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4 years ago

Beautiful Widgets hits version 5.1 with new widgets and beta channel option


The Beautiful Widgets team continues to push out updates, and the latest version of the popular app adds a substantial amount of new stuff. Among the additions in the latest Beautiful Widgets 5.1 are new widgets (natch) -- there's a "barebones" widget designed for tablets, available in 6x1 or 6x2 grid sizes. There's also the option to switch weather providers -- Weather Underground support is offered alongside AccuWeather.

The forecast screen has been updated with "lifestyles" information when using AccuWeather, showing how well-suited the current conditions are to certain activities like golf, lawn mowing and hiking (as well as certain dangers like the flu risk.)

And finally, there's a new optional beta channel that gives widget enthusiasts the chance to test out early features before they're fully stable.

Check the source link for a full list of changes and fixes in the new Beautiful Widgets 5.1, or hit the Google Play link above to jump straight to the download.

Source: LevelUp Studio

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4 years ago

Watch the HTC One London launch replay


Peter Chou, Scott Croyle and a host of other live from London for the main event of the HTC One launch.

More: HTC One forums

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4 years ago

From the forums: Top HTC One discussions


In case you missed it, HTC announced a new phone yesterday, and the Android Central forums have been busy with discussion about everything from the shiny all-metal body to the new "Ultrapixel" camera. Here's a quick breakdown of some the best threads so far --

More: HTC One forum

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4 years ago

Pudding Monsters: City Tour lands tomorrow


ZeptoLab, the fine folks behind the likes of Cut the Rope and Pudding Monsters, announced today that Pudding Monsters: City Tour will be released Feb. 21 on Android and iOS. The gist is the same as the original -- you build Mega Monsters (out of pudding) to fight the angry Fridge Owner. This sequel adds 25 new levels set against the backdrop of skyscrapers and city streets. 

Look for a link tomorrow. The new game costs 99 cents. The app costs 99 cents, but the update is free.

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4 years ago

UK 4G spectrum auction concludes, EE + Vodafone are the big spenders


The UK's long-delayed 4G spectrum auction has completed today, resulting in the sale of 800MHz and 2600MHz airwaves to the country's largest operators for a total of £2.3 billion.

Here's what it means for each of the major providers --

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4 years ago

CNN adds live streaming TV to its Android app, still requires a cable subscription


CNN has finally decided to add a live TV stream to its Android app, but there are still a few caveats associated with the new functionality. Alongside the normal set of clips and content available previously in its app, you can now watch a live stream of CNN or HLN directly from a menu marked as "watch live TV". The caveat, as we mentioned, is that you're still going to be required to authorize with CNN that you subscribe to a cable TV package with one of its partners. It's an unfortunate (but still quite standard) situation for those of us who have chosen to "cut the cord" and don't subscribe to a cable service.

The functionality, once you get it working, does seem to live up to its promise of providing a live CNN stream. Even on a solid Wifi connection it still didn't seem to be very high quality in our time with it, though. Understanding that there are issues, this is still a good start for CNN and hopefully more channels can follow suit.

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4 years ago

SwiftKey turns 4, brings 'flow' gesture typing to prime time


The folks at SwiftKey have made a hell of a good keyboard for Android phones and tablets. They've garnered numerous awards for it, from names like the GSMA, Fast Company, and our very own Editor's Choice awards for two years running. We're on record saying it's simply the best all around predictive text keyboard money can buy. There's a reason SwiftKey has sold over 2,000,000 copies and has over 70,000 5-star ratings in Google Play.

When they debuted their beta versions of SwiftKey Flow, which incorporates swiping gestures into the keyboard, folks fell in love with it all over again. It was a swiping keyboard, with great autocorrect and personalized predictions that seemed to read our minds.

SwiftKey has finalized things and they have released SwiftKey 4. It's on sale for $1.99 (it's normally a $3.99 app) if you don't already have SwiftKey, and it's a free upgrade for everybody who has already purchased. SwiftKey 4 incorporates "the flow" on top of the great features we're already using, and it just works. Ask anyone who has been using the beta builds -- you want this keyboard. Grab it from the Google Play link above, or install the tablet version from Google Play here

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4 years ago

GoSmart Mobile expands to nationwide availability


GoSmart Mobile, a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of T-Mobile USA, is launching to nationwide availability starting today as previously rumored. The new prepaid carrier, which has operated in a limited number of markets since December of last year, will now offer its services in thousands of wireless resellers around the country. The pricing and structure is unchanged from the trials though it seems, and the prepaid-only carrier will be offering three plans at $30, $35 and $45.

The $30 plan will be uninteresting to most of us as it doesn't offer data, but the $35 plan will offer unlimited 2G access while the $45 plan will offer unlimited "high speed" access. SIM kits for unlocked phones will set you back just $8. We're not sure what the speeds will be on the $45 plan, but GoSmart has previously indicated that its customers will indeed be put at a lower priority than T-Mobile's own-branded customers.

With that being said, this could be a compelling option for some people that understand the limitations and are willing to be on a slightly slower speed priority for the monthly savings. And extra price competition in the prepaid space is always good. You can check out more about the new plans at the source link below.

More: GoSmart Mobile

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4 years ago

HTC One launch day wrap-up


We're coming to the conclusion of our HTC One launch coverage, so now's a great time to get caught up on all the launch day goodness that we've published over the past few hours. Whether you want to check out hands-on video, in-depth write-ups or just the basic details, you'll find everything you could want to know about HTC's 2013 flagship linked below.

HTC One announcement

The key details of the new HTC handset.

HTC One preview

An in-depth look at the next big thing from HTC

HTC One specs

Snapdragon 600, GBs, Ultrapixels, and more.

HTC One carriers

Find out who's selling the HTC One in your country.

HTC One hands-on

We go hands-on with the new HTC One in New York.

Video walkthrough

An HTC One walkthrough from London.

Special AC Podcast

Alex and Phil talk HTC One in a special Android Central podcast.

HTC One Discussion

Hit the forums for friendly HTC One discussion.

HTC One UK pre-order pricing

How much you'll pay for the phone in the UK

Official HTC One accessories

First look at cases, docks and chargers

HTC One $100 upgrade deal

Upgrade to the new HTC One, get $100 for your old phone.

HTC One event liveblog

Relive our live coverage from New York and London

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4 years ago

No, there's no red HTC One


Hate to burst anyone's balloon, but -- well, that's what we do around there. For a little while today, there was a red option listed for the HTC One on HTC's website. We're told that was there in error, and it's since been removed.

So you can get any color of HTC One you want, so long as it's silver or black. Doesn't mean we might not see any colors down the road. (We have a feeling that red color was there for a reason, even if it wasn't supposed to be there yet.) But for now, it's silver or black only.

Source: HTC; More: HTC One forums

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4 years ago

CyanogenMod adds HDR camera functionality for (almost) every device


The CyanogenMod team has just added HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera functionality for almost all devices running CM10.1 builds. The HDR mode has been enabled on most devices, and captures and processes images similarly to the way the Nexus 4 does with its stock software. The camera takes three images -- one under exposed, neutral exposed and over exposed -- and processes them together to make an image that usually "pops" a bit more. The functionality will be baked in and ready to use for anyone that has the stock CM camera app installed.

There are a few caveats, however. Because CyanogenMod supports so many devices with varying levels of cameras (sizes, qualities, processors), the process may not work as well on certain devices. The team recommends that users use a tripod or some sort of stabilization -- good rules for any photographer -- for the best results. If you have a newer device with a "zero shutter lag" camera, you should see pretty good results. 

Source: CyanogenMod (Google+)

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4 years ago

HTC One vs. LG Nexus 4 vs. iPhone 5 vs. BlackBerry Z10 vs. Nokia Lumia 920: Spec showdown!


So how does the brand new HTC One stack up against the best and the brightest competing smartphone makers have to offer? To find out, we took the iPhone 5, LG Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920, and BlackBerry Z10 and we stacked the side-by-side with the new king of the spec sheet.

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4 years ago

This week's sidebar poll: Which U.S. carrier will you be getting the HTC One on?


HTC is billing the HTC One as the best smartphone available today. CEO Peter Chou said as much, and it's evident he believes it. We can't argue with anyone who agrees. It's packing an all-new next generation chip with the Snapdragon 600, has what looks to be an excellent camera, and amazing screen, and a sexy all aluminum chassis. The software side looks plenty innovative as well, and I can't wait to try out the Zoe features. In short, we know plenty of you guys and gals will be picking this one up.

Since the majority of our readers (hey, that's you!) hail from the United States, this week's sidebar poll is about US availability. Verizon was notably absent from the race to tell us all that we can buy an HTC One soon from our carrier's stores. We're not reading a lot into that by the way -- Verizon will be Verizon and do their own thing in their own time and the HTC One may show up there, Droid name in tow. Or it may not, and they end up with something completely different. Wait for an announcement before you blow a gasket.

Having sad that, we want to know who you plan on buying your HTC One from if you're going to buy one. When we have questions that only you folks can answer, we run a poll. Find it in the sidebar to the right, or just click past the break.

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4 years ago

HTC One: The U.S. radio frequencies


HTC"s plopped up its U.S.-specific HTC One specs list. Of particular interest to us here, of course, are the U.S. carrier radio frequencies. (OK, of interest to those of us who worry about such things.)

So, without further ado, here are the radio frequencies for the HTC One in the United States:


  • 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


  • AT&T: 850/1900/2100 MHz
  • T-Mobile: 850/AWS/1900/2100 MHz
  • Sprint: 700/AWS MHz


  • Sprint: 800/1900 MHz (BC0/BC1/BC10)


  • AT&T: 700/850/AWS/1900 MHz
  • T-Mobile: 700/AWS MHz
  • Sprint: 1900 MHz

Source: HTC; More: Complete HTC One specs

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4 years ago

The best DashClock Widget extensions we're using


DashClock Widget is the newest fascination among users that have devices running Android 4.2, and one of the biggest reasons is the potential for customizations via extensions. The widget itself has a solid core set of functional extensions such as weather, calendar and Gmail, but the real fun begins when you start grabbing new extensions for other apps to plug into the widget.

Hang with us after the break and see a few of the best DashClock Widget extensions that we're using.

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