Disney Plus comes to the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max

Google Nest Hub Max
Google Nest Hub Max (Image credit: Russell Holly / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Google Nest Hub and other assistant-enabled smart displays are getting enhanced Disney Plus support.
  • Now you'll be able to stream from Disney's service with just your voice.
  • Google is making this feature available today in select countries.

Google is updating the Nest Hub with support for Disney Plus. The company today announced that Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, and other Assistant-enabled smart displays owners in select countries (presumably ones with access to the service) will now be able to navigate Disney Plus content on their devices using their voice. You'll need to have linked your Disney Plus account to your Nest Hub via the Google Home app, but it should be smooth sailing once that's done. You'll be able to play shows and movies ranging from Pinocchio to Inside Out to Avengers just by saying "Hey Google, play 'Name of Show]' on Disney Plus."

For what it's worth, you can already stream from Disney Plus to your Nest Hub using the cast feature from the Android app, this change just makes the process faster.

Google also announced a cute little base for the Nest Mini, allowing you to dress it up as Mickey if you so choose. It'll set you back $20 if you're interested, and can be found in the Google Store.

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Nest Hub Max

Nest Hub Max

You'll be finally able to catch Wandavision and rest of the MCU on your Nest Hub Max. If that isn't the best use of its big screen and loud speakers, I don't know what is.

Michael Allison