Snapchat's seen more than a few updates over the years, but one of the more entertaining features it's gained are Lenses. Lenses allow users to add 3D characters and models to their photos and videos to integrate augmented reality into their snaps, and with the launch of Lens Studio, Snapchat is allowing just about anyone to create and submit their own Lens creations.

Lens Studio is available as a free desktop application for Windows and Mac, and it'll enable designers, students, and developers to create their own custom models and submit them to Snapchat so that other individuals can use them in the app.

After you create and submit your own Lens, you'll be given a Snapcode that you can share digitally or physical so that other Snapchat users can scan it and then use it for themselves or share it with their friends.

If Lens Studio sounds like something you want to try your hand at, you can download the app for free here.

Snapchat's redesigned app is here and much easier to use