Did you get the July 2020 security patch on your phone?

Google Pixel 4 XL
Google Pixel 4 XL (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

Yesterday, July 6, Google began rolling out the latest July 2020 security patch for Pixel phones. These monthly updates aren't anything new, but they're still fun to get to ensure your handset is as safe and secure as can be.

This July update isn't very noteworthy in regards to new features or bug fixes, as it just patches up some system vulnerabilities and that's about it.

Taking a look through the AC forum, a lot of our members have already received and downloaded the new software.

Downloading OTA now.


same here! I live in Dubai! Gotta love the Pixel, everyone gets the updates at the same time like iPhones! This is something new to me coming from Samsung phones! :D

Super Spartan

checked for update....happening now. Tiny.....2.72 MB. P4XL on Verizon


Pixel 4 XL unlocked on T-Mobile. Very tiny and downloading now.


What about you? Did you get the July 2020 security patch on your phone?

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Joe Maring

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  • No, but my wife did. I am on Android 11 Beta
  • Yup, both my flip and S20 ultra
  • No on Android 11 beta 1.5 with the 3aXL
  • Both our Pixel 4 and Pixel 3 got the small updates last evening, on Google Fi.
  • I haven't gotten the June one yet on my Galaxy S9+. Usually they get last month's close the the 1st if the next month.
  • Note10+ unlocked and yes
  • Just got June show up today. Moto g8 plus
  • Does anyone care.. AC keeps pushing its update agenda to find a new way to push people to buy new phones.. If it downloaded and installed in the background Noone would know the difference...
  • Yes, selling security fear. Nobody can name a security flaw that did not require physical access to an android phone because no such security flaw has ever existed. Millions of Android phones hacked? Nope, never, ever, ever happened.
  • Yep. Right on the first of the month. Seldomly did I miss a security patch update over the past year or so. My device is awesome on that end!
  • Sadly OnePlus are bad with updates, I'm on the May security update and will be probably get the July update when everyone else is on the August security update, which is why I'll never buy another OnePlus phone again and one of the major reasons why I'm moving back to iPhone next month.