Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer and is the last day you can wear your white shoes or seersucker suit without people pointing at your fashion faux pas. But it's also a three-day weekend to celebrate the Great American Worker so it's pretty awesome.

Many of us will be out doing something fun for Labor Day, while others will be enjoying the time to do absolutely nothing. Both are great ideas. My wife was volunteered to work Monday, so I'll be here pecking away at a keyboard. A holiday weekend can't stop the Android world. And there's a lot of new stuff to talk about.


I'm digging that tiny Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact. Snapdragon 835 in a tiny body with a headphone jack. And it will probably ship with Android Oreo. I think that will be my next, though I'll import a Twilight Pink model because Sony is stupid and won't put a fingerprint sensor on the U.S. model. Sony isn't going to sell any of their new phones in any serious numbers, but I know a few people who are stoked about them. Here is some Sony love for them.

A lot of other people are looking at the Note 8 because it's the very best that Samsung has to offer right now. And love them or hate them, Samsung makes some really good stuff. I'm interested in the display because I reckon Samsung has once again refined the way they make them and it will be amazing. Samsung always wows me when it comes to their display tech and I want to witness a 1440 x 2960 screen on a phone. Would be a cool one to put under the microscope.

The V30 looks like LG's best phone ever. I want to type some words about it here, but they all would just mean the same thing: the V30 looks to be LG's best phone ever. I'm one of the few people who really liked the V10 and its rubbery body, but LG has slowly moved the V series towards looking like a "real" phone. I think this one is going to make money for LG, especially for people who are bigly into shooting video with their phone. I'm also close to a T-Mobile 600MHz market (coming soon!) and want to see if I can find a way to do some testing.

Take the space below to chat about the great new stuff we've seen or talk about anything else. It's nice to relax a bit and just chat. And to all you folks who keep America working — whether it's with a pencil, a keyboard, a wrench or whatever — happy Labor Day!