Clash of Clans has had one of its biggest updates in the infamous game’s history today. Now players can raid without any risk to their resources, shield, or trophies, and work towards two new achievements. This is done with a new system called war bases, where multiple players can lump all of their troops together in the same place and, once attack day arrives, they all head out to raid other war bases together. In the meantime, your village stays entirely separate from the whole affair. The full details on the update are available at the SuperCell forums.

Besides that, the Clan Castle level cap has been bumped up, allowing you to rally more allied troops, and is now lootable in combat. Gem boxes are spawning again, so keep an eye out for these precious rewards. Clash of Clans remains an insanely popular game, despite (or maybe because of) its fairly casual mechanics. We have any Clash of Clans players here? What level are you?

Source: SuperCell