Consumer Groups Lobby Against Google's Purchase of AdMob

If you remember, Google was supposed to have bought AdMob, the mobile advertising company, for nearly $750 million way back in November. There was a hold up, with the FTC wanting more information on the deal but Google expressed no concern over the delay, citing that there were no 'regulatory issues'. Well, it looks like a few consumer groups think differently. Consumer Watchdog and the Center for Digital Democracy have asked the FTC to block the deal on anti-trust grounds and possible privacy issues.

In their joint letter to the FTC, they claim that Google's acquisition of AdMob would lessen competition in the mobile advertising market and have a negative impact on consumers, advertisers, and developers. They also express concern about consumer privacy--AdMob and Google have access to heaps and heaps of consumer data.

Overall, it's not uncommon for consumer groups to raise complaints during antitrust reviews because well, that's when they'll be heard. So though Google should still close their deal with AdMob, it definitely will raise awareness for the consumer groups. Don't be surprised to hear anti-trust issues brought up every time Google makes a deal.


Casey Chan