Hotstar Source: Android Central

What you need to know

  • Disney has announced that it will be launching Disney+ in India on March 29.
  • During the Q1 investor call, Disney CEO Bob Iger said Disney+ will be launching via Hotstar.

While Disney's leadership was touting how well Disney+ did in its quarterly results, CEO Bob Iger stated that Disney+ will be launching in India on March 29, just days after it launches in Western Europe on March 24.

Disney is looking to take advantage of Hotstar's current popularity — and the timeliness of the launch coinciding with the start of the cricket season in India — as well as taking advantage of Hotstar's existing billing system to help launch the service in India. This will likely be the largest market that Disney+ launches in this year, and I don't blame Disney for trying to take all the help and synergy they can when trying to ensure that goes off without a hitch.

And as a bonus, this means that unlike Latin America and most of Asia, India has less than two months left of waiting for what is one of the more popular streaming services today.