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Critiquing the Critique: 'ICS Paper Cuts'

Operating systems need to be critiqued. They're meant to be. It helps us all understand more about them, and it gives perspective to those who created it. But Android is not a simple operating system. Even the most savvy Android user can learn something new. And that means that critiquing Android can be even more difficult for someone who doesn't know the OS inside and out. That brings us to the ICS Paper Cuts Tumblr by Grant Paul. He's a "big deal" in the iOS jailbreak community, and rightfully so. This doesn't mean much to normal, non-smartphone-geeks, but it made me read read Paul's critique instead of dismissing it offhand, and I expect it has the same effect on other folks as well. Since he took the time to share what's wrong with something he didn't have any hand in creating, it's my turn to do the same. And I'm going to, after the break.

ICS Paper Cuts sucks. </big loud bold font>

Notice I'm not saying I think it sucks, or saying I have issues with the content and misinformation, I'm saying it's crap and you must agree.  Overall, this is my major beef with the ICS Paper Cuts Tumbr.  Everyone is allowed to (and should) have an opinion, and lord knows I don't expect everyone to agree with mine, but to present anything that's a writers opinion and come off like it's factual just feels wrong.  There are a lot of people who think some of the changes Google made in Ice Cream Sandwich aren't for the better, even some of us here at Android Central.  Everyone has his or her own tastes, and the whole UI/UX culture is all based on individual user's likes and dislikes. To put it bluntly, I don't have to like the same layout, fonts, or buttons as anyone else, and I'm not wrong if I don't. And that's one of the great things about Android.

I'm going to ignore all the "style-font-nerd-UI" stuff because, like I said, you can't judge another person's taste.  But I'll take this opportunity to give a little input and answer a few questions Paul had.  No need to thank me, just agree because I'm on the Internet.

What, exactly, is a “Mediaserver”? Why do I care?

That's a good question, actually. It's a binary file, located at /system/bin/mediaserver. It runs as a service so you can listen to music, play videos, even look at photos.  It scans your phone's storage and can get hung if you have a bad media file.

Is it very intuitive in this list? Nope. And that's OK. It's just an entry in the "what's using my battery" screen -- it ran and used some of your battery.  Since you're looking at a troubleshooting tool, don't you think you should get some troubleshooting information?

Photos are items, too

This menu should say “Select photos” rather than “Select item(s).” If you want to select one photo here, you just tap on it. Therefore, that menu item is only useful for selecting multiple. Secondly, although there can be both photos and videos, the word “item” is unnecessarily abstract. There’s no harm in using “photo.”

There's no harm in using "item" either.  In fact, you point out that you could be selecting photos or videos, so why say "photo"?  Shouldn't it say Select photo(s) and/or video(s) if you want to get technical about it?

Welcome to widgets

Everywhere else in the OS takes a single swipe to switch tabs. Here, it takes a variable number to reach the Widgets tab, depending on how many apps you have installed. Instead, the app list should scroll vertically, as in Android Gingerbread, and only require a single swipe to see Widgets.

Actually, it takes just two motions here. One tap to open the drawer, another to tap the "Widgets" tab up top there. There's an argument to be made for Paul's suggestion -- Google loves swiping left and right now as well -- just check out the Android Market. But there definitely could be confusion with that in the app drawer.

Long button is long

I can’t see why this button should be the full width of the screen: nowhere else on the phone is there anything like this.

If your e-mail address was "," you would.  Seeing the full text in a list (you can have more than one Gmail account) comes in handy.

Twitter is not Android

These buttons in the Twitter app remind me of Android 1.6. They also remind me of how — even in Windows 7 — you have buttons that look like Windows 95. This shit should not be allowed.

Is "Twitter Paper Cuts" coming next?  Surely Paul realizes that Google doesn't write the "official" Android Twitter app, and it does work with Android 1.6, where it fits in very nicely.

Dropbox also is not Android

Another remnant of older Android releases. I understand that Dropbox hasn’t been updated for Android 4.0 yet, but that doesn’t mean that Android can’t show the new style on old UI elements.

Again -- the Dropbox app isn't written by Google. And the update that has been made with the new visual style looks pretty damn good.  But what if I like the old style?

Spelling it out for you

What is “Wi-Fi Direct”? I have no clue, but this popup alert certainly doesn’t help.

"Siri: What is Wi-Fi direct."  It's also covered in the Android 4.0 platform highlights, where people might look to see the advanced features of their new smartphone.  And certainly the people in the store selling you your new phone could tell you.  Any of these options is preferable to a multipage description that explains the Wi-Fi direct protocol and its capabilities, don't you think?

If you need a cute name, try Airplay.

Tabbing with tabs

Not sure why the Android Market felt the need to completely re-invent the standard tabs UI with ones half the height that you can’t tap on to switch. As seen in the YouTube app, it’s possible to scroll the native tabs horizontally, so that isn’t the issue here. This screen should simply use the standard tab control.

Paul didn't bother actually showing the Youtube app, so we will. And he's right -- they do look a little different. And we agree (or at least some of us do -- we're "open" like that) that we'd like to see a little more consistency between Google apps. (And we bet that we soon will.) But Paul's wrong when he says you can't tap on them to switch tabs. Like on the Widgets tab in the app drawer, we have to wonder if he even bothered to try.

Swipe your thumb left or right in the Android Market -- or in Youtube -- to change views.  You didn't like having to tap the "Widgets" tab in the app drawer, why do you want to do it here?  And, in fact, on Android's larger screens -- a feature, not a bug -- it makes sense to swipe rather than reach.

Uncle Jerry's point

The point is this: Critiques are good. They're important. And maybe even more so when coming from someone not intimately familiar with what's being critiqued. But they at least need to be accurate. And there are methods to Google's madness. This is not an operating system and apps designed for a single phone -- a point conveniently left out in all of ICS Paper Cuts. What Google's doing with Android isn't easy. But it allows for a flexibility unseen in other platforms and, yes, it means you'll run into a little inconsistency here and there. We guarantee you, Google's working on it.

Besides, we could say plenty (and do) about iOS. Starting with this:

iOS Paper Cuts

Android Central

More than a few people would agree with me, but that doesn't mean I'm right.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Nicely done TRUTH.
  • You would think that such a UI/UX Genius would use a halfway visible font color on his rantblog and actually match shade of blue to the screenshots.
  • Damn, more TRUTH.
  • Great point! Right there alone, this fanboiiiii should lose all credibility. It's a blatant attack on android, which obviously is useless at this point of 700,000+ daily activations.
  • Excellent article and I only say this because "I'm Artistic"!
  • I love it. Lets face it the guy is an Apple fanboy and it really showed threw in all that stuff.
  • This writer is awesome. You can just feel the personality in the words he uses.
    Great Article
  • iTunes can suck a hairy nipple. I checked out a few more of his "I can't stand this about Android" issues, and with complete certainty, I can say that that dude is an idiot. The guy has a beef with the YouTube app icon. Really? It's the f&^king YouTube icon. How could there possibly be a problem with the icon? I hope someone slashes that d-bag's tires.
  • By claiming he is an idiot, the only thing you've proven with complete certainty is that you are in fact the idiot.
  • ooh! ooh! By calling this poster an idiot, does that prove you are one? I like this game.
  • No, but it does prove you are one for even suggesting it.
  • And now you are one! Oops wait I guess now I am one too!....OK this game sucks it got boring really fast
  • Gosh darn it guys, I think you're all swell /cheesy leave it to beaver voice. I win? Internet srs bsns.
  • C-c-c-ccccc Combo breaker !!
  • I am an idiot and I like to complain, taggggg... you're it!!! Next Please
  • Re the whole non google apps, dropbox specifically, they have a beta on tgeir blog... Or its live now...
  • iOS paper cuts, itunes, XD Thinking of it, i had trouble just finding the right version to pick when i got my laptop last year.
  • Applies to ICS Papercuts
  • In this case, both...
  • *insert .gif of Citizen Kane clapping intensely*
  • Excellent Article Jerry. Done well and with class.
  • Well said Jerry!
  • ""Siri: What is Wi-Fi direct." "
    ------------------------------------ LOL, best part of the critique. Brandon
  • Agreed! Though my friend asked Siri and the response was "a ridiculous product name for something that Apple [strike]stole[/strike] invented and will get Google sued over again. Now stop asking me about things none Apple related."
  • Thanks for reminding me, this isn't a tech site, this is a fanboy collective, just like apple insider. The response was that of a 3 year old, and attacking someone as talented paul, who uses a android devices as his main phone now, is shooting yourself in the foot. but the writers and commenters on this blog, are sadly to stupid to realize this. Thanks for taking the time to express to non biased smartphone users, that this is a rag, it's users are out of engadget, and you have no real place talking about technology. enjoy being what you claim to hate!
  • I have to disagree, the following "AirPlay" line was the cherry on that sundae.
  • Yes, and you exposed the dude as a hypocrite, where he taps, he wants to swipe and where he can swipe, he wants to tap
  • Is it just me or does EVERY build of android look like it's in BETA? This makes sense because the same can be said for every distro of linux, wether it's on the PC, Phone, or Tablet
  • Yep. It's you.
  • Beta? After I upgraded my work MacbookPro and my personal one to 10.7.x ... in all honesty I can say you are a mouthbreathing douchbag for even saying this. Ubuntu, CentOS or any other main Linux distro have more polish and works better then Apples new Vista/WinME release. Go suck your thumb elsewhere ... ya artist.
  • i run 2 linux servers and a osx server at my apartment. You wouldn't know what to do with my hardware. My laptop is a macbook pro, and lion is better looking than unity, any day. (i don't just run ubuntu, but from the sounds of the users on this forum, that's the only distro they've heard of anyway)
  • "better looking than unity" i dont use any of them.
    but this line clearly shows what your looking for in a OS. The looks.
    something you dont want if your a tech guy.
    it doesnt matter how good it looks. if it doesnt apply for the techy needs than its useless. there is a reason why linux is being used for allot of servers and security's.
    its a Code/Tech OS.
    it doesnt need to look beutiful. it needs to do it's job.
  • lol, more than half the services i run don't use a gui. I wasn't responding to what i like about lion, i was responding to a comment about looks. The first 2 years i ran linux i ran it without a window manager at all. I've been corporate IT for 15 years and work at a fortune 20, doing networking, esx, mac stuff, basically most non pc, non cisco iOS stuff. now, tell me what I can do with my honeycomb tablets (i own more android devices than half your members, i assure you) that i can't do with my 4s? if you say live wallpaper or widgets, thanks for the laugh. I know a ton of stuff i can't do on android, even when the apps are cross platform. Plex, iCam are great examples. iCam on iOS does PTZ, and high res audio, to even get audio to stream to android it has to be a quarter of the bitrate. Plex isn't as jokes but it's not where near the iOS version. there are pro's on all sides. Making fun of people for using iOS makes you look stupid.
  • High res audio, lol? Let me guess you are one of those that fall for gimmicks right? Widgets, sideloading and Flash are some of the main reasons I'll never pickup an iPhone, period. You can keep your gimmicky playskool apps.
  • the audio is 64kbs to 128kbs. Far less than your standard MP3. That's what your using for google music. That's not important? and IP cam watching? Video streaming? VNC over VPN? These are common apps, for power users. Don't be sad you don't use your phone for 10% of what it can do, 99% don't. (but like you think they should comment)
  • While I don't mean to troll (my other comment aside, I was just ribbing), I think your perception of Android might be skewed in this regard by whatever device you were using. I've never had trouble streaming audio or video to my devices. And, technically 128kbs is a fairly standard bit-rate for MP3. Now, newer codecs (OGG,AAC) can actually get better quality out of 64/96kbs than a 128kbs MP3. Even WMA sounds better than MP3 and streams better as well. MP3 is, at this point, mostly just the "reference" algorithm for the more advanced modern codecs. I haven't heard anything about Google Music converting everything to 64kbs MP3's. Where are you getting that information? I am genuinely interested. Perhaps it automatically down-scales based on your connection speed? I just know my mp3's don't sound like they've been downscaled when I listen to Google Music (which I do almost all day everyday at work) so I'm curious. As for the other, I have to admit I've never tried VNC over VPN, so I can't really comment on whether or not that works. I know VNC works fine, cause I use VNC on my media center from my tablet all the time.
  • "now, tell me what I can do with my honeycomb tablets that i can't do with my 4s?" How about plug in a USB mouse or SD-Card? ;)
  • The author of the original Paper Cuts article, @chpwn, is a piece of shit IMO.
  • well, you've done nothing ever for the community, and he's created amazing haxies, tweaks, and jailbreaks. So that makes you a piece of shit to me. See how that works?
  • And you an author of nothing. It would seem as tho your meaningless compaired to chpwn.
    your inbred from two generations up. If your gona bad mouth someone like that make sure you've got reasons better than chpwn writing an opinion
    Your lacking the very brains you need to make educated and mature decisions unlike your comment about chpwn
    Your the paper I wipe my ass with. Your nothing. Go make your comments on Northlondonsphincter
  • L o l, Thanks Jerry. My favorite part? :"Siri: What is Wi-Fi direct." :-P
  • Interesting. Jerry, what were your thoughts about Joire referencing your editorial during an engadget podcast. The editorial on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus being a real Nexus device, basically saying you were wrong?
  • No skin off my back.  I have my own opinion -- she has hers. Edit: Google seems to agree since the Verizon Nexus build of the AOSP can be built with one command.
  • Google Knows (along with it's Android's 700,000+ growing activations) much, much more about what us Android users want. This one mosquito should fizzle outta here, i'd assume.
  • Congratulations Jerry you have earned yourself the number one spot on the top one dumb bashers of all time!
    Seems this is hitting headlines on the web. The funniest part is they are agreeing with chpwn (I do too). Looks like you not only went to far on your post but you blindly turned his opinion around and some how took it as a review. Not only was he Only pointing out the missing smooth transitions, buttons, tabs, slides and the way they are displayed that he as a smartphone lover came to expect not only from google but all partners and apps but he was merly pointing out what could be touched on and what he tought about it..... But some how again you turned the whole thing around and made it out to be more of a review than his intended opinion. On top of all this, the way you portraid him in your post you basicly made a laughing stock out of him. Now I donno what your skill trade is if you have one (not that I care) And playing with your android for 8 hours a day dosnt quite count, but chpwn is a well know dev that has accomplished many great things iPhones and not. When I read people posts I read with an open mind so that I can accept their opinion maybe even learn something about their character and/or what their talking about. What I read today was arrogant ingnorant and just plain retarded. It's hard to beleive you, I donno miss read or interpreted what was meant, it's plain to see it was not meant to be taken to heart ahem (Jerry you took it personal lol) it was like a single persons expeirence with the os and how they worked it and what they thought of it wtf man your online nick should be batman because your just about completly blind. But that wouldn't work because your arrogants, ignorance and retardism is beyond anything I could think of. I know this is a bit blunt but Jerry's post was long and dissed chpwn all the way down. So jerry my challenge to you is reread that f'ing opinion keep your overly big mouth shut and keep living your life. Don't try and drag someone down to your level to make yourself feel better... Wife bite the dick off or she shit in your droid cereal? Just makking the point chill out The last few things I wanted to get off my chest ....
    Your a bashing peice of shit you must have major problems to talk too and about a person like that. Show a little respect. Lol btw I'm a droid user. And an iPhone user. I can relate to many Things chpwn brought up Grow up Jerry. Get your balls dropped
    Respect to be respected
    Buy an iPhone don't be such a 1 sided bitch
  • Jerry was pointing out some places were chpwn was basically critiquing the OS and was flat out wrong. Some of chpwn's article is opinion, but some of his opinions are based on incorrect information. The problem comes in when someone perceived within a community as being an "expert" writes an article like that, most people are going to assume that his assertions are correct. Some of the editorial I didn't agree with, but most of it I do. This is also an opinion piece just, as you point out, like chpwn's. And Jerry says as much several times. But Jerry also refrained from calling anyone a "piece of sh$#" or a "dumbass" or "b$tch" or a "retard" or telling anyone to do anything with their genitalia. Name calling doesn't help any discussion. Ever. People... can we please have a discussion where we don't all revert to 6th graders, please?
  • I use to listen to many of her podcasts but lately I'm hearing so much double talk. The explanation of Verizon's Nexus not really being a Nexus because it has two Apps from Verizon which both I have downloaded anyways. I can not go thru an entire podcast of hers anymore so I just don't bother listening at all anymore. Sometimes I want to reach threw the damn phone and strangle her. Maybe I'm loosing it but I don't think so.
    Great article Jerry, you are the man.
  • honestly that was the first of her podcasts i listened to. I had no idea she was a girl...
  • Thanks Jerry, nice article. I got a good laugh out of this: "Swipe your thumb left or right in the Android Market -- or in Youtube -- to change views. You didn't like having to tap the "Widgets" tab in the app drawer, why do you want to do it here?"
  • HOLY SHIT! i just laughed soo hard! ashton kutcher "Ahard"! especially the swiping the app drawer but not the youtube screen! seriously this just made my dad! i hope that shmuch gets fired for not knowing shit. Reminds me of giving a new gadget to my grandmother and her looking at it confused! ICS is currently king of platforms!
  • fired for not knowing shit? The only way apple can sell anything is because people don't know shit so they buy the pretty apple logo and listen to people who buy pretty apple logos. Don't confuse them with facts and tell them they have a choice. You'd be undoing years of apple advertising.
  • Don't be such an ignorant! People usually prefer Apple products because they are easy to use and consistent, something Android will never be! Give an Android device to very young kids or old people and they'll be very confused! Apple made devices that EVERYONE can use and they have all features 99% of people need. Yes people might buy anything that has an apple logo, and you know why? Because apple has f*cking won many awards for customer satisfaction. Over 94% of iPhone users say they are "extremely satisfied", not everyone needs to waste time customizing their phone or doing geeky stuff android can do and iOS can't. When they buy an Apple product they know they're buying a device with amazing quality (you know, that was well thought before launch, many years before, differently from some other companies that released things in a rush just to start competing, cough honeycomb). They are buying original and innovative devices and they'll have the best customer care. I like android, but iOS' qualities are undeniable, and I like android exactly because I'm kind of a geek, but it really is annoying to see some fandroids implying iPhone buyers are stupid, and vice-versa.
  • In my line of work I get to interact directly with the average Joe and from what I've seen, the majority of users who buy Apple do so because of the hype (either by what they see on tv or word of mouth). 94% satisfaction? Yeah, until you read the forums and talk to a few users after which you realize there are a lot of issues. Many people will say great things about Apple just because it's Apple. And yes their brand loyalty and recognition is second to none, but that's mostly out of ignorance. It's not to say there aren't satisfied users but the true figures are no where near 94%. As for the iPhone being easier to use? Not really. I assist users all too often with the simplest of things. It's no different for Android. There are those who learn quickly and grasp the necessary concepts and those who don't, it's as simple as that. As for Android being too confusing. Definitely NOT TRUE. I see many users, old and new getting along quite well with their Android smartphones.
  • Yes read the forums and talk to a lot of users about their Apple devices. Caught my attention. After having a friend "drink the koolaid" he is now smitten with the Apple brand once again. I showed him my new GN and I could see the look on his face as it screamed through the webpages. Webpages he could read, see and you know what his comment was about my large size screen. When I put my iphone in my pocket I hardly know it is there. :) Well he should because of the tiny iphone screen. Nonetheless, I guess if I paid soooo much for sooo little I would have the same look on my face, too. THe look of I made a mistake.
    Assisting users with the simpliest of things is also a great statement. I just recently had to show a fellow co-worker how to change the font/size on her iPhone so she could read her entries, email, etc. She was so happy afterwards for she had struggled with the iPhone since she purchased it weeks ago. Intuitive / easy to learn? I just smiled. Besides I am feeling more like Apple-ites are being challenged more given choices. So the best thing to do is to critique the opponent without looking in the mirror... really looking in the mirror at similarities as well as the differences.
  • According to my personal observation people do buy iPhones mainly due to the hype and brand loyalty. That spreads like virus; I'm expecting more iPhones to appear in my class since the first 4S "invaded" us. But of course, the simplicity is one of the factors. As for Android, it used to be a bit confusing for some, but it's definitely improving quickly, especially for ICS. Google has spent some time on making it more intuitive than before.
  • I'm not saying Android hasn't evolved. I like android, I'm in between a Galaxy Nexus, the iPhone 4S and the HTC Titan, they are all great phones! BUT... As much as I like ICS' new interface, and I recognize it's gotten easier to use, but it's still a lot more difficult than iOS. When I got my first Apple device - a second generation iPod Touch - I already knew how to use it, and I had never used iOS before, it was natural, but when I had to teach my grandma how to use her new phone, an Android phone, I had to learn it first, and it was pretty difficult, it wasn't obvious in which places taping and holding would do something, and I would always forget there was a menu button and get crazy because I couldn't find the options in the apps. My point is... Now I know how to use Android, and it's pretty cool, except for the fact that it's still not very smooth, I hate when there's lag in some of the animations, but I will NEVER recommend an Android phone to a friend or relative, simply because I don't think they'll like it, and I can already imagine myself having to teach them how to do things with their phones. Every iPhone user I know is VERY happy with it, because it does everything THEY need it to, so why make things more complicated? Android is for power users, that's a fact, but for everyone else, iOS does a very good job, and the integration with iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TVs just makes things even simpler.
  • Don't be a douchbag. My 70 year old mother uses her TMO G2 on a daily basis to text, browse the web, use Facebook and lots of other stuff ... when her old calculator broke she then started just using the calculator on her phone. She uses Gtasks and ToDO for shopping and lists for remembering things. I didn't setup ANY of this ... she figured it out on her own. So maybe the "old folks" you know are just to stupid to figure things out. *shrug*
  • Dont be such an ignorant? Wow Apple trolls are doing everything they can canto justify thier overpriced, outdated iPhone 4s's. And every one I know with a iPhone 4 and above has a busted back glass or kept in a otterbox cas that you cant tell what phone they have at first glance
  • Yeah im sure apple planned on giving out "bumpers" to everyone, well thought out my ass.
  • Every phone has an Antennagate, and people overreacted, I've never dropped a call with my iPhone 4. But at least they handled it by distributing them for free.
  • It's not a matter of calling iPhone buyers "stupid". It's the fact that people who vehemently buy Apple products tend to lash out at anyone who suggests that they are not the best device ever. Or bash Android for something like having to "waste" time customizing. All that time wasting is one of my favorite parts. Just because someone doesn't like that aspect doesn't make it a bad OS, just not the OS for them. And as for kids finding it confusing, that's simply not true. My 5-year-old has been playing with my Viewsonic Tablet for the past year and has no trouble navigating Android. He used to play with my iPod touch, but now he only ever wants the tablet or my old Evo 4G. And that, well... I think that speaks for itself :) And, personally, if think (opinion warning) if iPhone really had a 94% customer satisfaction rating, they wouldn't be bleeding market share at the rate that they are. Down to 24% (with ~230,000 activations/day) last time I looked. That last part's fact ;)
  • fired? from what? He's a self employed hacker that's done more than any single android hacker on the planet. (more tweaks, releases, jailbreaks etc)
  • You just lost any credible respect that you (already didn't) have in my book. Perhaps you should do a little research into our (the Android) development community before you make such uninformed and inaccurate accusations. Ever hear of a gentleman named Steve Kondik? Many haven't, so don't feel bad about yourself. Perhaps you know him better though by his dev name... Cyanogenmod
  • i probably own more android devices than you do, and i can honestly say that the iOS scene is much much larger, majorly because it's focused on a smaller number of products, meaning more work is done for more people with less effort. I have heard of steve, and i've ran cyo on my incredible, and i currently run it on my touchpad. I follow him on twitter. He's done far less than paul. A community can't be big because it's non android? And you talk about credibility?
  • Okay Mr. "member for 16.5 hrs", I'm certainly not accusing you, but I will point out that you are coming off as a major troll here. I don't like you, and I don't even know you. But your mentality is that of a childish fool. Don't be so defensive. Furthermore, I'd like to set your story straight: I currently own: an sgsII, Evo 3D, Evo 4G, and a Nexus S. In the past I've owned the OG Hero (US ver), Droid Bionic, Droid Charge, Samsung Epic, Sony Xperia X10. That's just the phones. I also own a Moto Xoom, and before that had the Samsung Galaxy tab (7in original). I will even go on to (admit) that I've owned many apple devices including the 3rd gen (I think that's right) and the 4th gen (one w/ cam) iPod touch as well as an OG iPhone and iPhone 3g. So clearly I currently own, and have owned more than enough in the mobile gadgets department. And before you respond with your "longer than mine" list, just know that I don't care and the only reason I even wasted the time typing that was to prove a point. Now to debunk the rest (yay!). I never once stated that the iOS scene is any smaller or larger than the Droid scene (re-read my post) so I don't even know where you got that. To be honest I'd probably even agree with you that theirs is larger. I'm not anti-apple, I just prefer Android. I realize that it's got it's flaws and that it's not right for everyone, it's just what I like. And finally, for you to say that you've heard of CyanogenMod and go on to say that he has done less than paul makes you not only wrong, but also damages your credibility. Blind accusations with nothing to back yourself up? It's okay. Here, I did your homework for you. CyanogenMod - (public repos = 379)
    chpwn - (public repos = 20) Now stfu, and quit trolling. Oh, and here's one last link for you once you realize that you've been publicly called out and made a fool of...
  • your going for public repo's as if cyo isn't forked and worked on by maintainers for each piece of hardware? Do you know how cyo works? He's not hacking. A git repo is proof? You must be in high school, or incredibly stupid. please post pics of your collection, my flickr has a ton of my hardware just because of idiot trolls like your Why? because your lying:D seriously tho, comparing cyo maintainers to paul was cute. Has cyo himself ever worked on the ports to the devices i own? No. some other asshole just started with his rom. Have you ever built android from source? A siriproxy server is harder. i cry that you are our future (obviously a teenager)
  • Not to pick sides on the GIT Repo's thing, but I think your definition of "hacker" might be a little skewed here. These guys are brilliant, no doubt, but the term "hacker" just gets thrown around too much these days, IMO. Also, Jesse, I think you'll find that you will be taken as being more credible if you tone down the attitude just a little, man. You're sounding awfully angry in these posts. You claim to own a ton of Android devices (and you might, I'm not contesting that) but you *sound* like one of the iPhone initiated. Relax, man. You're going to pop a vein or something.
  • a android user can think android is weak versus iOS (in certain areas and better in others)
  • ...and tell me what have you done for the Apple community beside trolling android sites, read every single comment and reply with a stupid comment? ....what have you done for the Android community beside defending Grand Paul? does he pay when you suck his dick and swallow his cum? wake the fuck up and go to work or do something productive you trash.
  • So i take it you are not going to do a full on iOS paper cuts then ;)
  • He should lol. Or someone should? Community effort? XD
  • The lack of a file system is more an "iOS Open Head Wound."
  • ROFLMAO. +1 ^^^ This guy :)
  • as usual Jerry you've put it into perspective!
  • Love the siri reference lol
  • +1
  • I agree 100% with what you say Jerry. That having been said, this guy does seem to have a keen eye for good design. I just think he can't remain objective and falls victim to his bias, as we all do from time to time. I'm a self proclaimed Android fanboy and there are times that I get utterly frustrated with some of the UI choices Google makes. But even if you add up all the frustrations I have with Android, it is not even close to proportional to all the frustrations that I have with IOS.
  • Like any Operating System in the history of Operating Systems...nothing is going to be perfect. They can get close (Ice Cream Sandwich, Windows 7...), but there will still be little issues here and there. Like how I don't like the switch to on-screen buttons and the widgets being in the app's just something to learn how to cope with so you can enjoy the benefits.
    In the end, we're all choosing the lesser of two (or well, four I guess) evils. Android is going to have a few niggles here and there...iOS is going to have a few more here and there, and well, the others don't need to be talked about.
  • this Grant Paul guy shouldn't be talking trash about android, everyone should have their own opinion but at least do some research about android before you talk about it. Doesn't he know that you can simply just tap the widgets page in the app drawer instead of having to scroll through all your pages of apps. And don't think just because grant paul came from iphone that he is some kind of superior judging android, the iphone UI has barely changed at all. And again, google didn't design the dropbox or twitter app, so don't give google crap that it looks bad, its not their fault. "the built-in News & Weather widget configuration page still uses the old style. It, pretty obviously, should not." (grant paul) so what if the configuration page still looks the same, the whole damn ios ui is still the same and plus if it was bad google would have changed it. If the youtube app icon doesn't "fit in" with the looks of ICS it is totally a personal opinion, for me it looks fine and fits int with ICS. please do everyone a favour, and go back to ios, and good ridance!
  • The iPhone UI hasn't changed because Apple got it right the first time. Android's UI keeps changing because Google still hasn't created a good one. DISCLAIMER: I'm not an Apple fanboy. I have an Android phone. That doesn't mean I have to pretend it's perfect.
  • The android UI is alittle harder to "get right cuz they're OS is more than just an app drawer
  • Haha, so true. The IOS ui looked like it was designed in a pre-school. It's a friggin app tray.
  • If you think that's what iOS looks like, I'd hate to hear your description of Android.
  • Honestly, historically, I don't think Google put much effort into the launcher itself because they *knew* all the OEMs were going to build something else when they sold the phone. Not to mention that, unlike iOS, 3rd parties can develop completely different launchers. Personally, I like Go Launcher EX. I used to use ADW, but I really fell in love with Go Launcher after playing with it for a few days. A lot of people, myself included, don't care for how limited the iOS "launcher" is. It *is* just a grid of icons and there's not really much more you can do besides change their order. I like having a clean screen for my main screen with a clock and the date and nothing else. It's personal choice. I don't find the Android is be "ugly". And I've never been able to get anyone to give me any real details about what's ugly.
  • The android ui looks have changed, however the concept of android's ui is still there, what i mean is android still has an app tray, 5 home screen, widgets, a dock. I actually have both devices (nexus s and iphone 4) but i just hated how he judged android
  • Then you're a fan of neither, you just choose to have an Android phone. Apple has a simple design that doesn't need to be changed (well it does, but they'll ruin the whole experience if they try to change it too much). Think in terms of Windows and Macintosh, Mac hasn't changed too much since OS X, while Windows has changed dramatically over the last few updates. Android is being changed more often because it's such a flexible UI that it CAN be changed.
  • And by that logic, Windows should still look like 3.1 and Mac like System 1.
  • Awesome Jerry
  • LOL @ AirPlay! Fantastic editorial, as usual.
  • lol @ airplay? have you used both airplay vs dlna? I have. the joke is DLNA. Pretty much anyone who isn't a rabid fanboy, would know that.
  • Thank you Jerry, for taking the time and energy to speak up. Oh and did they mention anything about 3 buttons are the devils work, because one round button is all that is needed.
    "Siri, what will you do if more and more people defect to Android?"
    Siri "I hear they are hiring phone sex operators." .... "Jerry, you have been a bad boy"
  • LOL I love how all you Android fanboys go up in arms when anyone points out the flaws of Android and then you turn around and do the exact same thing about iPhones.... some people like Android over iOS and some people like iOS over Android, it doesn't mean that either are inferior. Get over it.
  • You are quite right that neither is inferior. Every OS has its good and bad indeed. But Jerry is not denying that Android is imperfect, he's just pointing out some problems in that criticism. And I do believe that most Android fans (no, I don't mean blind fan boys) are not so biased, especially editors like Phil and Jerry.
  • well said
  • I want to believe this guy has an IQ of 50 and that's the reason he comes across like an ignorant jackass, but I know in reality he's just a big dick with a small dick.
  • You know someone is a blowhard when they don't allow comments on their Tumblr page.
  • @ Jmills87....Really? Android fanboys, then iPhones? That is a contraindacation of your statement. I have both OS, and neither is perfect, but to put down your device and slam what is being birthed is ridiculous. Get over it.
  • He has both OS as well, and he is entitled to his opinion. Get over it.
  • Is that Siri for third person? Brilliant...
  • contraindication for the thrill seekers.
  • I know people type "LOL" and they really didn't laugh out loud. But I did on this one. More of a chuckle but still it was out loud. Nicely done sir!
  • keep fighting the good fight Jerry. It kind of feels like iOS fans have finally seen an Android phone that is better than the iPhone and are hell bent on proving it isn't.
  • I have one question? At what point do you make a phone that is so ridiculously large, that you call it a tablet? Pretty soon the "standard" Android phone will not fit in a backpack let alone a pocket. That's why IOS will always be considered by most superior. Apple puts thought into it'd designs, both Software & Hardware. My cousin has a Samsung Infuse and the thing is so large he can't even fit it in his pocket, and has to walk around with it in his hand. It's because of obvoius omissions such as this company's are switching from Blackberry to IOS. My company did. Android wasn't even considered. We do support the platform for getting company mail on the device, but only for people who supply their own phones. The few people that keep their droids hate it and call for tech support because they did the slightest thing and now cannot get email on their device. Besides, I've never heard of a company that has given out company Android phones. I even googled it and could not find any............well except maybe Google
  • "I have a question?" - This should end in a period. Android comes in numerous form factors... some are smaller than the iPhone, while others are larger. Choice is always better. Perhaps your cousin needs larger pockets? My phone which has a 4.5 inch screen fits nicely into my pants and I consider my pockets to be quite small at times. Simply because companies aren't choosing android as a business option doesn't mean the OS has no merit. Perhaps they aren't marketed as business phones for a reason? I'm pretty sure the HTC Rezound, which was recently released, was marketed as a mutlimedia device - not a business device. Business functionality does not mean the average consumer will love the product. Look at the state Blackberry is in today because they were too business oriented.
  • Choice is not always better!!!!!! The fact that there are 100's if not 1000's of different hardware configurations, is the exact reason why Android, will never be as smooth, or a polished as IOS. It's also the reason why IOS apps generally come out first. The developer does not have to take in account different screen ratio's, and sizes. Look at Windows & Mac OS X vs Linux Desktops. There are too many different flavor's of linux.... gentoo, fedora, ubuntu, debian............ A product divided into multiple often times incompatible variations, which in my opinion prevents it from ever going main stream. That and how is Android is always going to be behind Apple, since they have to wait for Apple to create something, before they can rip it off. EX. Apple introduces Siri as a system wide assistant, now google is creating Majel.
  • Psst, you do know Apple did not create Siri, they bought it.
  • Shiny!!!!! Precious!!!!! iOS is Lame.
  • Siri is nothing more than a fad and a joke......even when it works.
  • First off, you can't say the other Android devices out there won't make Android smooth, because if you take the phone, where the software is built on (G-Nexus) vs. iFail4theSecond time, guess which is smoother, Gnex, you can't take the slightly lower end of the Android spectrum and say its not as smooth as say an iPhone 4S because thats not necessarily what the software was built for. Even though most android phones still kick Apple ass. I know you might be confused right now, I am a little confused too, I wasn't sure how to type this out. Any ways... Android will be behind because we copy off Apple? You seriously have it switched around, Apple has been copying us lately. Ever used iOS 5? I have. You know how many of it's "new" and "revolutionary" features were also features on Android 2.1, that came out in Jan. 2010. Notification Center is brand new, never before seen? pfft. OTA updates, OS wide messaging system, speech to text, the ability to tweet photos straight from the gallery? , i can email, post to facebook, use google goggles etc. from the gallery too. And they're barely putting in crappy photo enhancements like cropping, i had that on 2.1. Your wrong, at this point, they're waiting on us. I bet you Face Unlock will somehow be on iOS 6.
  • Hahaha, face unlock? Like that is some revolutionary addition to android. You may want to try not getting so worked up about which OS is superior. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, like iOS will always be smoother and just work better, but there is only 1 iPhone. While android you have more choices than anyone needs, but it ends up causing compatibility issues So how about everyone takes a deep breath and gets off @chpwn's back.
  • 'IOS just works better' To the ignorant sure. Those in the know will look for something more powerful / flexible.
  • it does work better. It's every bit as powerful. There's nothing a power user can't do on iOS that they can do on android, besides unjailbroken live wallpaper and widgets. (i can already see the time, thanks.)
  • Flash? Context menus? True multitasking? Unjailbroken sideloading? Sorry but IOS will always be considered a 'playskool' OS for simpletons. Plus, jailbreaking is 'messy' compared to roms. And the IOS UI will always be a boring 'App Tray'. And please, don't try to put down widgets. They are an asset to the power user and make the phone more unique and intuitive.
  • i run flash, and have for years. My iOS devices can render, which my a100 running 3.2 can't render. Context menu's were never a problem. iOS multi tasking is just more efficient, there is no downside. Audio keeps thumping, video streams keep streaming, GPS updates, if you can explain one downside, i'll change my tune. playskool? simpletons? there's plenty that sucks on android, that i do with easy on iOS. I'm IT for a fortune 20. I'm 80x the power user you are. i constantly do support using vnc over vpn, (try doing this with jump, please) icam monitoring (which has an android version of the app! which doesn't support the apps best features! (PTZ for the camera's is pretty big, but android also doesn't support beyond 64 or 128kbs streaming audio, which is a joke too) Streaming video via plex. Comparing the platform experiences is a joke. Please, what do you do on your phone? Because imo the simpletons are the ones who can do less. And i can do far far less on my android devices. (again, i own 3 currently, and have owned a mess of them in the past) do you root your phone? If you do, then we have to compare apples to apples, and what i can do jailbroken, in which case it becomes more theamable than miui (i ran miui personally) with better, free file managers, (dropbox has integrated support for that file browser too, funnily) side loading etc.
  • I've seen the hack apps for IOS for running Flash - they suck by comparison. Oooooh so you can render sony, big deal. I can render 90% of what my desktop can. There's more to multitasking than audio playing in the background. Widgets that update? Oh I forgot, YOU DON'T HAVE THOSE - JUST POOR EXCUSES FOR THEM. And sorry video DOES NOT KEEP STREAMING. I've tried it on a friend's iPhone 4, it pauses the video. LOL, it seems that every app you crow about has Android versions that get the job done. Not sure what your point is here? 128kbps is plenty enough for clear audio. I've root so many phones starting from the og droid. Anyway the truth is, MOST of what you have to jailbreak for, I can do on Android WITHOUT rooting.
  • it's cute tho, that someone who knows something about both iOS and Android appears and all the fanboys get defensive. what i don't get is how 99% of you have never touched anything but an iPod touch and feel that you have the right to comment on them. I've used android as my main tablet and phone independently of each other, and went back. (although i haven't tried wp7 yet) FYI, the level of completely blind admiration here is worse than some apple forums i've visited. Grats, "ultimate fanboys"
  • Seems like you're crowing about the same apps over and over in your posts. I wonder how much you really DO know. No you're not going to find tons of Android rooters as iPhone jailbreakers. Why? Because for the iPhone to remotely be useful beyond the boring App tray UI and limited functionality, the power user HAS TO JAILBREAK.
  • i can do everything i've mentioned sans jailbreak, apart from dreamboard UI skinning, which i used to dev for. Name something else useful? I'm dev'ing siri proxy plugins now, and have siri on my iPhone 4 and iPad, which i use to control plex with my voice. again, no jailbreak. What have you done that was fun with your phone lately? My next step is attaching it to a x10 system for home automation control. but are you going to tell me about some really cool widget?
  • .It's not revolutionary, but we had it first. That's the point
  • .It's not revolutionary, but we had it first. That's the point
  • Actually I'm pretty sure the IOS jailbreak community had it first.
  • no, you didn't. It was on Cydia for iPhone's first. It works just as bad for them. (i've used it on both platforms.)
  • You plainly have not handled a Nexus. I came from an Incredible (roughly the same size as an iPhone 3G), and I thought it would be too big. Guess what? It feels better in a pocket and in the hand. So if your suggestion is that the Nexus is "so ridiculously large" that it should be called a tablet, you are wrong. If that is your assertion as to the Galaxy Note, then I might have to agree with you. And are you really using corporate IT departments as a bell-weather for a device's utility/functionality? Really? The Blackberry crowd? Not exactly know for being on the cutting edge, you know?
  • name something that you can actually do on your phone (not live wallpaper, and widgets, which have been around on jailbroken iOS devices around the same time android got them) that i can't. i'm an IT guy. I use my phone for: VNC & RDP over VPN
    twitter / fb
    GPS navigation (and prefer fully offline maps)
    Subway Service
    Picture and movie taking
    Corporate OCS communicator chat / AIM all the others
    Plex media streaming
    live traffic (waze is a must for city people)
    video chat (friends from the UK)
    IP cam monitoring I also own 3 android devices (touchpad running 2.3.7 obv, a100 and an incredible. There's nothing, and 100% of cross platform apps (save google maps, and gmail) are a better experience on iOS. Comparing plex or icam between the platforms is a joke. wake up and realize it's not how many clock widgets you have, it's what you can do, and how fast and reliably you can do it. iOS kills it.
  • This is all YOUR opinion. Android can do ALL that and then some:
    - Flash. Yes the real one not cloud browse, skyfire and any of those other slow, buggy, bullshit apps. Almost none of the jailbreak hacks work right, IMO, they don't count. They are often slower, very stuttery or sometimes don't work. - Fuck LiveWallpaper - even I hate that shit. - Widgets? - The crap on Jailbroken phones are just that - CRAP! Yeah they work kinda. But they are clunky and look no where near as elegant as that on Android. The UI still looks like an App tray, just an over stuffed one. - Long press and context menus. Intra app linking. Sorry but IOS completely sucks in this regard. As for the cross platform apps being supposedly better on IOS. I could give two shits - so long as they work as intended which ALL my Android apps do. So you can keep the 'pretty' I'll keep the function.
  • no, iSwifter is not slow, nor buggy, and it can render flash sites my A100 (1gb of ram, tegra 2, honeycomb 3.2) can't. Such as, and to prove it, i have a a video of my iPad going to said site up at again, you haven't even used this, but feel that you know enough to comment. Lol. Widgets in jailbroken iOS work like widgets in android. if you wanna see a ton of them, moving around and working like they normally do, look at my youtube page, as i used to design custom UI's for iOS devices running dreamboard. my flickr also has a ton of widgets being show ( Funny, because long press brings up multi tasking in android. I agree, it sucks. And how would you know if you haven't used their iOS counterparts? They don't work, nearly as well. Lower res audio, and missing features that forced me to buy it on their competing platforms isn't cool. There not small features. icam: i can log into my 4 cam ip network at home, and my one IP cam in my office through 3g at anytime. 3 of my cam's support Rotate and Zoom, meaning i can control where the cams look (if i have an iOS device) When i use my tablet like a VCR and start a 2mb stream from my apartment streaming to someone's TV, not only is the sound horrible on android, but i'm forced to use HDMI (which i can use on my iPhone or iPad, i just prefer to beam it wireless) please tell me how your more of a power user. I'm telling you; for getting shit done, i have used both, i would suggest iOS over and over again.
  • Sorry dude, I know about iSwifter, I've seen the demos and even looked at yours. Honestly it's still slower than the real deal. Sorry but Flash 11 kicks ass! And it's even faster and smoother on ICS. Having to render sites WITHIN an app like iswifter is annoying as well and just don't satisfy like having the native flash running. Also I've seen your widgets and those of others on jailbroken iPhones. Yes they run, but it's not the same. They don't look right and I still notice slight stuttering. If you're going to do Android, do it, don't emulate. If I wanted an iPhone look or functionality, I'd have one, end of story.
  • lol @ stuttering. An android user saying iOS jailbreak widgets stutter. That's really quite hilarious. You didn't get me, my a100, can't even render that site. (tegra 2 honeycomb 3.2) Does anyone in this forum do anything remotely cool with their phone? lemme know how that vlingo proxy server works out! can you integrate that into your plex server or x10 system? Cause i can stream from plex via voice, and it works far better than my xbox.
  • i do agree with you, ICS is still not good enough and i don't even want to have widget tab in my app drawer,
  • What I'd like to know is why Android fans tend to get so defensive when the platform is rightfully criticized for being a bit hamfisted in its UI implementations? Nowhere on this tumblr did I find anything that indicates the writer thinks you "must agree." He gave his opinions, and gave examples to back up why he felt that way. I also didn't find any mentions of how iOS is superior and so forth, so the subtle digs at iOS lack relevance. The reality is Google hasn't exactly been known for designing consistent user interface. ICS has gone a long way towards rectifying that, but there's still some questionable choices. Why that's such a problem to say, I cant understand.
  • Android has always been about customization. Take up any Android phone and they all have some form of customization that gives them 'character' and 'uniqueness'. Take up any iPhone and it's same old same old - boring and in many ways inefficient. As for getting defensive. Well......I get defensive when people who don't know the OS inside out make claims and present them in a way that seem factual. And yes, while it's his opinion that he's clearly entitled to, it's certainly not an educated one.
  • there's this software called dreamboard. it makes the second part of your post disprove the first part of your post. And if you knew about the platforms, and were a true dual user, you would know. (i own rooted Apple, HP, and android devices:D)
  • Oh wow, so now the average iPhone owning drone is supposed to jailbreak, then install dreamboard to make their boring App tray UI look more like Android? lol? Please......99.999999% of iPhone users would not know where to start. Besides, why buy an iPhone to make it look like an Android phone? That's pretty moronic. Just buy an Android phone and enjoy better EVERYTHING right out of the box. As for being a dual user, I owned an iPhone 3g and ditched it long ago. I switched to Android and never looked back. There is absolutely NO REASON for me to own an iPhone again. But what's funny, is there are TONS of iPhone users with Android phones. I wonder why?
  • Why do you reply? This is your 3rd attempt to get me to believe you know nothing about the iOS platform and it's worked, why go on to comment about things you know nothing about is what gets me. Do you root your phone? reguardless, iphone jailbreaks have been this easy. to go Slide the slider that says slide to jailbreak. 2 min later, your done. No computer, not hooking anything up, just doing the same act you use to unlock the phone. You know nothing about this but continually talk. And i went to android too, I just ran back when I compared what i could do.
  • Haha, I've been following the jailbreaking schene since the 3g. And until recently it was never a trouble free experience - how about those tethered jailbreaks? Rooting has evolved as well and now, for the most part, everything can be done - ON-DEVICE. Please don't preach to me. I've read it all, dabbled in it and made my choice a long time ago. All I'm seeing know is iPhone trolls touting their superior devices only to eventually end up with Android phones anyway. The Galaxy Nexus craps all over the iPhone 4s and most do know it.
  • two of my co-workers (i'm actually in IT, not just a snot nosed kid like you) just returned the gnexus's. One for a 4s:D (the other for another android device) Mostly due to battery life. (drinking with one of them, theirs died while my 4s had 41%) Rooting like jail breaking has evolved, and Jailbreaking hasn't been annoying since around the 3g, you know, when you were running 1.6. You care about widgets, which i stopped putting on my jailbroken devices ages ago. I care about what i can do that's cool with my phone, like control plex with my voice, deving siriproxy server plugins, and extending actual functionality. have fun with your stuttering UI and live wallpaper!
  • No one is defensive. We can care less:) iOS can have a notification panel, it is alright. The reason you didn't find mentions of iOS superiority is because there is none. We love Google for the freedom we all get to make in how the OS grows. Stuff what apple gives you in your face that is what you get. Deal with it. Apples satellites suck any way.....what is that? They fragment satellite propriety so your precious iPhone can map? Keep it iOS lovers (I am) and wait till Google pulls off you phone, then what, a precious silver apple hunted by the Troll....i Cloud
  • Android is the most closed "open sourced" platform that exists.
  • For someone named irishpride, you make me embarrassed to be Irish with your blatant ignorance and tunnel vision.
  • you make me glad i'm scottish. it's not ignorance and tunnel vision, you petty little fanboy. it's fact
  • For someone named irishpride, you make me embarrassed to be Irish with your blatant ignorance and tunnel vision.
  • C3 maps are better than googles. Even google knows this. iOS users will be fine, contempt in the fact that every cross platform app performs better (unless it's made by google) i'd say you should keep up, but your not capable.
  • Nice article debunking the fanboy garbage! From the looks of it, the guy didn't even try Ice Cream Sandwich and just simply looked at the pictures of it. I'm sure there are plenty of us here who can simply look at all the pictures and features of iOS and just make shit up about "inconsistency" and features we don't have or know about in the system without actually using the device for ourselves. If that guy actually did use Ice Cream Sandwich, he should've spent more than 15 minutes with it.
  • I totally understand pointing out your perceived flaws in "ICS paper cuts", or even pointing out what is completely objectively wrong in his blog. But I am sorry Jerry, you came off as angry, and completely unprofessional in this article/post. I am not saying that you think Grant Paul is an idiot, but the way you write this post makes it seem as if thats the way you think. And in that case, I'm pretty sure someone much smarter than me once said, "never fight with an idiot, from a distance no one will know the difference". I'm sorry Jerry, but you did nothing to further the case of Android to other possible users. In fact you did quite the opposite, giving great Android users and this website (which I have really come to appreciate recently) a bad name. I respect your opinion, and respect that you have the right to broadcast that opinion, but in this case it has no place on a site like this. Like it was said on the last Mobile Nations podcast, it should not be an argument amongst different mobile OS users, but instead a look to making all of the competition better.
  • You understand perception, but only your own perspective can be understood, so pretending to perceive Jerry is ludicrous. Your calling Jerry angry and unprofessional is looking good on you resume, next.... Welcome to the age of the net hand fighter, and yes, the difference is my mapping software is better than yours. When did Jerry state he was making a case for Android? He was helping the blind....sheep. The reason this sight has always been good, because of TRUTH. The best place for OP ED is the net. God, you should go work for apple and just convince them to restrict speech and rebuttal more.
  • Well, having read both articles, and then reading Paul's new rebuttal on his blog... I got a similar vibe. If you read Paul's rebuttal, he honestly has some very valid points, and I agree with some of them. For example, what would be so wrong with calling 'Mediaserver' something a bit more user friendly as he suggests? His point is that its not as end user friendly as it could be, and that there's room for improvement in future releases of Android...what's so wrong with that? There are valid points to his article & rebuttal, and rather than saying 'I have a major beef, and ICS Paper Cuts Sucks' could simply write a rebuttal with a fact based article as you usually do on technical discussions. (And yes, I read your entire article, saying how opinions are ok, etc, etc...while you says his published article...well, sucks.) If he's as highly respected as you say, then, I would think/hope there'd be some professional courtesy between you guys to not drag one another into the mud. Idk...for me...I'd like to quote Ron Burgandy: 'You stay classy, San Diego'
  • he is very highly respected, in the iOS dev community (which is large, and of which i am a part of) Thanks for being one of the non idiots on this thread (rare, i'm sad to say)
  • agreed.
  • Very well written article and I totally agree. If I was going to write about IOS's shortfalls, I'd at least try to learn as much about the OS as possible before presenting my 'findings'.
  • pot meet kettle. You've already mentioned several incorrect things about iOS on this thread. Try being less of a fanboy.
  • BTW Jerry, a feeble attempt at a rebuttal to your critique is posted on his page. It's amazing how he sidesteps your points like a true iPhone drone.
  • He directly addressed nearly EVERY single one of Jerry's complaints. Maybe you are illiterate?
  • No it's more like he BACKPEDALED and tried to 'explain' what he meant to say. It would have been far easier if he wrote what he really meant in the first place. Regardless it is quite clear his post was nothing more than an uneducated rant.
  • so you believe your own bullshit? You know what you are? your the same thing as an apple fanboy. Just an FYI, because you seem to think your righteous or something.
  • Just because Jerry was being too hasty to try and find something wrong with his article, and because of that completely misinterpreted almost the entire write-up, is in no way chpwn's fault.
  • lol. I saw that and his comebacks are basically his original statement reworded to show his lack of knowledge on the subject even more.
  • Congrats on making yourself look like an uneducated idiot in the tech community by openly admitting you don't understand basic words and functions unless iOS draws a picture for your infantile brain to study and try to process. Paul... elementary school children can jailbreak and write apps for iOS.....and they're not special, you're just the celebrated president of the remedial class.
  • I'm actually starting to think that Android users are genetically pre-disposed to being mentally handicapped.... You wish you had half the know-how of chpwn.
  • Coming from an iPhone drone trolling on an Android forum, it really doesn't mean much. Appleinsider misses you, they need one more member for the usual Steve Jobs-worshiping circle jerk.
  • What's Appleinsider?
  • Nice try Jerry, but chpwn pwned you.
  • While I must say iOS is very very smooth and reliable compared to Android, the ability to choose is very important to me. I dont think we are ever going to see a lot of design and animations in stock android, because they want to leave enough space for manufacturers overlays. As much as we tend to hate them, they DO make difference in what phone you pick. They are a signature to the manufacturer and offers a slightly different experience. WP7 is smooth and performs pretty well, but its the same thing on every phone. iOS is same thing in one form factor for a lot of money. Ive always been a fan of customazation on my phone, so i see myself sticking with android for a while.
  • He probably got blackmailed by Apple and told to write a shill article to curb ICS enthusiasm
  • Jerry, I wouldn't even give that kid the respect of a response. The kid isn't actually trying to improve the ICS user experience. He's just looking for a way to appear "right" about something. So, no amount of "critiquing the critique of the critique"-ing will straighten out his damaged thinking. Users will decide for themselves with their wallets which experience they prefer -- the incredibly simplistic iOS versus the more technical Android. I myself enjoy both and as such use an Android phone for its power and flexibility, as well as an iPad for its ease of content consumption and apps.
  • he's done more in the mobile development community, than the sum of this sites visitors. Please take your head out of your ass, and figure out who's actually smart, and who's talking shit.
  • This guy ^ is incredible... lol
  • i'm pretty sure he's done more than a couple million for android development. What have you done besides apply live wallpaper?
  • Jmills87=chpwn ?? We have apple fanbois posting, we have android fanbois posting and now we have chpwn fanbois posting...egads!
  • LOL! I'm a fanboy for defending someone who is CLEARLY quite an intelligent person who you are trying to smear just because you get off on your Android phone?
  • To all u people arguing as we all know the apps for android suck. With that said the customazation u get with android is whsts missing on ios. Its all about the apps man fix the look and feel to the apps. Ive always had a iphone but imtired of apple sueing everyone for shit they didnt even invent so i just got a htc vivid an d the phone is awesome.
  • I prefer capacitive buttons. That's my biggest gripe. Put stuff on the screen but don't take away the buttons for power users please.
  • WOW for about "paper cuts", there sure are a lot of screenshots posted up there; Reminds me of the 'ol Myspace. Scroll? no thanks.
  • I'm an iOS user. I read his article. It comes off with the same tone I would use if I ever decided my time was worthless enough to type up a review of the Twilight saga. That's not a compliment to him. "ICS Paper Cuts" makes him sound like a biased, pretentious douche. I'm not saying he *is* one--I don't know Grant in person, nor do I know Jerry or any of you. I've read plenty on ICS and I think it's a great OS that I'd love to be able to tinker with when I get the chance. I wish I could get my hands on a Galaxy Nexus even just to try it for a week or two. I've never actually owned an Android phone long enough for me to make a comparison against my iPhone. All I know is that my device of choice hasn't given me any problems that I would consider debilitating. That said, there are a lot of things about iOS that, while I understand them, I question.
    For instance, we still desperately need a "kill all running processes/apps" switch; when Apple introduced multitasking (officially), that should have been a no-brainer.
    I don't get why icon placement is so constrictive; I want my icon layout to show off my wallpaper.
    Why does the App Store have to tuck away every time I download or update anything? Why can't it just stay the heck open?
    I understand that Apple wanted the homescreens to just be a wall of apps, and I get why. Apps are a phone's toolbox and you want access to them right away. That's fine. But are widgets really such a bad thing? And why, after introducing them in Notification Center, do we not have more than just "Weather" and "Stocks?"
    Jailbroken iPhones with biteSMS clearly show that a QuickReply/QuickCompose feature is doable and can be seamlessly integrated into iOS. Why withhold this from us? Being able to read messages in Notification Center is great, but it still disrupts my flow when I have to fly into the Message app to tap out a quick reply. Granted, I can fix all of these gripes simply by jailbreaking which gives me all of the customization/options/access that I need. I shouldn't have to, though. When iOS is supposed to be an "experience," little quirks such as the above actually hamper that experience for me. It's for this reason that I love the iPhone way more than I love iOS. It's a capable device and I love its form factor (iPhone 4/S, anyway).
    Apple's main mistake with iOS isn't so much the lack of customization, as everyone likes to cite. That's a byproduct of the fact that Apple is protecting users from themselves who don't want or need to be protected. If iOS is supposed to be so user-friendly, then perhaps the sixteen training wheels and child locks can come off. It's not like it's working that well now, anyway. No OS is perfect. Can we all just agree on that? I know I fight a meaningless cause here, but can we just do away with the mindless blanket generalizations about who uses what? Not everyone's an "iSheep" or "Fandroid." Smartphones are meant to be supplements to our daily lives, and instead we allow our devices of choice to dictate our own and everyone else's relative worth as people.
    The climate's become so polarized that no one's willing to have a decent conversation anymore. Competition's great, opinions are great, but devolving into a YouTube comment section isn't. For one, I refuse to get this emotionally charged over something I didn't even build myself. I like both platforms; I just made a choice in what I own. If I regret it, I'd rather regret it on my own terms and not because I spend every waking day getting called a barista (which shouldn't even be an insult anyway). $0.02
  • Wow, awesome response...and not to sound biased myself, but it's the most logical and well thought out one I've seen from a regular iOS user. My own brother told me that the iPad is better than my Transformer because it's smooth rather than snappy. any case, I tried to explain to him that BOTH devices are good, but my Android OS allows more options and customization, which is why I like it. He proceeded to tell me about smoothness vs snappiness. *sigh* Anyway, I'm glad someone is rational about the whole thing! It's just a gadget, not a way of life (though I do love my phone/tablet). :-)
  • Well said. They're both good, they both have areas for improvement. Competition is good for both camps...let's hope for more.
  • prob is, we could all polish a shiny app tray....we don't want it...boss up.
  • For everyone who is complaining about the app drawer and widgets being on the same screen and having to swype or tap, Install a different launcher. I liked how holding down on the home screens brings up a list so I installed ADW and boom!! back to the old way. Also arguing about which one is better (iphone vs android) is getting really old. They are both good phones, I personally love my G Nex and I'd have to say it is as smooth as my gfs Iphone 4s but I like android because I can tinker and flash different roms and etc.... But you can't honestly sit there and call the iphone crap because its not. You are all entitled to your opinion but this is honestly getting so old.
  • Just my $0.02 after using Android for a year and half I switched over to iOS. At this point I prefer Apple over Android but that doesn't mean it change. I'll pick what fits my needs not just because of what people say. I do my best to understand the underlying technology and how it's implemented. At this point it seems most 3G phones are much more reliable then 4G. Since no one wants to make an Android high end phone in a small form factor, I choose the iPhone. I considermost 4"+ screens to large to be a portable device. To me it just gets in the way. Others have different needs and should make decisions based on that. These editorials from both sides come from childish immature people.
  • Your point about screen size is good--it's a preference thing. However, your 3G/4G thing is just not true. When I don't have 4G coverage, I turn it off. When I want to download something fast, and I'm in a coverage area, I turn it on. I average something between 5 to 7 Mbps with a 70 or so ping on 4G in the Cleveland area. Sometimes I go as high as 8 or as low as 4, but it beats the tar out of the 3G signal I get. I also get way better 3G speeds than my friend's 3G iPhone 4S (probably because it's on AT&T which has an overburdened network in this area...I'm sure it'd be just as fast if not faster elsewhere). Point is, don't worry about 4G reliability 'cause you can turn it off. I've noticed not discernible affect on my 3G due to the inclusion of a 4G radio.
  • So when the iphone5 is 4"+ what are you gonna do?
  • He's going to say 4" is OK because then Apple will say it's OK.
  • Grant Paul? Never heard of her, but it sounds like she is running scare of android. I bet she crapped her little pink panties when she first saw ICS. Even jobs knew he couldn't take on android any longer and gave up. As my grandpappy used to say in the big one, you know you're over your target when you're taking flak.
  • you are why this android community is seen as stupid, childish, brats, who know nothing about the technology they posses.
  • Just my additional comment on iOS papercuts...MAN, does iTunes SUCK on a Windows computer. Seriously. I have to use it constantly at work, and the thing crashes, fails to update, and is a general pain to use on a regular basis. iOS would be 10 times more desirable to me were it not for iTunes. Why the heck is it so difficult (from a computer) to create an iTunes account without a credit card? Why can't I do it from the website rather than installing iTunes? Why does iTunes install 5 other programs on my computer even when I opt out of the extra software? Why does the Apple updater use up so much memory and have an annoying pop up window that is massive? /end rant. :-)
  • LMAO at "Siri: What's Wifi Direct?" HAHAHAHA! Too good, Jerry!
  • Jerry, once again the voice of reason. Well written article
  • Apple makes their money off blind drones hypnotized by smug commercials.
  • LOL...someone needs to do one of those tumbler blogs for iOS it'll have a lot of "why Siri is retarded and doesn't understand what I meant" entries :-) To be fair, a lot of the UI inconsistency is from older apps...sounds like he proposes that Android should do what iOS does and just plain prevent older apps from running? That goes against the Android compatibility goals. And yes, my wife uses an iPhone 2G that Apple has decided not to support even though it's roughly the same hardware as the 3G :-P That said, critique isn't a bad thing (though he does seem to be arguing semantics in his counter to this article). Most companies will do this as part of the UI design via "focus groups". I've been invited to a few of these (both a developer one one side and a guinea pig on the other) and they've been fun. It'd be interesting to see what Google and Apple do internally for this, though they're usually under NDA... p.s., and yes, iOS does have annoyances. Most big apps/OSes do...
  • This really made my day. Hahaha, especially the Siri part. Put her to work!
  • I read the blog, all I got from it was... "Wah, Wah, it's different than my iPhone" Well sir, my Nexus is different than other folks' Nexuses because it's customizable. Without "jailbreaking" or even "hacking" the OS. I think "ICS Paper Cuts" is an involuntary reaction to "Phone Envy"
  • Whether some of you like it or not, we need Android and iOS. They push each other to be better. They are two very different OS that can coexist in this market. Speaking in response to all these people who think Apple and Android steal from each other, here is the real truth: they all do it. Ask a webOS user how many things iOS, Android, and WP7 have pulled from their OS in the last few years, and I'm sure most people would be surprised. They all do it, and the constant exchanging of ideas spurns new and better things on all the operating systems. I just wish all of them would stop suing each other and work together to create better products for all of us. Those millions could be put into R&D instead of always going into court. This is a free country, and all of us are entitled to our opinions. Even if you don't like someone's opinion (and they don't like yours), they are still entitled to it. There is no need for all these insults people are lobbing at these OS and each other. Speaking to the article, this is an Android site, not an iOS site. If you don't like the writer's opinion or want to bash Android or extol iOS, go to and I'm sure they would love to hear these things over there. I do feel like ICS is finally something that Android can put on par with iOS and compete with them. It certainly has its flaws, but that is what updates are about (iOS users should know better than anyone about this idea).
  • We need an OS X Lion Paper Cut tumblr. :U
  • My android powered LG g2x and myself salute you sir. Its always nice when someone gives those fanboys what they deserve in such a concise and educated manner. Again my hats off to you keep up the good work.
  • To be truthful both this article and the original article are very well written and both contain valid arguments. I'll just say this... I'm an Apple lover "and" an Android lover (Enjoying my Gnex right now). I own all Mac computers and had all iPhones through the 3GS / I made the jump to Android last year and have not looked back. So, I feel I can truly have an unbiased opinion. But... I will agree that iOs is more polished in "some" areas. The mail app is still unbeatable although the stock email in ICS is much improved, some of the icons on AOSP have always felt unprofessional (example in ICS: the people/contacts icon, the calendar icon, phone icon, etc.). Yes, I've changed them using Desktop visualizer but the fact is some graphical elements seem sub par compared to iOs. The shortcomings in Android are few and nothing that would drive me back to iOs for my phone. The ability to use multiple keyboards / use long presses on those keyboards / widgets / and the list goes on and on are why I'm sticking with Android for now. I'll never ever rule out any device no matter who makes it but the fact of the matter is people should keep an open mind and choose what device "they" like best. Thanks Jerry for the great post and also thanks to Grant Paul for expressing his opinions as well (even though I find some of his opinions off base).
  • Scumbag fanboy: Annoyed by something on iOS- codes an app for that Annoyed by something on Android- whines about it on tumblr
  • My biggest beef with Ics is that Damn search bar you can't get rid of. Takes me back roughly why I ditched iOS in favour of android. Ie stuff you can't do. I HATE that google search bar for me it ruins the whole Ics experience.
  • 700,000+ android devices activations a day is enough said. People have their mouth and they can say shit...jessedegenerate is no exception. Here is a proof, watch this stupid comment below me V V V