Disney will remove content from Netflix and launch its own streaming service

Netflix house at MWC
Netflix house at MWC (Image credit: Android Central)

Disney and Netflix will soon part ways. Rather than take a spoonful of sugar, Disney has announced that in two year's time, its content will no longer have a friend in Netflix.

Fortunately for Disney fans, the company announced it will have its own streaming services with the bare necessities: Disney content. This also includes Pixar movies, but not the Netflix Original Marvel TV shows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the upcoming Defenders series. There was no mention if the Star Wars or Marvel movies would remain on Netflix or be part of Disney's world. The company said that after an initial U.S. launch, the streaming service would go international. Disney also announced that ESPN will get its own streaming service launching in 2018.

The launch of another streaming service means consumer dollars will be stretched even further, but that's just another sign that we're in a whole new world. Perhaps things will swing back around, and this whole exercise would have just been a circle.

Of life.

Tom Westrick