Do you have any interest in buying the Microsoft Surface Duo?

Microsoft Surface Duo
Microsoft Surface Duo (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

Thanks to the rise of folding phones, the smartphone market is getting weird and interesting again. Companies are trying out all-new form factors and designs to try and push the market forward, with one of those devices being the Microsoft Surface Duo.

The Surface Duo has some of the most impressive hardware on the market, and thanks to its two-screen design, it lends itself perfectly to unique multitasking capabilities. Unfortunately, a slew of software bugs have made the phone a difficult recommendation.

A few of our AC forum members have been talking about the phone, with some of their comments reading as follows:

Just wanted to say my experience using the surface duo has been utterly horrible. The phone is plagued with bugs. It lags, it freezes, it jitters, it flashes (seizure risk for some, not even kidding). If it weren't for the fact that virtually every review out there makes the same complaint, I would have thought I received a dud. But this is really so much worse than I thought. What was...


Literally had mine for 3 hours and returned it to Best Buy. Dear lord it was a software nightmare, which is likely rooted from it's cheap a$& 2013 hardware specs.


It sounds like Microsoft is sticking to their windows phone style approach to releasing mobile devices. Even though it's running Android they've managed to make it feel just like the windows phone releases and updates.... buggy messes. Man I hated those things lol. It also sounds a lot like a typical windows 10 update....a buggy destabilizing pc pita. I was hoping for better, but after using...

J Dubbs

Interesting to hear about this. It's a shame -- the form factor and what Microsoft was trying to accomplish seemed more practical and useful than other foldables. I wonder if Microsoft will stick with it even if sales are poor and reviews remain bad, and still come out with a 2nd generation like Samsung did.

B. Diddy

This got us to wondering — Do you have any interest in buying the Microsoft Surface Duo?

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