Diablo Immortal: How to earn XP and level up quickly

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Diablo Immortal operates mainly like any other Diablo title, and that's especially true when it comes to the aspect of grinding through levels. With a level cap of 60 set in Immortal, players will find that they zoom through the early levels, but begin to hit a wall around the 30s and start leveling a bit slower. As you make your way through the latest stages of the game, you'll need to implement a few new routines in order to make sure you reach the endgame of Diablo Immortal faster. 

We have a few tips on how to earn XP faster for both new and returning Diablo Immortal players after our own experience with the game. Hopefully, these make your time with the game more enjoyable, and makes your time in the game even more enjoyable.

Don't stay in one zone too long

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While this may sound counterintuitive, it does make sense once you get into the game. Early on, you'll be tossed into some relatively big maps as you begin to progress through Diablo Immortal. However, while it may be tempting to stay in starting areas and clear out mobs and hidden areas, you're only going to slow yourself down doing that. 

Instead, once you've unlocked newer areas, try heading there and taking down enemies and clearing objectives in those new places. You'll not only be earning more XP by taking down stronger enemies, but you'll also be earning better gear as you progress through the story. 

Play through the story

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Speaking of story, Diablo Immortal's is one you'll want to play through, especially for XP. At the start of the game, no other content is going to give you as much XP as the game's campaign will, especially due to the number of bosses and other high-level enemies you'll be tackling earlier in the campaign. 

Each region of the game has its own set of challenges you can clear before moving on to the next one, so make sure to do those as well, as they level up your in-game Codex, which rewards even more XP. 

Take down enemies in groups

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Throughout your time in Diablo Immortal, you'll come across a wide variety of enemies, and while you may want to fight them immediately, the best plan is to wait until a large enough group if available. This is due to one of Diablo Immortal's many in-game mechanics, which allows for players to chain together killstreaks on enemies for bonus XP. 

This means that whether you're out in the world exploring, or inside of a dungeon or some other activity, it's always best to either try and bait enemies into gathering into a large group, or simply let a swarm of them come your way at first. While you may not want to deal with such large groups of enemies, it's a great way to not only clear an area fast, but earn some bonus XP in the process. 

Do your daily bounties

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Midway through the main storyline of Diablo Immortal, you'll be introduced to the bounty boards in Westmarch. This system allows you to complete up to eight bounties — usually taking down enemies or collecting materials — a day to redeem XP. And as you get deeper into the game and higher in levels, it becomes a crucial method for getting some much-needed XP once you've made it through many of the story areas. 

While going through some of the areas early on may seem tedious, it's also a good way to grind for some gear to scrap in the process, especially as you get closer to the max level cap and need to start working on your perfect build. 

Check your Codex

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As you progress through your time in Diablo Immortal, you'll unlock the ability to use the Codex, which essentially operates as a giant objective tracker for you to continually use. However, the Codex also houses daily objectives that players can complete to earn both major XP boosts, as well as Battle Points that help level up the Pass Pass. 

These objectives range from completing dungeons again (but with boosted rewards), all the way to heading over to shops and leveling up gear, or infusing items with gems. While the XP rewards aren't major in comparison to other avenues of play, it is a quick and free way to get some extra XP for activities you might already be doing anyway. 

Diablo Immortal brings the classic game to phones 

Fans of the Diablo series will feel right at home with Diablo Immortal, as the game essentially feels like a port of the main games, but shrunk down into your phone.

Thanks to the many different avenues that this game has for earning XP, players should never find the grind too difficult. Whether it be running dungeons, completing daily objectives, or just clearing bounties at the bounty board, Diablo Immortal has enough to satisfy any and all mobile players.  


Diablo Immortal 

Diablo Immortal delivers the world of Diablo into the palm of your hand with some of the most surprisingly well-adapted gameplay of any mobile title. 

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