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Day 7 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration

It's Day 7 of  Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration. Here's what we're seeing so far this fine Monday morning:

And a couple more repeats today as well -- Beautiful Widgets and Sound Hound.

Also: Day 1 apps, Day 2 apps, Day 3 apps, Day 4 apps, Day 5 apps, Day 6 apps

  • Is today the last day for the 10 cent apps?
  • Thursday will be, day 10 :)
  • Reading comprehension is hard. O.o
  • Seriously?
  • *facepalm*
  • They're all games, thats pretty lame.
  • It's totally ridiculous. Turns the whole 10-10-10c from a gimmick into a claptrap.
  • I agree. I love the promotion But I was hoping for some productivity apps. I really don't game on my phone, but Since the games have been so cheap I've bought a few. Truthfully I'll probably never play most of them for longer then a few minutes.
  • same here, bought pretty much all of them though (a)
  • I don't play games on my phone. I played a little Angry Birds a while back but for the most part, I really don't have time for games.
  • Today is Beautiful Widgets and Soundhound. There has been a workout app, a couple of book apps and a pano app. Not to mention I missed the first few days, so there may have been others. The majority have been games, but not all. And the non-game apps have been pretty good apps.
  • I got BW when it was on the list a few days ago. I looked at the workout app but I wasn't comfortable with it's permissions related to control of accounts.
  • + 100
  • "Roll in the hole" is on the list twice. So only 9 found? Has anybody else noticed that GameLoft games are not accessible on the droid RAZR? I haven't been able to purchase any of them. If I go to THEIR store, they are all available....but not for $.10. Not that I really want their games, but, c'mon, if there were actually 100 apps at $.10/each, that's $10 total. I buy them just because!
  • Whoops. Fixed it. :)
  • Yay for BW! I missed it a few days ago.. :-)
  • i'm waiting for FlightTrack. i see the app logo in the "10 Days" bag so i think it's coming.
  • FlightTrack is in day 8 as its 10p right now.
  • What the hell why is my MoPho not compatible with Gameloft games I missed out on Backstab yesterday and Block Breaker3 today that's just foul!
  • I bet if you go to the gameloft site they're available. They are for my RAZR. Of course, at full price. Nice huh? Even though they can now have multiple packs for multiple phones.
  • Same problem yesterday with Backstab, not compatible with the Galaxy Nexus which is equally disturbing!
  • Incompatible and nonworking apps are just part of the Android experience; the price we pay to have the plethora of different devices.
  • i hope some good apps get into list tomorrow atleast
  • Man not to be dirty minded or anything but most if these titles are rated r... But good games
  • Hahaha I can't believe I had to scroll this far down the comments to find this.
  • Me and My Mom is also 10 cents even though I am not buying it;
  • I bought Tetris for android along time ago for 2.99 of the Android Market and now that i own a xoom i would love to have it on there but its not compatible but during the amazon price price match of .10 low and behold it says it compatible so i feel you Razr owners it sucks.
  • Can someone tell me: I have downloaded several of these and today, I wanted to put Beautiful Widgets on my wife's phone, because I forgot to the other day when it was first on sale. I went to the market on her phone and it showed up at full-price. I then checked the SoundHound, because I had also installed that one, and it also was full-price. Am I only allowed to do this once per app per account? Thanks for any assistance. Update: I just checked her phone with an app that I HADN'T yet downloaded and it was STILL full-price. Why can't she get any of these 10-cent bargains?
  • App purchases are tied to accounts not devices. If you own an app you can put it on any devices that has your google account. If your wife's phone does not have your account on it... then you need to buy the app as her. If you have two accounts on her phone, you'll need to switch your ID and then download the app. I can also add... my wife's phone is an Evo with an old version of the market. I do not see these deals on her phone at all (always shows full price). However, if I use a PC and buy the apps from (while logged in as her)... she gets the apps tied to her account and they download to her phone just fine.
  • Thanks for the quick response. Based on what you said, my guess is she has the old version of Market. I will check that. UPDATE: Her phone is not near me right now, so I did the web method you suggested. Worked fine from here, but I haven't checked her phone to see if it was installed correctly. Thanks again. t
  • Another craptastic day for the $.10 deal! Having 2 per day come back is just lame too. Oh well.
  • Google didn't have to do any of this, ungrateful generation stereotype.
  • Thanks for providing the stereotypical Google ass-kiss response. Being critical of something isn't being ungrateful. It's called feedback. I join in the opinion that the selection has been weak, but others may love games more than I do, so feel free to disagree. At least there's no stupid live wallpaper today.
  • What part of cgardner's comment do you consider constructive feedback? None. What part of my comment do you consider ass-kissing? None. Please reply so you can make yourself look more stupid.
  • Why should I reply? You answer your own questions.
  • Not being ungrateful I just feel if they are going put out a promotion like this then shouldn't they be sure that the apps they offer are compatible to every device so that no one feels left out?!
  • The ombooks are awesome if you have kids. They love them.
  • I hope they have some good productivity apps coming up for the last few days after a few days of mostly game apps, but even if they don't I was still able to get 10 pretty good apps for only a dollar. The timing was also great since I just got my android phone a month ago.
  • I think we are misssing some. Maybe they aren't US titles or something. I know the article points out SoundHound and BW as repeats... but there hasn't been any repeats yet. Several early titles have remained availble throughout the period (which is why some people think they are offering repeats). Yesterday they initially said there was repeats but then two others showed up later. The day before when I opened my market I saw a repeat, but when I checked other sources there was an Asian-market exlcusive title (Japanese?).
  • There have been repeats, asphalt 6 for one
  • Both SoundHound and Beautiful widgets were on day one, and both went back to full price, before being dropped to 10p again yesterday.. So they were 100% definitely repeats. (you can also tell as on the mobile app market it lists the 10 under a special link off the front page.. and they were in yesterdays as well as day 1's)
  • Should've made them free. Don't have anyway of paying money on android market, so this is useless to me.
  • This is probably a way to get people to register their CC's so that they get tempted to buy apps later on. Pretty sneaky move by Google if you ask me. Anyway, if you can't afford 10 cents (don't say you don't have access to a card because it's really easy to get a Visa prepaid card), then Amazon app store and Getjar are for you.
  • Any ideas why the HD apps don't work on my phone? I have an Evo 3D. I see in the comments of "Block Breaker 3 -- Unlimited HD" that users with the HTC Desire S can use it, but apparently I can't. Any suggestions?
  • Day 8: FlightTrack (10p in UK market now) - good spot of its logo by someone above ;)