Comcast Xfinity app for Android is now available

Comcast communications has finally brought their Xfinity application to the Android Market.  We were told to expect a Comcast Mobile application today, followed by the Xfinity application early 2011, but as a Comcast user, I'm not complaining about their naming convention.  The app seems pretty functional at first use, with it's own Comcast mail client, Voicemail inbox, TV listings, a DVR Manager (which takes up to 24 hours to set up), and full OnDemand listings.  Hopefully, the Jan 2011 version has the ability to view OnDemand items, but seeing the listings beats nothing.

If you're a Comcast subscriber, grab it from the Market and check it out, there's a download link and a set of pictures after the break.

Xfinity Mail client

Xfinity mail message

Xfinity about screen

Xfinity settings

Xfinity DVR setup

Xfinity TV listings

VOD listings

VOD trailers

Xfinity weekly highlights

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Niiiiiice....
  • Awesome! But QR code did not work with Barcode Scanner. :( I found it manually via searching the market.
  • Should be good to go now. Typo :p
  • Cmon Cox. Get it together and get an app already. Kudos to Comcast.
  • Very cool. Downloaded. Now to test it out.
  • Can you actually watch the onDemand material on the phone?
  • Be nice if you could watch the content from the app... the OnDemand, DVR, and even regular content...
  • I think that's coming in the January update. Hard to tell what Comcast will end up doing, cause, well, they're Comcast :p
  • I can see them letting me view On Demand, but my own DVR?? If they let me view my own DVR content Slingbox is toast. It would be a killer app.
  • @Jerry.. thanks for the info! @icebike... This is exactly what I was thinking! Being able to watch all the content I already pay for anywhere would be AMAZING!!
  • So I'm playing with it? exactly do I get access to my DVR...i'm running the scientific atlantic box (silver)
  • Same box here. I *think* that's what the 24 hour wait is for, supposedly the app has to sync with your DVR info. We'll know tomorrow I reckon.
  • Actually at the moment the Scientific Markets don't currently support the MyDVR feature. That's a work in progress though. The 24 hour process is a general window to allow the MyDVR feature to function for those in the Motorla Markets that haven't yet setup their MyDVR via the site and those that haven't been actively using it. For most, they should be able to use the function within about 5 minutes. Again, that's only if you have a Motorola box.
  • Completely off topic, but how do you get that GMail icon in the notification bar?
  • It's part of the AC-Froyo ROM for the Evo
  • Settings>Notifications&Sounds FC's on my FASN8. also got FC when mistyping user id/email; app wouldn't allow me to fix it. had to close/reopen.
  • As a Comcast customer I think its great! Another way to check my email, voice mails, etc.. Hopefully in the next update we will get the ability to watch content using the app. As for non-Comcast people, this app really doesn't have any value.
  • FYI, if you have already set up DVR manager online via your PC this updates within minutes :) a little buggy but to be expected i guess. so far pretty cool! edit: looks like you can access scheduled series recordings and delete them individually or cancel the whole series, but you can't edit any of the series settings. bummer. maybe a future release.
  • Seems to work OK.but boy does it eat up memory!
    4.84MB to install, but then when you access the TV schedule - it eats up even more. In addition it won't let you install it to the SD card. Don't think I can afford the memory loss to keep this app.
  • Huh? You havnt rooted? Rooted OG Droid with Ultimate droid ROM...and I have already moved Xfinity to the SD card, Comcast be damned. Time to root. Dont let Motorola/Comcast/Verizon/Google/whatever tell you what to do with your phone. Free your mind and rooooot.
  • myDVR not available in my area yet! I don't have Comcast phone and I don't use my comcast email, so I guess I don't have much need for this app yet. c'mon Comcast, myDVR is available on Verizon Fios, directv and dish. Apparently the software upgrade won't happen until spring.
  • Wow, this works better than I expected. Thanks comcast for hooking me up with more bar time!
  • Ok so why does the "i"crowd get the ability to use this app as a remote control and we don't? WTF?
  • That's a feature that will be included in the XfinityTV app (completely separate app) that's scheduled for release in Q1 2011. The IOS platform only recently got this feature and Android isn't far behind.
  • So there doesn't appear to be a way to check your monthly bandwidth quota? Wasn't that a feature it was supposed to have?
  • Aaaarg - a bit disappointed that this won't work for my Motorola Tivo box.
    Don't need this for phone put email and I can find a schedule elsewhere. Too bad but uninstalling til I can steam content.
  • Awesome app. Especially the DVR recording option.
  • I go through the whole process set a show to record and shows it is schedulrd on DVR1. Then the setting is gone once I leave the mydvr pages. I check the app and the actual cable box, and no show set to record.
  • Installed it last night. Set a recording of something that was already in progress. When I got home, it had recorded from that point forward. I hope they add some functionality at some point (example: edit series recordings, etc), but so far I love it and can see it being very useful.
  • It'd be nice to change the channel with the app. A app remote with a channel guide. Even from the website i can "watch now on tv", and it will change the channel on the tv. Come on Comcast!