Cyanogen OS 13.1 is currently rolling out for OnePlus One owners. It includes new mods from Microsoft as part of its partnership with Cyanogen.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated that the Cyanogen OS support for mods represents "a step beyond apps that will change the way you use your phone". One of the mods in the update offers Skype features in the Cyanogen phone app:

With the Skype mod in Cyanogen OS 13.1 you can quickly and easily start Skype conversations directly from the Cyanogen phone app, and seamlessly switch from a cellular voice call to a Skype video call when you call a friend with a Cyanogen or Android device. You can also choose to make calls using your cellular plan or Skype, and view your Skype Credit, top up or buy subscriptions to call mobiles and landlines using Skype's low calling rates directly from the Cyanogen OS 13.1 phone app. Additionally, in the Cyanogen contacts app, you can now search, see and call your Skype contacts straight from the contact card.

Other mods in the update include OneNote, which will allow users to take notes from anywhere in the Cyanogen OS. The Hyperlapse mod for the Camera app will give users a quick way to make time-lapse videos. Finally, there have been some improvements made to the Cortana features:

With the updated Cortana mod, you can tell Cortana to "take a selfie," giving you a voice-controlled, hands-free automatic countdown for capturing your picture. Once the selfie is snapped, you can quickly review the photo and easily share it right from the film strip on the phone. The Cortana mod has also been extended to the lock screen for easier access to all that you need from Cortana. You can search, set reminders, get to your schedule and more without ever unlocking your phone or opening an app.

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