Yet another week has passed, and we're starting to get into the home stretch of 2017. At least in the smartphone world. But it's cool — this time of the year makes for some great weekends.

Weekends at the end of summer are awesome. The weather isn't quite as hot so it's a great time to get outside and breathe some fresh air. Maybe fire up the grill, or take a hike, or do any of those things it was just too hot to do a few weeks ago. Heck, even the fish start biting again!

We're in prep-mode for the last big new phone push of the year. Google has their Pixel 2 shindig planned in about a week, and then we can take it all in and look at all the great products from the companies that make Android what it is. It's been a pretty good year for an Android fan. From the CES hype train to the Note 8 launch, we saw so many excellent phones from all the big names. We all will have a favorite, but I think everyone agrees that it's cool when everyone has a choice that they love.

So take a minute and share what you're doing over the weekend, and let everyone know what phone from 2017 caught your eye. We're not done just yet, but so far I'm feeling the G6 as the overall winner, even though it's not my personal choice. Oh, and I'm working this weekend, but doing it from my back porch where the hibiscus are still in bloom and mulberry trees keep me in the shade. For a few more weeks, anyway. 😎