Dimple NFC buttons on a Sony Xperia Z1

The Indiegogo campaign for the stick-on Dimple NFC stickers has gained a trio of stretch goals: a mini two-button version, more colors, and a TPU case with two built-in buttons. The two-button Dimple Mini is available to anybody who pledges, starting at $17 for one (existing pledges can be converted into a pair of Dimple Minis), while the remaining stretch goals kick in once the total pledges pass a certain mark.

Color-wise, breaking the $45,000 mark (just over $4,000 away at publish time) will bring options of black, cyan, and pink, while $55,000 brings another three not-yet-determined colors to the party.

But the really interesting stretch goal is at $70,000: it's a TPU case with two built-in Dimple NFC buttons. At $23, the flexible plastic case slots in between the 2-button Dimple Mini and the 4-button Dimple Standard, but provides both protection for your device while adding two buttons that don't have to be adhered to your phone. The cases will be available for the HTC One M7 and One M8, LG Nexus 5, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5. The addition of the HTC One is interesting, as Dimple states that the One's NFC antenna is located around the camera ring (there are only so many openings in which you can put an antenna when the phone is made out of metal), which makes using the stick-on Dimple options rather difficult.

The 4-button Dimple still is on track for an August 2014 ship date, while the 2-button Mini version is looking at September and the cases in October. Of course, the cases won't even be an option unless the campaign crosses the $70,000 mark in the next 31 days.

Source: Dimple (Indigogo)