Disney Plus will launch in India with Hotstar on March 29

Hotstar (Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Disney has announced that it will be launching Disney+ in India on March 29.
  • During the Q1 investor call, Disney CEO Bob Iger said Disney+ will be launching via Hotstar.

While Disney's leadership was touting how well Disney+ did in its quarterly results, CEO Bob Iger stated that Disney+ will be launching in India on March 29, just days after it launches in Western Europe on March 24.

Disney is looking to take advantage of Hotstar's current popularity — and the timeliness of the launch coinciding with the start of the cricket season in India — as well as taking advantage of Hotstar's existing billing system to help launch the service in India. This will likely be the largest market that Disney+ launches in this year, and I don't blame Disney for trying to take all the help and synergy they can when trying to ensure that goes off without a hitch.

And as a bonus, this means that unlike Latin America and most of Asia, India has less than two months left of waiting for what is one of the more popular streaming services today.

Ara Wagoner

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