Chromecast dongle

After launching the streaming device across the E.U. in March, Google has announced that the Chromecast will be available for sale in South Korea starting today — the first time the dongle has been made available in Asia.

In addition to the ability to cast content from iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices, Google is partnering with domestic streaming services Tving and Hoppin to give Korean users access to tens of thousands of TV shows, movies and videos.

South Korean users consume more media on their smartphones than users from other countries, as Google mentions that 80 percent of YouTube views in South Korea come from mobile devices, which is twice as high as the global average of 40 percent. It is likely that the strong mobile usage was a factor in Google's decision to prioritize the launch of the Chromecast in the Korean market.

The Chromecast has been a mainstay on Amazon's bestseller charts ever since it debuted last year, and has won the "Gadget of the Year" award from Time magazine. The device retails for 49,900 won, which comes out to $49, and is currently available on Google's dedicated Chromecast site.

Source: Google Asia Pacific

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