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Day 5 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration

We're now into Day 5 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration. Here's what we're seeing so far on this fine Saturday:

Still one more to go. Thats 10 folks. Google's got its official list up, and for some reason, Asphalt 6 is back after appearing on Day 1.

Also: Day 1 apps, Day 2 apps, Day 3 apps, Day 4 apps

  • Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD - again
  • Nice. I hope they repeat SwiftKey, I missed that on Day One.
  • They have SwiftKey X on GetJar for free. You have to manually check periodically for updates, but hey... free... :)
  • Thanks
  • That's weird they really did list assphalt 6: Adrenaline HD on the promo homepage again. They did that one the other day I thought.
  • I would normally be annoyed at repeats, but I missed getting this one on day 1 LOL and so it was the first one I downloaded.
  • Pano is 10¢
  • Reflexions is the last one
  • It's actually $1. 10
  • need for speed -shift is still 10 cents or is that #10
  • Paper Camera is 10¢
  • that was yesterday 10 cent app
  • Oops.. good call. Actually from day 1. Still 10¢ though.
  • Any reason for Pano when ICS has the function built in?
  • nothing other than you're dying to get rid of a dime.
  • question, if i purchase an app from the market, if i uninstall it, will i be able to install it again with out any problems? thanks
  • You should. I'm on my fourth Android device and I'm still uninstalling and installing apps from all the way back to my original Droid over two years ago. Hell I have some apps on both my tablet and my phone.
  • Thanks. Guess I will start buying some deals and storing them for later usage. Thanks again!
  • No problem. If you are looking for a good way to get paid apps on the cheap and store them for later use you should also check out the Amazon App Store as they have a give away a paid app every day. You have to go to their website to install the App Store app but it's worth it. I've gotten a bunch of really good apps for free off of there and just like the Android Market you can install/uninstall them as much as you like and use them on as many devices as you like.
  • Yea, i have the Amazon App store, but never bought an since I have switched from BB. I have plenty of apps under Amazon that i have not installed from the free app of the day. Just wanted to be sure i will be able to uninstall them once i pay for them.
  • i just have my apps backed up on titanium backup and then when i delete them i can reinstall them very easily even if there not the paid ones with my backup
  • Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD
  • The other days are tagged "10 billion" instead of "10 billion apps." It's of little consequence but I kept checking the tag waiting for this page to pop up. Thanks for keeping us informed!
  • Another "meh" day. Jeez.
  • just curious, what apps do you hope to see?
  • More of utility apps and less games and live wallpapers. More variety and no repeat. Today is day 5 and now 5 days left. Hope they don't repeat often. I know flight track will be included sometime.
  • + 100 too many games.
  • Toddler Spanish: 100 words
  • I win!?!?!?
  • That was yesterdays :( app
  • This is saddening :/
  • Nothing great today, yet I still bought them all.
  • For the person asking why download Pano... It's because not everybody has ICS yet.
  • No need for Pano for me. I have it on my Samsung Infuse with the old 2.2.1 firmware. The panoramic function works great for me.
  • Are there any ways to buy an app on the Market for which you currently have no compatible device? I am waiting on the Transformer Prime release and there are a few apps I would like to get that won't work on my current phone but would do nicely on the Prime. It would be good to be able to buy and store on the Market but in the absence of that, any solution welcomed.
  • Would really like to know this as well.
  • I was just looking for the same thing. Seems you can either pop your sim in a compatible device or you can edit your build.prop to change your device identifier. I'm debating trying that out.
  • I'm having no luck with the build.prop edits on my captivate. I can't find a good set of settings online that will let me download Adrenaline. Oh well, I guess.
  • Yes, after some looking around that is all I have come up with. Not sure I want to mess around with my build.prop just to get a couple of apps working early. It is something the Market could do with i.e. a buy but not download to device option. I often see a review for an app that I would buy for later so that I remember it but there is no easy way of doing it. I suppose there is always the other option, which is to give into tech lust and go out and buy a better phone. ;)
  • I finally got it set up. If you decide to try it just look up how to edit the build.prop and change one line. Set "ro.product.device=GT-I9100" and it should let you download. I changed it, saved, cleared market cache, and rebooted. For reference I'm on an at&t captivate running CM7. *standard disclaimer - if you nuke your phone it's your fault, not mine*
  • i think im going to pass today nothing too exciting besides Apparatus, Age of Zombies,Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD, which i own already
  • These apps are horrible. Id feel guilty even paying 10 cents for the apps
  • Nothing today that piques my interest, but hey, I'm not complaining...this sale has been awesome and I've been able to pick up some apps that I'd been wanting for awhile. Keep 'em coming, Google!
  • Funny Mojitomo is there is official list of apps from google as of now.
    It shows Asphalt 6 HD as 10th app
  • Apparatus is such a great thinker app. Difficult as you make it on yourself.
  • You know you can just go to ( )and it lists all of them for the day right?
  • MSgtSimon, everyone is trying to figure it out before they get the promo front done in the am.
  • I did not realize it was like that. My bad.
  • That is what I was thinking. By the way, "Mojitomo" is not available in the U.S. market according to my phone. I am seeing "Asphalt 6" in it's place for the U.S.
  • Also not available in the UK market, and seeing Asphalt instead. Oddly not seeing Sims 3 either on my phone....
  • Good find db, was wondering what was going on, guess I can stop looking now.. haha thanx.
  • I used Market Enabler to get it for the sake of completeness.
  • Deleted
  • I'm a keyboard addict. Can't resist getting a new keyboard.
  • In Canada and I don't show Mojitomo nor a replacement for it - Showing 9 apps.
  • "Mojitomo" and "Sims3" don't show up and are not available on my Rezound due to country for the first, and compatibility for the second... I'm just showing 8 apps - no replacements. Also, Google is considering charging me twice (the charges are still "pending" according to my online credit card statement) for several of the apps I bought on the 7th. And they still haven't charged me for Shazam. It all happened when the Market "hiccuped" the other day...
  • on my skyrocket asphalt 6 isnt there , i only see 9 apps
  • I'm sorry, but live wallpaper doesn't count as a freaking app. Enough already with the nerd eyecandy.
  • So true. lol nerd eyecandy,
  • Day 6 APPS!