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4 years ago

Google Play Music All Access will be my first paid music subcription service


It isn't perfect, but All Access is a step closer than anything else I've found

Like many people this week, I received an email from Google Play as a gentle reminder that my free trial for Google Play Music All Access was about to end, and that the subscription I signed up for will be charged in a couple of days. "Wow, it's been a month since Google I/O?" was my first reaction. Indeed, it has been a month, and now I was faced with the task of evaluating whether or not I was receiving more than $7.99 worth of value out of my pending monthly payment to Google.

I don't listen to a whole ton of music, I'm not too particular about what I listen to and I rarely find myself buying music at all. Before Google released All Access I primarily relied on a mixture of Pandora (well, about 90-percent of the time) along with my own music collection uploaded to Google Play Music. The draw of a subscription service like Spotify or Rdio just wasn't there for me because at about $10 per month I didn't see the value in them -- I wasn't buying much music anyway, so how is this a good deal?

But, at least for now, Google's going to be getting $7.99 per month from me.

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active available June 21 on AT&T for $199 on contract


Water-resistant, dust-proof phone comes in two colors; preorders start June 14

AT&T (as it was expected to do so) today announced that it'll carry the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, in stores June 21 for $199 with a two-year contract. Preorders start June 14. The Active -- essentially a water-resistant version of the Galaxy S4 that AT&T already carries -- comes in Urban Gray or Dive Blue and sports a 5-inch TFT display with Gorilla Glass and runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It's powered by a quad-core processor and has an 8-megapixel camera 'round back.

Along with a more rugged build, the buttons on the front are all physical, instead of a mix of capacitive and physical.

Also on board is Samsung's suite of apps and customizations, same as on the original Galaxy S4, such as Air View and Air Gesture, Smart Pause and a host camera tweaks, such as Erase Shot, Drama Shot and Story Album. It's also got the Multi Window and for true multitasking, and it has the Samsung SAFE Enterprise security suite. The Infrared controller is still there, as well, so you can control your rugged TV in your rugged home with this rugged device.

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4 years ago

Mirrorless 'Galaxy Camera 2' to launch at Samsung London event next week


'Samsung will release our latest mirrorless camera that runs on Google’s Android software,' JK Shin tells Korean press

It seems the Galaxy S4 Zoom won't be the only imaging product on show at Samsung's "Premiere 2013" event in London next week. Co-CEO JK Shin has confirmed to the Korean press that the event will also play host to a next-generation Galaxy Camera device. Speaking with the Korea Times, Shin said "Samsung will release our latest mirrorless camera that runs on Google’s Android software" at the June 20 event. The publication refers to the upcoming shooter as the "Galaxy Camera 2," though it's unclear whether Shin himself confirmed this as the official name.

A mirrorless system would imply significantly improved image quality and some kind of interchangeable lens support, something we've yet to see on any Android camera currently on the market. (Polaroid announced a similar product back at CES, but has been quiet in the following months.) Such a device would address one of our main concerns about the original Galaxy Camera, specifically it's disappointing image quality, considering its relatively high price.

Our interest is well and truly piqued by the prospect of a high-end, mirrorless camera running Android. We'll be live from London next week to test out the "Galaxy Camera 2" and a host of other Samsung devices.

Source: The Korea Times; via: Engadget

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4 years ago

6-plus-inch Sony Xperia device teased in event invite


'A big surprise' promised for July 4 event in Paris

All the pieces are starting to fall into place for the announcement of Sony's 6-inch Android device, codenamed "Togari." The phone, which is variously rumored to come to market as either "Xperia ZU" or "Xperia Z Ultra" cropped up late last week in a kitten-centric blurry-cam shot. And today Sony itself has given away a glimpse of the device's side, in an invite sent out to French press.

The invite for an event in Paris on July 4 shows what looks like the right edge of the device. There's Sony's trademark rounded power button, a volume rocker, and what seems to be a dedicated camera key. In addition, there's an exposed headphones jack up top, suggesting the "Togari" might not boast the same water-resistance credentials as its 5-inch sibling, the Xperia Z. Besides that, Sony Mobile promises attendees "une surprise de taille" -- a big surprise.  A 6-inch phone would certainly fit that bill.

If the rumors are accurate, the Xperia Z Ultra -- or whatever it's called -- will go up against Samsung's Galaxy Mega, as well as HTC's rumored "T6", also said to be a 6-inch handset. Rumored specs for Sony's 6-incher include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 6.44-inch 1080p "Triluminous" display, an 8-megapixel camera and a thickness of just 6.5mm.

With a similar event scheduled for Germany for June 25, it looks like we won't have long to wait to find out exactly what Sony's bringing to the table.

Source: XperiaBlog

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4 years ago

HTC Butterfly S sighted with BoomSound speakers, Sense 5


Latest leak shows re-vamped variant of the Droid DNA's international cousin

It looks like HTC's betting big on its "BoomSound" front-facing speaker technology, as images from Chinese site VR-Zone seem to show that the feature's made its way across to yet another upcoming phone, the Butterfly S. The design is almost unchanged from the original Butterfly (that's the international version of the Droid DNA) but there's one interesting addition down below. That's right, the new Butterfly now rocks dual front-facing speakers, just like the HTC One.

According to the source of the leak, the Butterfly S still features a 5-inch 1080p screen, and the rear speaker has been deprecated by the new front-facers. It's speculated that the internals have been upgraded too, and that the Butterfly S will be powered by a Snapdragon 600 chip. (And of course we can clearly see HTC's latest Sense 5 UI on-screen.)

More information is due at an Asian announcement event next Wednesday, June 19.

Source: VR-Zone; via: Engadget

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4 years ago

HP to become Google Apps reseller, bundle management tools on its devices


Google makes another move into the enterprise services market

HP and Google have struck a deal to have the PC maker become the latest Google Apps reseller, bundling enterprise management tools along with Google's App suite on its devices. According to a report today by AllThingsD, HP will include new tools on its PC's, printers and other IT devices -- holding together the whole system with hooks into Google Apps, Google's platform for businesses to run email, documents, file sharing and more with one service. It's an interesting move considering HP's historical alignment with Microsoft on the enterprise front, and one that could drive serious traffic over to Google.

Considering HP's recent dips into partnering with Google to not only release Android but also Chrome OS hardware, with more to come, this could be a sign of something bigger between the two companies. While it doesn't like to talk about it too often, Google has continued to make changes and push Google Apps as a great platform for (especially small) businesses to use as an affordable enterprise suite.

Source: AllThingsD

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4 years ago

Clearwire expected to accept Dish offer amidst questions of governance terms


Sprint complaints aside, Dish and Clearwire are ready to make a deal

Despite Sprint's continued protest against Dish's cash offer to acquire as much of Clearwire as possible at $4.40 per share, Clearwire looks to be nearing a decision to accept it. Sources familiar with the matter tell The Wall Street Journal that the special committee at Clearwire assigned with assessing the current offer from Dish will advise the rest of the company's board to push back a Thursday shareholder vote in order to accept Dish's cash offer for the company. Previous arguments from Sprint that the deal is not in the best interest of the company nor is it legally possible given the governance structure demands from Dish (which call for board member appointments as a term) still remain, adding to the confusion. Sprint claims that its previous agreements with Clearwire, and a restructuring of the company in 2008, conflict strongly with the demands Dish has on its offer.

Dish and Clearwire don't seem to be bothered by the potential structural issues of the deal, and have explained as such to Sprint previously. If Clearwire is to accept Dish's offer -- whether it be with revised governance terms or not -- it would have to be for at least 25-percent of the company to make any meaningful difference for Dish's plans to block Sprint's buyout of Clearwire. Sprint needs a majority of the minority shareholders to approve its plan to buyout the rest (49.5-percent) of the company it doesn't already own, something that simply won't happen if Dish controls that majority share.

Let's also remember that Dish and SoftBank are on their final round of offers to try and buy out Sprint in the coming weeks as well, which adds another angle to this whole discussion. Next week is shaping up to be a major decision week for these four companies, with lots of money getting ready to change hands if everything goes Sprint's way.

Source: WSJ

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4 years ago

Google releases Cloud Print app for Android


I don't often have to print documents, but when I do ...

Google Cloud Print is pretty handy, letting you print anything from anywhere using Chrome with your own computer and printer. With today's release of the official Android app, you can now print to your Cloud Print enabled printers straight from your Android devices.

Doing so is simple, just open the app and use Android's sharing menu to import whatever it is you want to print. In fact, the hardest part of it all is setting up your computer and printer to work with Google Cloud Print, and that's pretty easy

While most of us send files and documents through the Internet in this day and age, having an easy fall back to get paper copy is nice. Grab it from the Google Play link above.

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4 years ago

MetroPCS now welcomes unlocked GSM devices on its network


Select cities participating at launch; AT&T and T-Mobile compatible devices welcome

MetroPCS announced today that it is now letting customers bring their own unlocked GSM devices, signaling that it is ready to start the transition to using T-Mobile's network. As was indicated when the <a merger of T-Mobile and MetroPCS was being finalized, the legacy CDMA network for MetroPCS is going to be quickly phased out, moving customers over to T-Mobile's GSM offering.

With the announcement today that customers in Boston, Hartford, Dallas and Las Vegas can bring their own unlocked AT&T and T-Mobile devices to the carrier we can assume things are going according to plan.

The website has a handy tool to let you know if your device will be compatible with the network being offered, but expect pretty much any modern GSM device to fit the bill. Being that this is a limited rollout MetroPCS is only offering SIM cards in-store and not online at this point, but we have to assume it's only a matter of time before this program expands to pull even more people off of the CDMA network.

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4 years ago

'Easy privacy' may be coming soon to CyanogenMod via Incognito Mode


The new method would make it easy to hide your data from any application

Steve Kondik took to Google+ earlier today to talk about something new he's been working on called Run in Incognito Mode. Designed to help maintain control over your personal data, it's a per app command that will stop your phone from sending out data to an app that might ask for more than you're comfortable sharing.

We aren't providing ad-blocking or device info (IMEI) spoofing. This feature is designed explicitly to help protect your personal data, and it will remain as such.

So what exactly will Incognito Mode do? Of course we haven't seen it yet, but according to Kondik, the new flag will allow the software on your phone that delivers data (called content providers) to either return the "real" data, or a limited set of data using the following privacy features:

  • Return empty lists for contacts, calendar, browser history,and messages.
  • GPS will appear to always be disabled to the running application.
  • When an app is running incognito, a quick panel item is displayed in order to turn it off easily.
  • No fine-grained permissions controls as you saw in CM7. It's a single option available under application details.

In other words, with Incognito Mode turned on, an app like Facebook will be told that you have zero contacts, nothing in your calendar, no message history and no browser history. Your real contact list, calendar, messages list and browser history will remain unchanged, but the third party app will never know the difference. If the app queries for a location, it will be told that GPS is turned off. All of this will be easily toggled on and off in the quick panel.

No word on when to expect this feature, or even a promise that it will make it's way into CM. It sounds like a pretty easy way to keep your valuable data safe, though, and we hope to see it soon.

Source: +Steve Kondik

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4 years ago

T-Mobile's teasing a water-resistant smartphone, too


AT&T was less than subtle in its YouTube teaser for the Galaxy S4 Active earlier today, but T-Mobile U.S. is leaving more to the imagination. In a video entitled "What if your smartphone could do this?," we see the action from a phone's perspective as it follows a diver into a pool.

Like AT&T, T-Mobile's promising more information tomorrow, suggesting it too may be preparing a Galaxy S4 Active announcement. But let's not forget that the Sony Xperia Z -- also water-resistant -- is rumored to be heading T-Mo's way in the near future, too.

So which are you hoping for -- Xperia Z or Galaxy S4 Active? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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4 years ago

T-Mobile drops Galaxy S4 price by $50 for one month


One of T-Mobile's hottest devices now $99 down or $579 outright

In what is likely an attempt to get more customers moving up to its new Simple Choice plans and onto LTE devices at the same time, T-Mobile is offering a $50 discount on the Galaxy S4 from now until July 13th. That brings down your up-front cost for buying it on a payment plan to $99, with 24 monthly payments of $20. That adds up to $579 if you're wanting to buy it outright on day one, and also pegs it at the same price as the HTC One for the time being. T-Mobile is also dropping prices slightly on the Galaxy Note 2 -- now $169 down and 24 payments of $20 -- and the Galaxy S3 -- $49 down and 24 payments of $20 -- for the same time period.

The pricing of the Note 2 and Galaxy S3 doesn't make a whole lot of sense considering how much more powerful the Galaxy S4 is, but options are always good for the average consumer. The new pricing has already been updated on the T-Mobile website at the source link below, and will also be available at T-Mobile retail locations.

More: T-Mobile

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4 years ago

Yes, a MySpace Android app is coming


Some of you kids might have to ask your parents what MySpace was ...

MySpace is attempting to reinvent itself as a the space for music and video discovery, and today it took itself out of beta and is available for anyone willing to sign up for yet another space to discover music and video. 

"Millions of musicians, artists, filmmakers, designers and curators are making their way to the new Myspace," reads the tag line. "Start connecting with them and channel an ever-widening stream of culture, creativity and sound directly to your eyes and ears." 

So there's that. There's also an Android app "coming," MySpace says in an e-mail blast today. Assuming it's on par with the iOS app (currently available), you'll be able to create animated gifs and browse people and music and videos. So, hang tight.

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4 years ago

eBay updates item listing UI, home screen layout


Proper scaling to larger tablet screens improves the experience

The official eBay app has just been updated in the Play Store with several improvements to both the main home screen and the item listing experience for devices of all sizes. The main view when you open the app has changed to be cleaner and more prominently display your recent searches near the top, with a similar interface for both tablets and phones. The item listing function has received a bit of an overhaul, with the ability to see a full preview of your listing before posting, access to draft listings between devices and a proper tablet UI that takes advantage of large screens.

eBay is also expanding the ability to list items through the app to Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. You can grab a download of the newly improved eBay app at the Play Store link above.

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4 years ago

Spring cleaning: Win an Archos GamePad

Phil's not the only one with too much stuff laying around the office. I'm remodeling, so that means some of this stuff has to go. During the next week or so I'll be sprinkling a few things here and there that are looking for a good home, and I'll start today with an Archos GamePad. It's a 7-inch Jelly Bean tablet with a pretty nifty set of gaming controls built right into the body.

To win, just drop a comment on this post. I'll shut it down late tonight, and we'll announce the winners once my office is cleaned out. Good luck!

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