CES 2015 Day 2 round up

The big announcements of CES 2015 are out of the way, and that means it's time for the real surprises. If we're honest, most of the announcements this year were relatively tame — iterations on what's come before. But it's everything else that's had the potential to surprise, and surprise us it has.

LG's new unannounced smartwatch runs webOS

From smartphones to tablets to dead to TVs to smartwatches

The LG webOS Smartwatch

The story of webOS has been a long and winding one, and another twist was discovered today by Android Central: LG's newest smartwatch runs webOS. As in the same webOS that traces its lineage back to the Palm Pre of CES 2009. webOS has come a long way since then and changed hands a few times, but it's alive and kicking on a new smartwatch from LG, but one they didn't announce and was only found by wanting to know more about the unannounced LG smartwatch that Audi showed off.


  • Exclusive: The hottest smartwatch of CES isn't running Android Wear — it's Open webOS

A redesigned Passsport

More curves for AT&T

The AT&T BlackBerry Passport

Even though they're not officially participating in CES, that doesn't mean BlackBerry wasn't in Las Vegas to tell about their latest wares. And that came in the form of announcing that AT&T was going to start carrying the BlackBerry Classic and the BlackBerry Passport — but their version has more curves. BlackBerry also talked about their continuing vision for the 'Internet of Things' and previewed a new [subscription option for BBM](/BlackBerry announces BBM numbers for 2014, previews upcoming subscription option) while showing off BBM on Android Wear


The QNX car

All the cars, QNX

QNX in the Maserati Quattroporte

BlackBerry subsidiary QNX makes the software that's at the core of the BlackBerry 10 user experience, but they're also responsible for a growing number of connected car platforms. As is usual for QNX, they brought a crazy car (this year: a Maserati Quattroporte) and equipped it with all the very-latest in QNX automotive technologies, which entailed multiple cameras and multiple screens. While you might not be able to afford the Maserati, you might be able to get the newest Ford vehicles, which just so happen to be equipped with the QNX-powered Sync 3 connected car platform.


The insane Android devices of CES 2015

When 128GB isn't enough…

Saygus V2

It's rare for a major manufacturer to really do something truly crazy. But the smaller ones, they want your attention, and they'll do insane things to get it. Like Saygus with their 320GB V2 Android-powered smartphone. Yes, three hundred twenty gigabytes. It's a mind-boggling number, and there's a good chance your computer may not even have that much storage. Of course, that comes from combining dual microSD cards with onboard storage, but it's still an insane figure. Three former Google employees, on the other hand, were on hand to show off the Jide Remix, an Android tablet that bears more than a passing resemblance to Microsoft's Surface tablets.


  • 320GB of storage isn't magic — it's the Saygus V2
  • First look at the Remix Ultra Tablet

The songs of CES

Summoning the goofy

Maybe it's the time zone. Maybe it's the long hours. Maybe it's the absurdly low humidity or the neon lights or the soothing sound of Steve Wynn's voice, but something brings out increasing levels of goofy in those that are covering CES. By the end of the week we're usually crazed and incoherent and singing random songs. This time we turned on the camera and what we got was CESongs


  • iMore presents CESongs
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