Demon's Souls for PS5 guide: How to get Northern Regalia sword

Demons Souls Ps5 Northern Regalia Hero
Demons Souls Ps5 Northern Regalia Hero (Image credit: Android Central)

One of the most powerful and coolest-looking weapons in the PS5 remake of Demon's Souls is Northern Regalia. This blade is a fusion of Soulbrandt and Demonbrandt, twin swords used by Boletarian royalty and fine weapons in their own right. If you manage to get the two swords, you can create something with the strengths of both and the weaknesses of neither. Here's how to get Northern Regalia in Demon's Souls for PS5.

Demon's Souls for PS5: How to get Northern Regalia

Northern Regalia is a Large Sword, sharing a moveset akin to the Flamberge or Bastard Sword. To obtain Northern Regalia, you'll need to have Soulbrandt, Demonbrandt, and the False King Demon Soul. Soulbrandt is a Large Sword that scales off of black character Tendency, while Demonbrandt scales from white character Tendency. Meanwhile, Northern Regalia scales off of black or white Tendency — it doesn't matter which one you choose. After beating the False King Allant and grabbing the False King Demon Soul, it's time to nab these swords.

Demon's Souls PS5 Acquiring Soulbrandt

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Soulbrandt is easily the simpler sword to swipe. Once you've beaten King Allant inside the Old One (not the False King Allant fight in Boletaria Palace) this sword will be stuck in the ground next to where King Allant died. Simply take it before moving on and completing the game.

Demon's Souls PS5 Acquiring Demonbrandt

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Grabbing Demonbrandt is going to be much trickier. You need to get a Mausoleum Key from Ostrava, the knight you can rescue early on. There's two ways of getting it from him.

  1. Find Ostrava early on in Boletarian Palace Archstone (1-1) being threatened by some Dreglings.
  2. Vault over the edge or go the long way down the stairs to him.Source: Android Central

  1. Kill the enemies threatening him. He'll give you a Telescope in reward.
  2. Next, you can find him under the bridge being strafed by the Red Dragon past The Lord's Path Archstone (1-2).Source: Android Central

  1. Save him from the soldiers who have him pinned. He'll give you some Dark Moon Grass as a reward.
  2. You'll find him needing rescuing from Red Eye Knights even further on Inner Ward (1-3), just behind the portcullis.
  3. Save him and he'll acknowledge how in your debt he is.
  4. Finally, you can find him for the last time in The King's Tower (1-4), in the hallway past the Blue Dragon.

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  1. Speak him with and he'll give you the Mausoleum Key before killing himself.

There is a very important problem here to note: if at any point Ostrava is killed by enemies, he will drop the Mausoleum key and will not respawn. This will be your only chance for the current playthrough to grab the key — if you die or leave the area, the key will disappear and you'll have to try on the next cycle. As a result, if you are feeling cold-blooded, you could choose to kill Ostrava yourself and ensure you get the key that way.

  1. Once you have the Mausoleum Key, head to the locked door in Boletarian Palace Archstone guarded by a Red Eye Knight.

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  1. Use the key to open the door.
  2. Inside, you'll find a bonus boss — Old King Doran.
  3. You need to fight him until you remove around 25% of his health. This won't be an easy fight.

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  1. At this point, he'll say you are a worthy opponent and allow you to take Demonbrandt in the back of the room.

Demon's Souls PS5 Forging Northern Regalia

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  1. Now that you have both swords, take Soulbrandt, Demonbrandt and the False King Demon Soul to Blacksmith Ed in Stonefang Tunnel.
  2. If you haven't already, you'll need to beat the Flamelurker boss and give Ed the Searing Demon Soul.
  3. Now, take all of these items to Ed and forge Northern Regalia.

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  1. You'll also obtain the "Legacy of the Kings" Gold trophy.

Now pat yourself on the back and enjoy your new sword! If you're still deciding whether or not to pick up Demon's Souls on PS5, be sure to check out our review, where we noted it's one of the best games currently available on Sony's new machine.

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