went away.


I have this issue as well. I have the kinda blue 64 gb. I bought mine from Verizon, but I'm going to return it before the window is up and hopefully get another one from Google instead. This really sucks! I just sent my 2xl back today because it even though it was just a tad bigger than my xl, I couldn't deal with it. Now I gotta give up this pixel and wait several weeks for a new one to arrive.


Happy to report. Mine Pixel 2 does not have any clicking sound or any sound at all with NFC on. Dead quiet.


If you already managed to get your hands on Google's latest, we'd like to know – Do you hear a clicking sound on your Pixel 2?

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