Chrome Beta for Android updated for stability and performance improvements

Google Chrome Beta for Android has an update being pushed out right now through the Google Play Store. While a minor bump, it does focus primarily on performance and stability improvements. There's also a minor reorganizing of the settings options. The official changelog reads: 

Chrome for Android Beta has been updated to 0.18.4531.3636 on Google Play.  In addition to changes through Chrome 18.0.1025.166 and a minor reorganization of Settings options, this update focuses primarily on stability and performance improvements.

Known issues:

113041 : No way to auto-hide the toolbar

114964 : Error pages are not optimized for mobile / Android devices

Other notable issues listed here

Head on over to the Google Play store to grab yourselves the update.

Download: Chrome Beta for Android (opens in new tab)

  • Stock Browser on 4.04 is way better. So smooth on GNex.
  • Disagree... Chrome puts the stock browser to shame and I'm sure once out of "beta" Chrome will become the new stock browser in Android.
  • No native Flash equals not better. Period. Don't care if you don't use it. 99% of the web uses it. Don't remove Flash until an equal alternative is ready, not before.
  • Hyperbole much? I must only use 1.1% of the web because it's rare for me to come across a site that doesn't work fine in Chrome Beta (exceptions being sites like Vimeo). Adobe themselves has stopped development of Flash for mobile an you expect third parties to continue to support it in new products?
  • Well not so fast there... On my HOX, stock is a pretty darned good browser. Especially if you read a lot. When looking at some page of tiny text, there is that square READ button at the top which grabs just the portion you want and makes it a pure text page in a font big enough to read without you having to fiddle around zooming to find the biggest text size that won't extend off the screen. And if you do Zoom on stock, it re-wraps the text so you can still read the article without scrolling left and right. Chrome just zooms in graphically and you can't read anything without scrolling. So Stock isn't all that bad, and it does Flash so you won't miss any of these marvelous advertisements that AC is addicted to. Second, Firefox Beta was faster than Chrome. And SMALLER than chrome. And it will share bookmarks with your Firefox desktop just like Chrome. And when I use Firefox as a browser, I can switch to many more other tasks without them restarting (multitasking issue). Firefox does not trigger the multitasking problem like chrome or stock. But Chrome does not re-wrap text when you zoom in, so its not as good at reading as stock. So there is no perfect browser, and Chrome does not necessarily blow the doors off of stock.
  • Well... We gotta pay the bills don't we?!
  • FYI: Your discussing the HTC Sense browser.. not the "stock" ICS Android browser that everyone is mentioning here.
  • Absolutely one hundred percent agree that stock is better. On Galaxy Nexus. Bookmarks synch with my chrome desktop and I have q.uick controls and of course 100 percent of the web. Why do we have to take three steps back for half a step forward?
  • You are on a ton of crack if you think the stock browser is better than Chrome lol. For the 2 sites left in the world that use FLASH you can download the FLASHIFY app which allows you to open a link in a different browser that is flash supported. I have to use it maybe once every 3 months lmao
  • Chrome is the best browser on any OS right now! and it just keeps getting better. My favorite feature is being able to access open tabs on other computers that I am logged into Chrome on :)
  • I also love how when I click on a tiny link on my phone, chrome opens up a bubble where it magnifies the area to make sure I click on the right link. GENIUS!
  • Icon color changed little bit as well.
  • Without flash support this browser will never replace my stock one.
  • It will once you update to Jellybean.
  • It would be nice to be able to arrange bookmarks.
  • I do use about 80% Stock Browser, cause, streaming videos open up nicely, into Gallery where you can maximize full screen view, Flash, and Full Page viewing (with no Toolbar), as far as I can tell, it's just as Fast... Chrome 20%, for when I need to sync with desktop... only Your stock Book-Mark Widget toggles nicely between the two browsers... where if you click on a bookmarked page it opens up Chrome, and if you click on the Blue Globe it takes you to the Stock Browser...
  • Welp. Chrome is now my #1 browser on my phone. Thanks for the heads up!
  • I rarely use the stock browser these days. I love how Chrome syncs bookmarks and I generally prefer the way it's laid out. While it will be nice if it supported flash, I really don't miss it that much and if I need it, well there is always the stock browser hanging around. I also anticipate that Chrome improve at a rate in the future that exceeds that of the stock browser.
  • Chome Beta has never worked on my Epic Touch with the leaked ICS builds before this update, but happy to say it is now.
  • If I can install Chrome on my old PC running Windows XP, why can't it work without me installing an ICS ROM on my DInc? Is there something that requires Chrome beta to need ICS? I don't understand why they don't open it up to Gingerbread devices or all of Android across the board? What did that graph show the other day, ICS is now on between 4-7% of devices? And you know plenty of them don't even have it installed. It seems like they just want a very small number of users for some reason. I'm not sure why...
  • Yes it only runs on ICS. ICS has a lot more API's that are required for Chrome to run. There is no way ever that it will run on gingerbread. Time to update your phone or ROM it. ALSO 7% of phones has it installed. 7% of the Android user base is USING ICS and that will keep growing. By the end of the year it will be the most used OS on Android. After using ICS I could never use Gingerbread, it would make me throw up.
  • I do miss Flash, but that's a moot point. The only thing that annoys me much anymore about Chrome on Android is that the address bar doesn't auto-hide. I've thought its performance was poor until this update, but it seems to be a lot quicker to respond now, particularly when I'm loading my bookmarks, which was a huge peeve for me previously.
  • The stock browser in ICS is a Hugh improvement over past versions. Chrome has potential but I fear it will never be out of beta. Once it takes the importance out of ad banners and displays the page before loading them and not after., I may go back to using it.
  • I have mix feelings as well... I love Chrome concept, but stock seems to be faster sometimes...
    My Browser experience on my Prime is just terrible... I prefer the stock on my EVO3D. just my 2cents
  • Dolphin
  • Way faster and more stable. It's really coming along.
  • I don't miss flash so much. Chrome is an amazing browser but the lock ups made it impossible to use. I'll test this update on the Android and me site to see if it is usable as my default browser.
  • How come I don't see Chrome Beta in the Play Store for download? I get it on my tablet, but can't get it for my phone? What's the deal?
  • I use Chrome as my everyday browser on the Galaxy Nexus. I just like the layout and organization better than the stock ICS browser. I also use an app called "Flashify" to quickly transfer a page to the stock browser if I need to view flash content on the screen. However, on the Transformer Prime it's a different story. Chrome is horrible. It constantly force closes. The Prime itself is listed as a "known issue" and nearly two months later it hasn't been addressed.
  • The biggest fix of all is that now with this new update it works again on Gnex with DPI set to 240. The last update didn't work if you set your DPI to 240. Anyone with a Gnex using the default DPI of 320 has no idea what you are missing. Set your DPI to 240 and you will never ever be able to go back to the higher DPI setting. With 240 the screen looks so much more crisp and you get a TON of more screen real estate!
  • Epic fail on the Transformer Prime