Clean Widgets receives complete overhaul in version 3.0 update

Clean Widgets, a compilation of useful homescreen and lockscreen customizations, has received a quite notable update today to dramatically improve the look and experience of the app. The move up to a completely new point release -- version 3.0 -- brings a new design style that's cleaner with a new font and redone graphics all around. There's a new customization screen that lets you change the widget styles before placing it on the homescreen, offering very granular control. There are more improvements to be had under the hood as well, with a reduction in file size by almost 75-percent from the previous version.

There's a whole grouping of useful widgets included in the Clean Widgets app including clocks, battery monitors, toggle switches and more. Stick around after the break for a quick walkthrough of the app from the developer himself, and head to the Play Store link above if you're interested in picking up Clean Widgets for your own phone or tablet.

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Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Hi, developer here. I want to note that some new users brought to my attention that the large clock widget was crashing in Android 4.1, but I've fixed that now, and the 3.01 update should be rolling out within an hour or so.
  • Developers that are quick to respond to bugs are the best developers :)
  • Great to see the support!
  • You sir are gonna be big if you keep doing this kind of support, it is the first time in the 3 continuous years I've been using Android that I've seen the developer talk directly to us users even if it is in a separate website from the Play Store. Kudos for the great support and more kudos on the app. I'd love to buy it but I'm in Venezuela and due to dictatorial restrictions with dollars and our currency I'm unable to buy any app. Still keep doing this great upfront support and again congrats on the app and wish you the best of successes.
  • Does anyone know what sort of lockscreen customizations can be done? How does it compare to, say Widget Locker etc? There's no info in this article, nor on the description in the Play store or pictures or even the video review... So I'm thinking it's probably an error on the authors part. Can the Dev or someone else confirm please?
  • Sorry about the confusion, on Android 4.2 and above the Large Clock widget can be added to the lock screen. One of the features of that widget is that it can be made to launch an app when pressed, so that functionality carries over to the lock screen too.