Do not fake your location in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a location-based game, where you have to go to a physical location in the real world in order to accomplish a task and do better in the game. Or is it? Pokemon Go forums are lousy with super secret ways to fake your location in the game so you can more easily get the things you want. Here's the thing, though. The folks that make Pokemon Go have been doing this for a while, and if you follow this one weird trick to score all the Pokemon without leaving your home, you're account is going to be banned in a hurry.

Please trust that it is a lot more fun to get out in the world to play this game.

Niantic, the folks behind Pokemon Go, have been doing location-based gaming for a while now. Their first effort, Ingress, had a serious problem in the early days with folks who thought spoofing their location was a good idea. It caused a lot of problems in the game, so Niantic took some time to make sure there were tools in place to stop people from faking their location.

It's not a perfect system, and there are still people who claim to be very careful about their faked locations in order to get away with this sort of thing. But for every person you find who figured out the ultra-secret method for cheating in Ingress and Pokemon Go, you'll find at least five people who tried to replicate those techniques and got themselves banned. Please trust that it is a lot more fun to get out in the world to play this game. You'll be way happier with the end result!

Russell Holly

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