Diablo Immortal monetization: What's free, what's paid, how does currency work?

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Diablo Immortal Screenshot (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Diablo Immortal is an upcoming entry in the Diablo series that will allow players to experience the world of Diablo at nearly anytime on your phone. Currently set to be an isometric, top-down, hack-and-slash title that combines the feel of a Diablo game with the added benefit of an MMO experience all on mobile, Diablo Immortal hopes to give fans the iconic feeling of playing a Diablo title while away from the confines of a PC.

By far, the biggest question surrounding Diablo Immortal is how it will make money. With more information on the game now available, we have a good idea of just what to expect when it comes to how Diablo Immortal will operate.

Is Diablo Immortal free-to-play?

Yes. Thankfully, Blizzard is fully prepared to treat this like a true Diablo title, meaning that Diablo Immortal will indeed be free-to-play, although the company has said that the game will feature optional, in-app purchases that will be available to players. While some might hear "in-app purchases" and worry that the game will feature tons of microtransactions, Blizzard seems very dedicated to making sure that Diablo Immortal has no "pay-to-win" aspects in it whatsoever.

According to the company, the plan is to support Diablo Immortal with a "constant cadence of free content." This flow of content will feature new gear, features, classes, stories, and areas to explore. Blizzard has also said that they want to make sure that any purchases made in the game feel as if they're supporting the game itself, and that they follow a clear set of values that Blizzard has laid out to make sure that the player experience is similar for all players.

First and foremost, Blizzard claims that the core mechanics of Diablo Immortal are meant to be fun, and that a pathway to earn "most things" that you can pay for is something that they're making sure is a priority. Most important, however, is how Blizzard has said that the only way to actually acquire gear is by playing the game. This should put to rest any fears that players will simply be able to throw money at the game and become an overpowered character.

Does Diablo Immortal have microtransactions?

While Diablo Immortal is free-to-play, microtransactions will exist in the game. Luckily for players, it looks as if these microtransactions will serve more to enhance gameplay, and not impact players' characters in a truly game-breaking way. In a recent blog post detailing their values, Blizzard mentions that it's important that any purchase options feel worthwhile and only serve to deepen a player's enjoyment of the game. Perhaps most importantly, however, is how it notes that purchases should be "entirely optional" when it comes to enjoying Diablo Immortal.

Despite these assurances, some fans will likely remain skeptical on just how Blizzard will implement these microtransactions. For what it's worth, Blizzard has said that Diablo Immortal will not feature any "pay-to-win" mechanics, with the in-app purchases found in the game either serving as cosmetic items or things that will complement gameplay. Some of the things that will be purchasable are Crests that players can use for in-game dungeons that provide random modifiers in order to give players a more challenging experience while also rewarding them non-gear items like Gems or Runes.

Currencies in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal will have three primary currency types when it launches, earnable either through gameplay or by paying for them. Those currency types are as follows:

  • Gold - The most common form of currency found in Diablo Immortal, Gold will be dropped by enemies, found in chests, or lootable in other ways throughout the game. It's important to note that you cannot purchase or trade gold, and the only way to earn it is by playing the game. You can use Gold to upgrade items or purchase new gear from NPC vendors.
  • Platinum - This form of currency can be earned through daily gameplay activities, or purchased with real money. Selling items in Diablo Immortal's market will also grant players Platinum, and it can be used for activities like Market exchange or in crafting different charms.
  • Eternal Orbs - The final form of currency in Diablo Immortal is Eternal Orbs, and players can only acquire it by using real money. Eternal Orbs can be used for purchasing Platinum, as well as buying other items like the games Battle Pass, Specialized Reforged Stones, Crests, and other cosmetic items in the game.

Diablo Immortal will be available on iOS and Android. It's currently in an alpha state playable in Australia. In the meantime, check out some of the best Android games you can play.

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