PUBG Mobile Version 0.15.5 introduces Royale Pass Season 10 and adds new map for Team Deathmatch

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 10: Fury of the Wasteland
PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 10: Fury of the Wasteland (Image credit: Tencent Games)

What you need to know

  • Version 0.15.5 update introduces the new Royale Pass Season 10: Fury of the Wasteland.
  • The update includes a new Team Deathmatch map and a new weapon and vehicle for the Vikendi map.
  • Also teases a companion system that'll let you summon a falcon to the battlefield?

It's the start of a new Royale Pass season for PUBG Mobile, which means a massive 200MB update that introduces the new Fury of the Wasteland theme and adds some new content. The full 0.15.5 patch notes include everything that's new and updated in-game, or you can check out the video above, but I'll quickly break down the most important updates.

First of all is the tenth season of the Royal Pass season, which is called Fury of the Wasteland. It's a post-apocalyptic theme with a brand new rewards tier to work through that offers themed outfits, emotes, and more. You're also able to gift a Royale Pass to a friend, which is pretty cool.

New Team Deathmatch map, The Ruins

Source: Tencent Games (Image credit: Source: Tencent Games)

I'm most excited about the new Team Deathmatch map, The Ruins, which is set in ancient ruins hidden in a rainforest and features lots of spots for tight quarters combat and dense vegetation to hide in. Team Deathmatch has been my favorite PUBG Mobile game mode, so it's great to finally see a new map to enjoy.

Other notable game updates from the patch notes include:

  • There's a new gun available exclusively in the Vikendi map. The MP5K is a sub-machine gun that replaces the Vector and offers a high rate of fire with low recoil and can be modified with all types of attachments.
  • Also exclusive to Vikendi is the Zima, a new vehicle that replaces the UAZ and is a rugged SUV that's slower than other vehicles but more resistant to damage.
  • There's a new companion system coming soon that will require you to collect Companion Shards (which are also available from the Shop) or unlock a falcon and other associated rewards from the Royale Pass. No word on other companions types or how exactly you will use companions in the game.
  • There's a new character coming to the EVO modes. Sara the Vehicle Engineer will have the ability to reduce the damage taken by vehicles she is driving or riding in.

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