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Android wallpaperSo you just got a new Android phone. One of the first things you're going to want to look into is changing the wallpaper. And you've got several options.

Seen here at right is the Samsung Vibrant, but the options are largely the same on all Android phones, though they may have slightly different names.

"Gallery" lets you set a photo you've taken as a wallpaper.

"Live wallpapers" are those cool animated deals that were introduced with Android 2.1. Older phones might not have these.

Then there's the standard "Wallpaper gallery." It's a preloaded section of static wallpapers.

And of course you can add more wallpapers. We've got instructions and a slew of pictures you'll want to check out in our forums, and more are being added every day. Android Central Wallpaper forums | Wallpaper how-to guide

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Change your wallpaper


Speaking of Wallpapers, does anyone know if they have released the APK for the Grass LWP from the Vibrant? I found all the other Galaxy S LWPs, but not this one. Much appreciated!

There is an app im the market called backgrounds that lets you choose from pictures on the web under certain categories that is very cool.

I know how to set up and save wallpaper, but on the EVO (not sure of others) if I have a 800x480 Wallpaper why do I have to use that box to select which part I want on that picture? that box allows me to zoom in on a part and doesnt look right

There is an app on the market called Wallpaper Set & Save which should fix that. I have a Hero, and if my image is 640x480, it works perfectly. I assume this would work similarly with the EVO and whatever dimensions are needed. In your case I guess 800x480.
Here's what I do:
1. Find an image I want on my phone.
2. Open it in Preview (Macintosh) and change the dimensions to 640x480.
3. Send the new image via Bluetooth to my Hero.
4. Locate the image using the Wallpaper Set & Save App, and voila. Works perfectly and the wallpapers all look really sharp.

i really like the tips provide here. please do a tips on the quick diai (one screen to the right) i lost my double (add) widget. how do i get that back?

Hi. I am handing off my Sony X10 (runs 2.1) to another user and would like to peel off my wallpaper photo. I deleted all my files and can't locate the photo on the phone. Clearly, it still retains the image somewhere to present in the form of the wallpaper.

How can I pull it off?