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If you keep an eye on your local news channels, news apps, Twitter, etc., you've probably heard a thing or two about something called the "Coronavirus."

There are a lot of outlets reporting on the disease and mobs of people saying a bunch of different things about it, and with so much conversation happening, it can be difficult to focus in on the core facts and get a general understanding of what's going on.

In this article, we've put together a list of resources we recommend checking out to learn all about Coronavirus, what it is, what preventative measures you can start employing, and much more.

Resources you should know


CDC Coronavirus pageSource: CDC

If you want an easy one-stop-shop to learn about Coronavirus, you can't go wrong with the Center for Disease Control's website. The Coronavirus page is broken up into four main sections, including:

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  • 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Information
  • Symptoms and Diagnosis
  • Transmission
  • Prevention & Treatment

The first page offers a brief explainer of the outbreak everyone is talking about right now, with the other three providing more general information about Coronavirus.

Adding to the wealth of information here are two PDFs you can download, offering more in-depth details on what you should know about this specific outbreak and what you should do if you become sick with this latest iteration of the disease.

Learn more at CDC

World Health Organization

World Health Organization Coronavirus pageSource: World Health Organization

Another excellent resource you should familiarize yourself with is the World Health Organization (also referred to as WHO).

WHO's website is also nicely laid out, offering four main sections to dig into. The first is a Q&A area, which highlights a video in which Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove with the World Health Organization gives a one-minute quick explainer about the Coronavirus. She explains where Coronavirus comes from, what you can do to protect yourself, and more.

You'll also find sections of the site highlighting the latest news regarding the current Coronavirus outbreak, travel guidance, easy-to-read infographics, and related topics to Coronavirus that provide more background info.

Learn more at World Health Organization


WebMD Coronavirus pageSource: WebMD

We've all likely found ourselves on WebMD at one point or another when trying to figure out why we have a pain in our leg or what that weird rash is. As far as trustworthy sources for health information on the internet go, WebMD is one of the best.

WebMD's Coronavirus page explains what Coronavirus is, common symptoms, and what you can do to help prevent yourself from getting it.

The information here is more generalized about the core disease and not so much all of the latest updates regarding the ongoing outbreak, so if that's what you're looking for, WebMD has your back.

Learn more at WebMD


CNN Coronavirus pageSource: CNN

On the flip side, if you're interested in staying up-to-date with the latest happenings for the 2020 Cornoavirus outbreak, CNN has been doing a great job at covering it in great detail.

The page linked below is a hub for everything CNN has covered about the Coronavirus, showing all of the written articles in order from newest to oldest and making it clear how long ago the article was written — helping you know what's the latest info and what's possibly outdated.

General information about Coronavirus is lacking on CNN's site, but when it comes to breaking news and stories, this is where you want to be.

Learn more at CNN

Keeping yourself — and your phone — protected

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