As the online landscape grows and changes, so does the requirement for security. One tried and true way of testing security is to crack through it, after all, it's easier to know what needs to be fixed once something breaks through. Believe it or not, this is actually a job known as ethical hacking, and the people who can do such tasks, they are in high demand.

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Companies, especially ones that work primarily online, would rather have someone on payroll breaching through their security than someone with bad intentions. Whether you consider yourself adept with tech, or you're just starting out, you're probably wondering how to get started in the world cyber security.

Android Central Offers has a fantastic deal on the Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package. This package contains over 55 hours of course content that you will train you to be an ethical hacker. Plus, you'll have unlimited access to for 12 whole months!

If you've looked into online courses for ethical hacking in the past, you know they don't come cheap, but right now you can get the Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package for only $59 rather than the regular price tag of $1499. You read that right; you'll get a savings of 96%.

With job markets in many sectors dwindling, one thing that doesn't seem to be going away is the need for tech security, so why not get started on this course today? Some of the highlights include:

  • Learn how to breach wireless network security with over 55 hours of training.
  • Understand how to handle digital evidence within legal standards.
  • Use Access Data's Forensic Toolkit, EnCase, and other special steps to review data whilst leaving all evidence intact.
  • Learn how to implement an Info Risk Assessment Process and integrate enterprise business objectives with information security policies.
  • Discover IT Strategy and Information systems maintenance practices.

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The bottom line is you need a change. Whether you dislike your job, or you are looking for a way to increase job security, this is a great a great opportunity for an extremely low price.