Take aim with Concealed Carry, Glockmeister, and the best firearms apps for Android

We've all heard the term "there's an app for that" at this point, right? If you've been wondering about apps that involve firearms, then boy oh boy do we have you covered. We went looking for the best firearms apps available on the Google Play Store and found everything from in-depth wikis on multiple firearms, to concealed carry laws by state in the U.S., to Auction houses.

There are tons of firearm-related apps on the Google Play Store. We grabbed a few of the best and most informative apps to get you folks started.

Let's see what Android has to offer in terms of firearms!

Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry Weapon Laws is a really cut-and-dry app, without any pretty pictures to distract you. That's because it serves a very real purpose — to keep you educated on what the concealed-carry laws are in the United States, on a state-by-state basis since each state issues concealed-carry permits differently. Some will allow you to bring your firearms just about anywhere while others will place limits on your armed movement. Knowing the law is never a bad thing, especially when a deadly weapon is involved.

The breakdown of each state's laws is very clear and easy to read. It's all set up in a format that highlights in green for areas where you can have your firearm legally concealed, and red for areas where you can't. The information you get also includes whether that state issues concealed carry permits at all, and which other states will honor that permit. While there is a ton of information here, we have to stress that you should always check with local law enforcement if you are unsure about anything pertaining to your concealed carry permit in a new area.

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If you've ever spent time searching for that perfect firearm to complete your collection, or have tried to find a buyer for a particular firearm, then this app is for you. Gunbroker.com is one of the world's largest online auction houses for firearms and accessories. There are thousands of listings with everything from a 1953 Winchester model 94 to a Browning Buckmark Camper URX to choose from.

To bid or purchase anything you'll need to create an account. Gunbroker.com also has a fantastic search function, allowing you to look up by seller name, UPC code, or category. One of the best parts of their search, by far, is that you can use it to find local firearms dealers close to home. These are always verified businesses, and will show you exactly on a map where they are in conjunction to you. For anyone who has moved to a new area and wants to find a reputable firearms dealer in their new neighborhood, this is a real boon.

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Glockmeisters Build-a-GLOCK

Glockmeister's Build-a-GLOCK is an app that really goes above and beyond in some of its implementation. You can build a customized virtual Glock with all the add-ons you could want. The other features are far more interesting though, because they involve a mini-game that lets you disassemble and then reassemble the gun. It becomes educational, especially if you are introducing someone new to a firearm and want to explain how everything works.

The Build-a-GLOCK has a few flaws, primarily the size of the text on your screen. To really get the best experience out of the game, and to keep ads from taking over your screen when building a customized Glock, you definitely want to load this one up on your Android tablet. The mini-game side of things is really well done, allowing you to manipulate the firearm to clearly see just how everything fits together. It makes this app a great resource for education about firearms as well.

Download Glockmeister's Build-a-GLOCK (Free)



Weaphones is a firearm simulator game for your phone, that lets you access dozens of different firearms. Rather than a simulator where you'll just mindlessly fire a gun, Weaphones aims to teach you how it works. You'll see how each different firearm is loaded — and you can't fire it until it is — along with how quickly they fire.

There are options to play with here as well. You can flip the firearm to a lefty grip, change the scale, or even get hints for reloading the firearm. If you just want to be able to fire a gun simulator you can also enable options like unlimited ammo, auto reload, and smoke effects. There are several different versions of the Weaphones simulator, in the free versions you get access to just a few weapons each day. If you want access to the full catalog you can just pick up the paid version of the same app.

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iGun Pro - The Original Gun App markets itself as the original gun app. This simulator gives you access to hundreds of different firearms — all of which can be fired, reloaded, and chambered. On top of being able to scope out these firearms up close, there is a full wiki on each one that gives you their history and origin.

To access every weapon in the arsenal of iGun Pro you'll need to upgrade, but you get access to plenty of firearms with the free version of the app as well. Each firearm has a full menu. You can get information on the firearm that includes it's origin and service history, or check out a wiki for more in depth information. In options you can enable slow motion when firing the firearm, as well as adjusting the recoil and shell speed. Each time you log in you'll also earn coins which can be used to purchase more firearms within the app without spending real money — although as we mentioned, that is an option as well.

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There are dozens of apps that concern firearms on the Google Play Store, and we barely scratched the surface with the ones we talked about today. So we want to know, is there a firearm app that we missed? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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