Do you feel safe buying OnePlus phones?

Oneplus 8 Pro
Oneplus 8 Pro (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

When you decide to buy a phone from a company, you're placing your trust in it to keep your information protected, to treat you well, and to just do the right thing. It's a decision that shouldn't come lightly, but it's an aspect of buying a phone some of us probably don't think too much about.

There's no such thing as a perfect phone company, an example being OnePlus. OnePlus makes some of the best Android handsets on the market, but like any company out there, it hasn't been without its fair share of controversies over the years.

One of our AC forum members recently asked if it was safe to buy a OnePlus phone, and this is how a couple of our other members responded.

Yes , as a owner of 1+6 and 1+7 Pro definitely


The main concern in the recent past for OnePlus had to do with the clipboard, but this was pretty much felt to be a false alarm: Jerry Hildenbrand was initially concerned about it, but then wrote a big retraction after spending more time talking to OnePlus themselves: ...

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Now, we'd like to hear from you — Do you feel safe buying OnePlus phones?

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Joe Maring

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  • They're as safe as any other phone company that isn't Google or Apple, why wouldn't I? Samsung, for example, would sell me out in a second if they thought they could get away with it. They already do to the extent that they can.
  • Any shred of journalistic integrity left with AC went out the window with this one ... Re-posting a non-sensical message implying that somehow OP phones are not safe. A new low for even you, AC.
  • They are just asking a question. I don't see what the big deal is.
  • It's a legit question. I just bought my first OnePlus phone, the 7t. These phones are super cheap compared to their competition. So the question is what is the catch?
  • No, the question is why do Americans allow Samsung and Apple to rip them off.
  • Samsung are a bigger ripoff than Apple.
  • You need to relax. Every single vendor has, at some point, been under the microscope for exploring customer information. I believe this is the spirit of this post. If you wish to keep your head in the sand, that's on you.
  • No chinese electronics are safe. If you value your privacy, stay away...
  • Right! You should only buy phones designed in the USA, made with USA parts, assembled in the USA, programed by a USA company and your information should only be monitored by the USA. OH, WAIT 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • If you are ok with the CCP knowing your every move....go for it.
  • You don't even realize the point of the post, all phones are made, designed and programmed in part or as a whole outside of the USA.
  • Show me the tcpdump evidence that proves distrust.
  • I'm on my 3rd OP device and don't have any concerns beyond the ones I have with any tech company that has my data.
  • They're fine. I'm just not interested in their phones in general. Great OS, but their phones don't inspire passion. I don't feel like I'm missing anything if I skip them.
  • They are perfectly safe, using one right now. This is pure Trump level propaganda, like the Huawei ban. Unsubstantiated suspicion.
  • I can honestly say I've had no issues with my OnePlus 7T as fast as security as I don't really download stuff from outside the Okay Store that much but I'm concerned about my online data with OnePlus in the long term rather than on my phone, but I think I'll be sticking to the mid range as far as Android is concerned as even OnePlus is becoming expensive which is unfortunate as I love my 7T.
  • I would feel safe buying one if they had the features I wanted. I don't buy them but not because they aren't safe. I think they're as safe as any phone Google or Apple sells. I haven't wanted one since they got rid of led notification lights in their phones. And because they don't use always on display there is no way to see if you have notifications without turning on the display which is annoying to me when I'm at work and have my phone on the desk. If I am busy or away from my desk I want to be able to glance at the phone and know if I need to check it without having to interact with it. As far as updates I don't care. Most updates are fixing security issues that can only be exploited in perfect laboratory conditions. Very few updates give any major new functionally to phones so I really don't care about what version of Android I use.