As usual, we have had another week filled with politically-charged rhetoric, arguments, and disappointment. Pretty much the status quo as of late.

But we can take a break from the madness that infects all of social media and everywhere else and just chill out while we talk about everything else. Just like this guy.

Motorola is a great starting point for a discussion. We saw the new Moto Z2 Force, complete with a shatter-proof screen and new mods to slap on the back. But it feels like a step backward for some of us and the price is concerning. We had our own discussion on the Android Central Podcast about it, and it'd be awesome to hear your voice, too. Tell us we're right or tell us we're crazy — feedback is important.

Personally, I don't like that they decreased the battery capacity to go for the thin thing, and I really think the price is a bit over the top when they expect you to grab a Moto Mod to make up for any shortcomings. Then again, I've not touched one and live through Andrew, Daniel and Mr. Mobile.

Tell us what you think about it, or just talk about anything else. As long as we can relax a bit and enjoy the weekend, it's all good.