CyanogenMod 11.0 M6 now available

cyanogenmod (Image credit: Jerry Hildenbrand / Android Central)

CyanogenMod 11.0 M6 is here! Along with it are some notes from the CM team, including that the "M" builds have supplanted the need for "stable" releases. (And that's why you won't be seeing "RC" builds either.) Why is that exactly? According to the CyanogenMod blog:

Like the 'stables' before it, 'M' releases are built off the 'stable/CM-##.#' branches – the only difference is now frequency and label. We could have chosen to remove 'M' releases and stick with the 'stable' tag instead for these monthlies, but the word 'stable' itself is a misnomer – it doesn't mean bug free and it certainly never meant feature complete; but with the name 'stable' it gave the false impression that it did mean those things – especially to those risk-adverse that would only hop from 'stable' to 'stable'.

CM also says the goal is to get releases out every 2 weeks going forward. Now, on to the changelog and download link!

  • Quiet Hours – Fix longpress QS tile option
  • Voice+ – Integrate into settings (under Wireless and Networks > 'More')
  • Blacklist – Add provider permissions
  • Lockscreen – Fix custom wallpaper crashes and album art issues
  • Display – Consolidate screen-off animation options (remove checkbox)
  • Bluetooth – Upstream updates and fix issues with audio routing to select car makes/models and disconnect issues
  • MultiSim – Additional support patches (15+) and UI/UX modifications
  • Lockscreen – Disable elements when in custom lockscreen
  • Quick Settings – Options to show smaller tiles; add BT device name to tile
  • Quick Settings – Fix QS tiles layout in landscape mode
  • Usage Stats – Fix screen on stats after boot
  • Resolve memory leaks in Frameworks
  • Settings – Show 'eject card' action for USB storage
  • Theme Engine – Introduce new Engine capabilities (chooser to arrive in nightlies this week)
  • Parallel Shutdown – Decrease shutdown time
  • Address security vulnerability for icons
  • Downloads – Add pause/resume support
  • Trebuchet – Hidden apps and labels support
  • Remove parallel boot dexopt from stable/cm-11.0 branch
  • And more (all changes from Mar 29th to April 30th)

Look for the build for your device on the Community Distribution channel as they make their way through the system.

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  • Such a disappointment that it took them until M6 to fix the Bluetooth disconnect issues that THEY caused. Posted via Android Central App
  • I find this comment very disappointing. After all the positive contributions the CM team have made, you just seem to want to have a dig at them. You have the right to do this because,..................
  • You're not angry. Just disappointed Posted via Android Central App
  • Because they expect to compete with the big players but somehow they think they're immune to criticism when they screw up? I haven't used CM in years because frankly, their delivery is sometimes a hot mess.Their quality control doesn't live up to my personal standard and I'll hold them accountable for it. Especially when they break stuff that was previously working just fine. They don't deserve a cookie and a hug just because they tried really hard. You can criticize them (harshly) and still appreciate their contribution.
  • If you define "you just seem to want to have a dig at them" as "make a legitimate point about a legitimate issue caused solely by their software", then yes he does "just seem to want to have a dig at them". The issue of course is valid and has been reported on by numerous other people across the various Android related sites. Bluetooth is not something that can be hand waved away as not important. So the fact that it was borked from the M2 release to literally yesterday with the M6 one is a serious problem. It wouldn't be if it was something that was caused by the AOSP source code in and of itself, but that's not the case. It was CM compiling of the source code along with their tweaks and what have you that borked it. People have a right to complain about such an issue. I find your comment incredibly disappointing, because you seem to be conflating "they gave to the community" with "they are allowed to bork devices with their software" and "because of the former, the latter should be ignored and anyone who complains has no right to". Don't defend bad behavior and bad coding. The CM team has only gotten worse and worse with their attitude, behavior and coding over the years. They no longer are the ROM development group that many of us fell in love with and highly recommended to others. And people like you, giving them a free pass, are exactly the people who allowed them to turn into the uncaring jerks that they've become.
  • I agree with most of the points you have made. I'm not defending bad coding. I am saying that, in the past, the CM team have made a significant contribution to the custom rom environment. I think that's irrefutable when you look at the number of custom roms which are based on some version of CM. If this was a product that was being paid for, the majority don't, then I would be the first to complain. Likewise, if the CM rom was the only custom rom available then I would be at the front of the queue.
    CM now have a commercial venture which seems to have forced rom development on the back burner. However, ultimately, the One Plus One will force them to ensure that their rom is complete and fully functional. Failure will result in loss of sales.
  • Because they broke Bluetooth in their ROM...for months...and didn't fix it....pretty sure that gives every me right. Posted via Android Central App
  • Is it safe to install if I installed cyanogenmod through the installer? Do I have to wipe everything etc or is it safe just to paste over current ROM?
  • Yup if your device is compatible with the installer and you have all the tools and information to recover if something goes wrong. Posted via Android Central App
  • Thanks!
  • What no nexus 4 cm? Posted via Android Central App
  • I just flashed M6 to my N4.. Posted via Android Central App
  • So they're changing the definition of stable? But why? Can't make something that people would actually consider stable? It's like they're admitting that it'll always have some noticeably bad bugs and issues. Then when you complain they can say "well, we never said it was stable".
  • There will always be bugs in every OS, even stock Android and stock OEM skins. I haven't found bugs in CM11 to be any worse than those on stock, for the most part.
  • I have not had my LED turn on randomly while in my pocket, touch response does not seem off at all, and my wifi speeds are consistent with other devices and not significantly slower in any way. ^^^^ Those have all been reported to happen on the OnePlus One. That also does not directly address my point. They're giving themselves an out should any critical bugs be found. "You can't blame us, we never said it was stable". Let Apple, HTC, LG, Samsung, etc, say that and see what happens. "Nope, our software isn't stable". It wouldn't fly. Why does CM get a pass?
  • Because, unless I miss something, you didn't pay anything for CM ROM and were told from the beginning about the risk of using custom ROM. Even if you donate something, it's more of a goodwill instead of monetary compensation. Kinda silly argument you have here... LoL
  • If I buy a OnePlus One I'm paying for CM. Kind of a wrong way of looking at it you have here.
  • There are also plenty of other ROMs that you don't pay for, but still release fairly stable ROMs. CM is highly overrated Sent from my Galaxy S4
  • Highly inclined to agree. I flashed CM11 to my N5 and had a power button bug. Screen went off, hit the button. Didn't go on. Hit it again, still didn't. A third time. Still no response. WEnt back into recovery and cleared cache/ dalvik/ factory reset (even though I clean flashed CM the first time), still had the same issues.
    That is an unacceptable bug. Especially on a device that they are most likely testing on.
  • Yes, I completely agree with you, which is why I prefer PA over CM. However, we shouldn't forget that CM is one of the reasons we have plenty of custom ROMs. Not to mention they have, probably, the widest support of devices. Even PA starting to focus on Nexus devices. So, it's not like CM is overrated but we tend to demand more from market leader, just like we demand more innovation from Samsung than HTC or Sony.
  • Yes, that'd be the case if you buy One Plus One. Then and only then you're entitled to demand something from CM team. Other than OPO users, all we're entitled to is reporting bugs and giving suggestions or leave the ROM altogether.
  • Not final software...that is the first thing that was reported... ... ( 0ppo F5) ...
  • Then put something in place to prevent this prerelease software from being talked about. Like an embargo. Doesn't change my point about them trying to redefine what stable means. Posted via Android Central App
  • It's good to hear that they are trying to go for a quicker release schedule. If I understood the article, there will only be M and Nightly releases going forward, right? The only thing I didn't quite get was the two-week release. Will it be a new "M-equivalent" release? With current M replacing the stable as the post suggested this seems to be the case.
  • Glad a Snapshot build finally found its way back to the Verizon S4. This build runs well! I've put the Bluetooth through hell with 0 hiccups so far, very happy with it. Posted via Android Central App
  • I don't know about these cm guys. They used to always be ahead on everything. But the 4.4.2 builds have been very buggy. And I've seen them snap at people on more than one occasion. They get real cocky/sporty, real quick when they don't like the question.
  • Yeah I've noticed that too. There are a lot other devs that don't like the CM team because of their "attitude" as of late.
  • I think that's because they have gone mainstream lately and have been building a legitimate company. Before they were just a bunch of guys making roms for the community and were considered "cool" (and they made really good roms). As soon as they formed a real company their priorities shifted into working with oem's like one+ and are now making their way into the harsh business that is mobile devices. They seem to be focusing on trying to make a product instead of making people happy with custom roms. The same thing happens with musicians. They work hard to prove they have something to offer and as soon as they get a record deal and become mainstream, they almost don't care anymore. Money will do that to just about anyone. These are just my opinions of course. Posted via Android Central App
  • This^^^
  • What do you expect when people ask the same questions over and over, just because they can't take the time to read... ... ( 0ppo F5) ...
  • It wasn't an information question...
  • What no Moto X?
  • Like the artical said on cm site it can take 24 hours before it may show up my vzw m7 showed up 2 hours ago for others I juts saw it and got it.
  • Unfortunately CM11 M builds are not available for all supported devices. I'm checking progress on builds for my Xperia Z (yuga) every few days but up until now there hasn't been a single Mx build for this device, only nightly builds. Any other devices not following the general release cycle? Or is the Xperia Z just so hard to support that the developers simply didn't make it to the goals of M1 yet?
    BTW: I did try a CM11 nightly build a few weeks ago and that build still had bugs with basic features as unlocking the screen, so I'm not too willing to give them another a try until a look at the changelogs shows that only minor bugs have been fixed for quite a while.
  • The maintainer decides whether or not to release an m build depending on how they think the rom for that particular phone is doing. Kindle Fire skipped one and then started up again a few months ago. Posted via Android Central App
  • Back when I used to root and rom my phones, CM was the one group that invariably dorked them all with their crappy releases.... Flame away. Posted via Android Central App
  • I used to install ROM in my phones, particularly CM and AOKP but the constant bugs grew tiresome. The ROMs were never seemingly finished and getting to the latest version of Android usually took forever. I've been happy with stock since I got the Nexus 5. I do miss some features but not enough to want to be practically a beta tester again. Posted via Android Central App
  • Stock rooted + Xposed framework + Gravity Box = Profit. Best of both worlds regarding stability and customizations. Worth a look.
  • +1 _______________________________________________
    This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1
  • Been a while since I ran CM on my devices. They've been doing a great job bringing the stock android experience to different manufacturers but stock is just too boring imo. _______________________________________________
    This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1
  • Is the m6 not available for the s4 Posted via Android Central App
  • I ran CM 11 on my S3 and loved the speed and the simple and straightforward UI. Sadly I dumped it and returned to rooted stock TW due the the never ending BT issues with CM. For me a working BT connection is a must have and CM would never work properly with the UVO radio in my KIA. Maybe down the road if CM ever fixes the BT issues, I'll give it another try. However I'm not holding my breath for that. Posted via the DeathStar
  • Still no D2spr milestone (Sprint version SGS3). Last "nightly" is from February. (sigh)
  • Still waiting on the Moto X please. Optimizing my Moto X
  • Anyone know what phone this is for moto_msm8960? Optimizing my Moto X
  • Just updated my SGS3 from cm 10.4 to cm 11 M6. I had my crashes etc but after 3-4 reboots it seems to be stable. The touch screen responsiveness is kind of buggy. Apps that reported an error had to be re-installed. Happiness level: 6.5/10.