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Clearing defaults for a home launcher

One of the very cool things about Android is the ability to use alternative Homescreens and launchers.  The popularity of Launcher Pro and ADW.launcher -- among other great ones -- are a testament to this.  Setting them up is easy enough, once installed you make the choice the first time you hit the home button on your Android phone.  But what if we need or want to switch back, and don't want to uninstall the app?  That's easy, too, and built right into the Android system.

  • What you'll need to do is clear the app defaults for your Launcher app:
  • From the homescreen, tap the menu button
  • Choose settings, then Applications, then Manage applications
  • Scroll through the list until you find the entry for your launcher, then tap to open it
  • Simply hit the "Clear defaults" button, and the next time you tap the home button on your phone, the choice of which launcher to use has returned!

To rid yourself of the annoying confirmation popup, you can choose to use any of the installed home apps as your default, and next time you change your mind, just repeat the process. 

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Reader comments

Changing your Launcher by clearing app defaults


Seriously, why go through all of this when the app Home Switcher does it with the touch of a button and you can change default at any time. Sorry, not sure why this has to be so complicated...

Well why have yet another app to do something you do so seldom?

Some of us are still using phones with small memory footprints.

Dude you literally go to apps in settings. Select it then click the defaults tap. Why is that complicated?

Who does this so much that they need an app to waste space.

EDIT: @droidman0922O was 1 sec faster!

Or use Home Switcher, which is also free in the market. There are separate versions for Eclair & Froyo, but from what I can tell, the Froyo version works for GB also

There are a lot of free switchers in the market. I use Homesmack.

Also, this method doesn't work on the Droid X.

I think the point was to help people understand how android works. Those Switchers are fine, but its also good to know what's going on when you use them.

Not all of those launcher switching apps you folks have recommended as alternatives to the native Android way of switching work across each platform. Home Switcher vs Home Switcher for Froyo are classic examples of this. Ever try Home Switcher on Gingerbread?

Articles like this are important so folks see how the innards of Android work. Nice job AC...

Excellent and timely article... I just switched back to Droid after a 6 month hyaenas (iPhone & BB)
And I forgot how to do this...

Please tell me you meant to say "two year hiatus" because going on a "two year hyaenas" is a hard image to erase from my mind..

Excellent and timely article... I just switched back to Droid after a 6 month hyaenas (iPhone & BB)
And I forgot how to do this...

Home Manager here running on the Droid X and the Xoom. On the X I use it to go between Launcher Pro + and ADW, on the Xoom LP+ and default home. Free and works great.

It's so easy to use either method - the Android inner-workings or using an app. I'm currently using the paid version of Launcher Pro on my EVO, but the stock Sense launcher regularly pops back on (as listed in the running apps). I recognize that I can't eradicate Sense completely from my system, but will this cause a dual-launcher battery sucking problem?