The world of IT Security is ever-changing and fast-paced and with increased worries over black hat hackers, the demand for IT security professionals is increasing as well. Whether it's important credit card information or private data from a company, hacking is a real problem that is best fended off by people who hack themselves. If you're interested in getting into this field, you have probably wondered how do you even begin to understand the certifications required to step into this field?

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There are three major certifications that IT Security employers are looking for: CompTIA Security+, Ethical Hacker Certification, and Cisco's CCNA Security. With all of these under your belt, you'd be qualified to break into this exciting field.

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  • Types of keyloggers, including hardware, software, and kernel/driver keyloggers
  • Password studies: how they're created, restored and cracked
  • Spyware and the necessary countermeasures
  • Securing Windows systems against attacks and Windows security measures
  • Over 50 hours of advanced training and 48 hours of course content

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After completing these courses you'll be prepared to take on your exams, and depending on how you study you could be done these courses in a few short weeks! Don't miss out on your chance to step into this exciting career! The price is right and the time is now, you can get your IT Security and Ethical Hacking Certification training for 98% off the regular price with Android Central Digital Offers!