Cellular South to become C Spire Wireless on Sep. 26

Cellular South has announced they will be changing their name, and the way wireless is personalized come Sep. 26 when they officially become C Spire Wireless.  While Mississippi based Cell South isn't one of the big four national carriers, they do have about 1 million subscribers and have plans to roll out a high speed LTE network in the near future, so big changes will not go unnoticed nationwide.

What are the changes exactly?  The press release is scant of full details, but it does tell us that they will be offering a new customer loyalty plan, deeper social network integration, and a customized app recommendation service for subscribers.  As always, we'll reserve any final judgment on just how good these changes are for the consumer until we see them in practice, but it's refreshing to see any wireless provider aware that people have a choice and try to offer services to keep them.  I know we have readers using Cell South, so what say you?  Do you think these changes make your experience better, or worse? 

C Spire personalized wireless

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • I don't get it. Was Cellular South such a bad brand?
  • c spire definitely sounds better.
  • Cellular South sucks. Their data plans are cheap. But, warmed over dog crap is still dog crap. They JUST released 2.2 for their SGS, you either can't send texts or you if you do send texts, the multi text feature sends jumbled up symbols. Then, after you've updated to 2.2, they won't replace the phone, they'll just try and do a factory reset until you are blue in the face. My fiancee and I are switching to ATT in November. They are slower than Christmas to release Android updates. Their smartphone selection is below sub-par. The SGS(Showcase) has been the best release so far. They released the Droid X(Milestone X) about a year after Verizon did. They have yet to release 2.3 for it. They are slow on phones and slow on updates.
  • The name Cellular South definitely branded them as a local carrier in a lot of people's minds, which they are, but the new name better reflects a growing company I guess. It's a PR move, of course, but if it helps them attract new customers then it's a good one.
  • Whats with all of these bad names lately?? I don't get it. C Spire???
  • I live in the North, so this is largely irrelevant to me, but... I don't want personalized wireless! I don't want social network integration, I don't want an app recommendation engine or anything of the sort. I want my carrier to be a dumb pipe that feeds me data and cellular service to the best of its ability and keeps it bloatware off of my devices. I know the carriers all want to have some sort of "extra value", but its obnoxious.
  • Cellular South has always been very customer oriented and they have generous plans. I personally use Verizon, but my employer uses CS exclusively. The name doesn't mean anything to me just as long as they continue to provide great customer service and great technology.
  • It's like they are ashamed of being in the south or something. And yeah if a carrier wants to add value to my plan, give me more bandwidth or better coverage. I'm not interested in anything else.
  • They really kinda suck to be honest. Awful, awful customer service, and their 3g is like a painful dial-up. So glad my wife and I switched to VZW over a year ago. C Spire... Lol!
  • I would still be at Cell South/C Spire if they had better smartphone selections. Unfortunately the get all the cool phones 6-12 months after the big boys. Of course Verizon has not been doing so well in introducing anything earth shattering since the Droid X......
  • I see alot of Verizon customers hatting on innovation. Will you guys finally stop once it becomes a 2 company cellular race, where you have no choice but to overpay for data.
  • I personally don't really "hat" on anything, but innovation?? Cellular South?? Really? You must work for them.
  • I use csouth/c spire and the $120 unlimited everything for both me and my wife is amazing. My coworkers who have ATT lose signal when we travel, but that is rare for csouth. I have never had a problem with the 3g being slow. The customer service is no worse than the larger providers, but at least it doesn't take half an hour to see someone like at ATT stores. Never used Verizon, so I can't comment there. If you live in mississippi, it's not like you're getting 4g with the larger providers. As far as the phone selection, they don't have the iphone and haven't announced a SGSII model, so I guess that's what people are complaining about. There aren't enough people in csouth's coverage area to make it worthwhile for every manufacturer to be selling several makes of their phones. For me, unlimited data and calls at $120 is too good to pass up and I've never once had to look up my data usage.
  • My wife and I pay a whole TEN dollars more on our VZW bill (3 lines). Definitely something that I don't mind paying a little extra for to have good service (and also not having to roam while out of CSouth's "regional" coverage zone).
  • I hope this name change isn't an excuse to follow suit with the rest of the service providers for having tiered data plans. Cell South doesn't have the best smartphone selection which is frustrating, but they do have 2 awesome things: $30 unlimited data and customer service.
  • People are asking about this on their FB page... They are side stepping the question every time it's asked. My theory, they're doing away w/ unlimited date in prep for their release of their LTE network that's in the near future. They'll probably grandfather some people in, but only for 3G, if they want 4G, they'll probably do away w/ their unlimited options. They already throttle 3G, so I know they'll at least throttle 4G.
  • I don't live in a 4G area and don't get good signal anyway, but that's not a big deal to me. If this is true, then I'll get grandfathered in. If they feed me some "we are optimizing our networks with tiered data plans" crap, then I will be royally pissed. I will go ahead and knock on wood and say that I don't expect it, though, because they are pretty good on customer service.
  • I switched to CSouth last December, worst move I ever made. Slow 3G, still edge data in a lot of areas. Samsung Galaxy has to be the worst phone ever. I prime example of releasing a phone before it is even close to being ready for real life use. I hate the new name. I am hoping there is an opt out clause for existing customers. Believe me if I could go back to ATT I would do it in a heartbeat. I got suckered in by the great rates on their unlimited plans, but who wants unlimited data when it is slower than a 33k modem.
  • Since they have changed their name, does that mean the contract I had with Cellular South is now null and void?
  • I think the name is silly, but I'm happy with Cellular South...er, C Spire. I don't have any problems with 3G, unlike T-Mobile, where I couldn't get 3G at all in Lower Alabama. To each his own, I suppose.