Concrete Software announces the release of Aces Jewel Hunt for Android

I've always been a fan of classic jewel swapping games. Yes, before Angry Birds I was addicted to Bejeweled and every other "bejeweled like" game. Over time though, you want more out of the simple jewel swapping games and want something added to them. This is where Concrete Software comes in. They've just announced that their popular Aces Jewel Hunt series is now available for Android devices in both paid and free versions. 

Rather than just giving you the basics, Aces Jewel Hunt brings some cool extras like optional in-game tutorials, multiple difficulty levels, and three different game types - classic, timed, and quick challenge. As well, adds online leaderboards and advanced stats tracking. If you enjoy games like this, be sure to check them out. Download link can be found after the break.

  • Don't need/want tutorials or online boards/stats. "Jewels" already has those three game types. Not sure I see what is so different or advanced. Was hoping for some variations on game play. If you really want a twist- try "Bebbled"
  • AppBrain link seems broken at the moment.
  • Downloaded the game and it doesn't work on my Fascinate.
  • Try Babo Crash Deluxe instead. Not your typical match 3.
  • Links seem to be broken
  • Thanks guys. Link is fixed.
  • Won't go past splash screen. Force close, uninstall.
  • Eh. I like Bezombied better
  • Hello everyone! It's been brought to our attention that we didn't use very good naming in the 2 releases of Aces Jewel Hunt we put out. The Aces Jewel Hunt HD was supposed to be for large screen tablets like the Samsung Tab so that non-tablets didn't have to have all the extra images. If you'd like to play the game and are not using a tablet please use the "Aces Jewel Hunt" version (we are changing the name of the tablet version as well!).
  • crxssi, Good question - there are lots of jewel games out there... so what makes Aces Jewel Hunt different? - Tumbling jewels, causes huge chain reactions. Jewels "tumble" to fill in removed jewels, then more drop in.
    - Specials, you can gain specials like the net, spear, reverse, vine, etc. and hold up to 3 of them on the side. Then use them at any time to capture more gems.
    - The object of the game is to collect all the "Magic Jewels" on that level to move on (Magic Jewels have the white glow around them. Those are probably the 3 main differences. There are also things like screen shape, stats, leaderboards, hints, undo, etc.